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Impacts the solid content exerts on drilling mud system

1. Drilling mud system is reciprocally proportional to solid control system.The drilling system will be at in clean water stands at 100%. once the solid content goes up to 7-membered, drilling speed reduces to 5 hundredth, that’s 0.5 that in cleaning water. And lot of as varied information show, once the solid content is not on the so much aspect 7-membered, 100 and twenty fifth down in solid content canbring drilling speed up a minimum of 100%.

  1. In many solid content ranges, the increase rates of drilling mud system. If the solid content remainsunderneath 7%(equal to such density joined.08 g/cm3), drilling speed will climb at the fastest speed; if it goes on the so much aspect 7-membered, it does not build lots of significance to drilling speed.
  2. Drilling speed is influenced, to the most effective extent, by mixture particles below 1µm in diameter. it’sestablished by experiments that mixture particles with diameter below oneµm ar twelve times lots ofauthoritative than the coarse particles with diameter above one cape. consequently, the lots of themixture particle there ar, the slower the drilling speed is.


drilling mud system

drilling mud system

In a word, if the solids management instrumentality ar place into prompt application, they go totake away such harmful solids as drill cuttings, keep the content of useful solids like barites and bentonites beneath the sway of laws, and, at a similar time, recover barites and bentonites from drilling fluids.

So the solids management instrumentality utilised within the drilling mud system ar essential, like fieldsedimentary rock shaker, drilling fluids cleaner, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, desilter, vacuum degasser and completely different devices. They compose a whole field drilling mud solids system, that playsa crucial role among the entire field drilling system.

Mud Cleaning System for Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is becoming more and more popular now as following the diamond stone get cheapper and cheapper .


Diamond core drilling uses a diamond bit, which rotates at the end of drill rod (or pipe).  The opening at the end of the diamond bit allows a solid column of rock to move up into the drill pipe and be recovered at the surface.  Standard core sizes are 7/8 inch (EX), 1 3/16 inch (AX), 1 5/8 inch (BX) and 2 1/8 inch (NX).

shale shaker

Most drill rods are 10 feet long. After the first 10 feet is drilled, a new section of pipe is screwed into the top end, so the combination of pipes can be driven another 10 feet into the ground.  The diamond bit is rotated slowly with gentle pressure while being lubricated with water to prevent overheating.  The drill depth is estimated by keeping count of the number of drill rods.

mud agitator


For diamond drilling , its required treating capacity is allways small . One diamond drilling company ordered us a 500liters/minute mud cleaning system without tank for diamond drilling mud cleaing . One mud cleaner with desander and desilter cyclone and feeding pumps for desander & desilter . This mud cleaner and feeding pumps is one the first parts we calling processing part . One jet mud mixer with  pump and a mud agitator on the mixing part .

Definitions of Drilling Fluid Solids Control

In well drilling, we often hear various drilling fluid solids control related terms. Then, what do they mean?

1) Solid Phase Volume

The total insoluble solid drilling fluid, usually expressed as a percentage by volume. The solid phase volume of high density drilling fluid including low density and high density solid. Solid amount of conventional drilling fluid are low density solid.


2) Low Density Solid

These solids including clay powder and cuttings as goods. Usually in the solid control work assumes that its density is 2.60 or 2.65g/cm3, this assumption has been able to obtain satisfactory results, the actual value may fluctuate between 2.0~3.0g/cm3.


3) Density

Density is the volume in mass per unit. The unit can be used g/cm3. Drilling fluid is composed of different density materials. In the past, the proportion of common concept, now is no longer in use. In solids control system, solids control equipments like desander and desilter are used for adjusting the density of drilling fluid.


4) Cuttings

Drilling is the main solid contamination of drilling fluid, it greatly affects the performance of drilling fluid, must be stable, and therefore can be an important problem in the process of drilling to conventional drilling fluids treatment. Solid control is the control of drill cuttings. Has the direct relationship between the drilling cost and solid control and its effect.

Mud Tank and Corollary Solids Control Equipment

In drilling waste management, mud tank is an important oil drilling mud equipment.

mud tank

As is an indispensable part of oil drilling fluid solids control system, mud tank has been improved a lot in recent years. According to the tank bottom shape, mud tank is divided into square mud tank and conical tank. Tank body adopts flat conical structure or corrugated structure, welding steel group steel and type. Tank surface and the skid resistance steel plate and strip corridor slip board, tank surface railings with square steel tube making, for barrier free folding structure, firm inserting.



