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HDD Mud Recycling System

Application of solids control system in horizontal directional drilling: the solid control recycling systems used in China manufactured half in domestic and half imported. The imported systems are mainly diminutive, imported with relevant associated drilling rigs; The domestic systems are usually include the shale shaker, desander, desitler and mud mixing hopper, brightway manufactured as customized. Whether domestic or imported, the selection of solids control system is mainly based on the following rules:

mud circulation system

1 The type and size of particles which need to be eliminated or controlled;

2 The quality of mud which need to be maintained.

3 The capacity of drilling rig, clearance rate and cycle rate of solid phase.


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Drilling Fluids Mud Gun

Mud gun is a specialized tool for preventing mud deposition which is conducive for ZJ driller-mud fixed control system. It is widely used in the cycling system of drilling mud. Power of source of the mentioned device derives from reflux system or low-pressure centrifugal pump of drilling mud pump.

centrifugal pump


Mud gun is meant to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks depending on the number being used and the pit size. They are best used in tank corners to keep solids from settling and a mud agitator is placed in the tank center. The mud gun in the mud system is also used for transfer mud from compartment to compartment, like for trip tank compartment.



Mud gun is divided into pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun.High pressure mud gun have small output volume, big pressure, usually have a drilling pump supply liquid.



It features in simple structure, flexible operation, convenient application, making itself an ideal anti-deposition device of mud solids control system.

Linear Motion Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner has an efficient solids-fluids processing design, which consists of a linear shale shaker, desander with two 10” cones and a desilter with twelve 4” cones primarily used to eliminate 20 – 76 microns of sand and mud in the underflow.



The drilling fluid will firstly pass the desanding cyclones or desilting hydrocyclones for separation, with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the vibrating screen. If necessary, the vibrating screen of the integrator could be used as the forestage vibrating screen.



drilling fluid desanding and desilting integrated mud cleaner, or integrator for short, is used for separating the solid-phase granules in the drilling fluid after treated by the shaker screen.



Brightway compact,multi-functional mud cleaners are designed to be operated as both a double-deck drying shaker / mud cleaner or double-deck flowline shale shaker. The built in multi-functional  feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit. In the dual simultaneous flow mode, the top deck handles the hydrocyclone underflow and the bottom deck handles the primary scalping.

How to keep a drilling shale shaker work efficiently ? Part 2

3. If fluid flows through a hole or tear, cuttings are not removed. Any screen with a hole or tear should be replaced immediately. With a shaker screen, the hole or tear can be plugged.
4. Shaker screen replacements should be made as quickly as possible. Minimize downtime by planning your work. Locate and arrange tools and screens before starting. If possible, get help. This will decrease the amount of cuttings being kept in the mud because the shaker is not running. If possible, change screens during a connection. In critical situations, drilling may be interrupted and the pumps stopped while the screen is replaced.

shale shaker
5. Dilution fluids ( water or oil ) should not be added in the possum belly or on the shaker screen.
6. Dilution fluids should be added downstream. Dilution-fluids ( even water ) additions should be metered or otherwise measured.
7. Except for cases of lost circulation ( when it is necessary to retain lost circulation material ), the shaker should not be bypassed, not even for a short time.

decanter centrifuge
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How to ensure that the process of drilling fluids can be achieved within the scope of the design?

Ensure proper drilling fluid density . Only the normal fluid density , will effectively balance the formation pressure to ensure no wall collapse , this is the key to measuring success is guaranteed. First, we must learn from the documents good neighbor wells ; Second, in the high-pressure layer to promptly drilled oil and gas channeling speed measurement ; Third, the estimate is the most important work the pump should stop to observe the situation at the wellhead is there an overflow generated , and the amount of drilling fluid from the drill and poured back out changes are consistent. If you encounter drilled high pressure reservoir , underground normal , the cycle should gradually reduce the density of the drilling fluid to reduce the solids control , lower bottom hole pressure differential.

Here attention is needed to avoid the performance of substantial adjustment of the drilling fluid , and control the performance within the scope of the design , to avoid the formation of a virtual wall , thick mud . In order to form a fine , thin and has a toughness of mud , can now proceed from the following four areas:

1, with a low plastic viscosity while drilling , high dynamic shear force , control motion in 0.5mPa.s more than plastic .

2 , ground out from under the short , especially in the section of wall inclined to avoid the formation of cuttings beds.

3 , make good use of drilling solids control equipment , drilling fluids can effectively reduce harmful solid particles .

4 , adding the right amount of bitumen treatment agent , maintaining wellbore stability .

In the oil drilling process, we must ensure that the drilling fluid technology and good thixotropic , non- stick with a low- cut drilling fluids after drilling stick cut away design limit , improve wellbore cleaning.

What is mud system?

In drilling, solids control system take away solid materials from lubricant. This lubricant may be a mixture of water, oil, clay, and chemicals, looking on the wants of every drilling application. it’s wont to facilitate cool the cutting bit because it burrows through arduous rock and soil, and conjointly to get rid of cuttings from the bore to form approach for the bit and connected instrumentality. Mud system permit staff to recycle lubricant over