The surface of mud tank is equipped with water to cleaning tank pipeline and equipment, tank surface mesh using zinc dipping treatment. Tank ladder adopts channel steel as the main body, with anti slip strip plate to do the pedal, bilateral guardrail is provided with a safety hook. Oil drilling mud tank construction standard sand, rain proof shelter, tank is provided with heat insulation pipeline.

shale shaker

Corollary solids control equipment for mud tank are shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, all-in-one machine, mud gas separator, mud agitator, sand pump, shear pump, decanting  centrifuge, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, the mud gun etc.

Maintenance of solid control system 1

1 , Regular cleaning and shaker cone positions , excluding grit .

2, If stop using the shale shaker , immediately rinsing with water , used non- metal tools to clear debris in the sieve .


3,150 centrifugal oil ring filled calcium butter, Turn the 1/2 circle in each shift , lower casing plugs row of sand once every 24 hours , Use clean water pump after each stop the pump.

4, After long-term storage the mud in the tank, before start the mud agitator, mud gun should be used first sedimentary mud sand scattered around mud mixer impeller, otherwise it will make the agitator overload and damage.


5, Before you start the mud agitator, first to check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the reduction gearbox, according to the provisions added in sufficient quantities.

6, You should check whether the lubrication of mechanical parts is normal often, the oil change once every six months and pay attention to prevent frostbite.

7, Looking for mud gun joint leakage often, such as leakage, should replace the sealing ring, union disassembly cleaning once every six months, add calcium base of butter at teleflex, and check the sealing ring wear degree.


8, After each played well, must be removed the sand tank, rinse with water or steam slurry pipeline.

9, Mixed with funnel, application of clear water is rinsed clean.

10, Desander and drilling fluid shale shaker must be used at the same time, the lower cyclone underflow nozzle must often be adjusted depending on the granularity of debris .

HDD Mud Recycling System

Application of solids control system in horizontal directional drilling: the solid control recycling systems used in China manufactured half in domestic and half imported. The imported systems are mainly diminutive, imported with relevant associated drilling rigs; The domestic systems are usually include the shale shaker, desander, desitler and mud mixing hopper, brightway manufactured as customized. Whether domestic or imported, the selection of solids control system is mainly based on the following rules:

mud circulation system

1 The type and size of particles which need to be eliminated or controlled;

2 The quality of mud which need to be maintained.

3 The capacity of drilling rig, clearance rate and cycle rate of solid phase.


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Drilling Fluids Mud Gun

Mud gun is a specialized tool for preventing mud deposition which is conducive for ZJ driller-mud fixed control system. It is widely used in the cycling system of drilling mud. Power of source of the mentioned device derives from reflux system or low-pressure centrifugal pump of drilling mud pump.

centrifugal pump


Mud gun is meant to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks depending on the number being used and the pit size. They are best used in tank corners to keep solids from settling and a mud agitator is placed in the tank center. The mud gun in the mud system is also used for transfer mud from compartment to compartment, like for trip tank compartment.



Mud gun is divided into pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun.High pressure mud gun have small output volume, big pressure, usually have a drilling pump supply liquid.



It features in simple structure, flexible operation, convenient application, making itself an ideal anti-deposition device of mud solids control system.

Mud Tank In Solids Control System Part 4

The handrails that is made of steel square tubes are equipped on the edge of tank top surface, same as the steel stairs, which can be easily removed for transportation together with the mud tank. A water pipeline is also equipped on the top for cleaning the tank surface and equipments. The mud tanks also have cleanout opening to clean the sludge that precipitate in the tank. and the above mentioned five stage purification equipments are all mounted on the steel beam of the tank proof to maintain the stability of the system.

shale shaker


Ⅵ· How to Allocate the Mud Tank for the Drilling Rig.

According to its function in solid control system, the mud tanks include suction tank, agitator tank, storage tank, etc. The allocation of mud tank for the drilling rig depends on the depth of the well, and also the purification stage requirement.


decanter centrifuge

Normally, the first three solid control stages is completed on the tank No.1, which includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, while the fourth & fifth stages would be on the tank No.2, which means desilter &decanter centrifuge, and the main function is for the centrifuge. While the other tanks will depends on the depth of the well, but also the mud demands of the drilling technique. Normally the large type drilling rig needs over 6 mud tanks.solids control system


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To improve the drilling mud solids control system efficiency

All major domestic and international drilling companies have the same view , perfect drilling mud solids control system is one of the important supporting scientific drilling symbol . Drilling solids control equipment after 20 years of continuous improvement and perfection , to improve the level of drilling technology to reduce the maintenance workload , improve drilling penetration rate, the effect of significantly reducing production costs .

80 years ago often use very simple drilling mud shaker in the industry , it is in very coarse particle separation situation is only 400μm, and again into the mud particles into the circulatory system . Since then continue with the high mud cloth mesh sieve shale shaker, desander , desilter , centrifuges, vacuum degasser , mud agitator , Jet Mixing device as well as ancillary equipment to work with these mud pots , explosion cabinet , with a total mass of different sizes based on the amount of processing is generally a slurry tank in more than seven tons , to reach hundreds of kilowatts of total power (300 kilowatts ) . Solid particles can be controlled at the highest content of 6% , while the density of the drilling fluid can also adjust the .

decanter centrifuge

Needless to say, these tremendous changes through improved over the solid control system for oil drilling . But also greatly increases the well team site repair, maintenance workload used . Thus , without compromising the performance of solid control system based on the supporting equipment , simplify and reduce energy consumption , improve efficiency solids control equipment is a matter of concern to all persons in the industry .

Solids control equipment in accordance with the current development needs , reducing the progression of solid control equipment to reduce costs and improve efficiency has become a development trend can not be stopped , so we have to think about the need to simplify the solid control system can be divided into two steps to Walking :

shale shaker

The first step: to consider for the future , to study the feasibility of a real device , this work is challenging but also has some risks , but also to explore the nature of existence , however , things are generally from low to high , from simple to complex development. The same is true solids control equipment .

Step Two: To the drilling fluid solid control system work more efficiently and at lower cost , solid control to explore the future direction of the major recent goal should be to study large capacity, good performance, high separation efficiency of the multi- screen solid control system to make desander minimize boot time even longer used cyclone desander .

Solids control system

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Solid Control System Constitution

Solids control system (referred to solid control system) is used to store drilling rig, configuration, fluid circulation and purify the major items of equipment. Generally consists of drilling fluid tank and mud shaker, vacuum degasser, Desanding cleaners, except mud cleaners, centrifuges and other necessary five purification equipment and overhead lines (from the wellhead to the vibrating screen), drilling pump suction line, mixing pump suction and discharge piping, water piping, drilling water pipeline, the base oil pipeline, the pressure fluid barrel Road, shear pump suction and discharge piping, pipe line bottom of the tank, supply pipes, discharge piping and other piping components. System is equipped with drilling fluid supply device, increasing the funnel, increase pump, in addition to sand pump, in addition to mud pumps, shear pumps, supply pumps, the screw pump, mixers and other auxiliary equipment. It also has a walkway, ladders, railings and other safety devices. It can effectively remove the drilling fluid is greater than 5-15 mm harmful solid phase, keep useful solid phase, to provide high quality drilling fluid.

The main configuration solid control system

Drilling conditions in order to protect the quality and quantity of drilling fluid needs, different types of rigs in solid control system is equipped with the (solid control tank volume, device configuration, process layout, etc.) are different.

In the solid control system design requirements, usually mud tank effective volume of 75% of the total volume. Mud tank design should meet the following requirements:

①   Mud tank should be able to accommodate a maximum during drilling fluid circulation;

②   Mud tanks should be able to meet the overall strength of lifting, transport and use of drilling fluid density of 2.5g/cm3 requirements;

③   The tank of the space requirements should be based on process, and set the overflow outlet pipe communicating with the bottom of the valve;

④   Each compartment shall be provided with clean sand mouth, opening the lower edge should be flush with the bottom of the tank below the bottom of the tank;

⑤   All seals needed to meet oil, acid, alkali H2S, can satisfy the requirements of a variety of drilling fluids.

In the solid control system design requirements, the need to configure the mud handling equipment, solids control equipment selection need to follow the following principles:

①   Shale shaker: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%;

②   Vacuum degasser: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%;

③   Desander: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%; configuration sand pump and motor should satisfy the above capabilities;

④   Desilter: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%, sand pump and motor should be configured to meet the above capacity;

⑤   Decanter Centrifuge: the drilling process is usually the maximum displacement of the 5% to 10%;

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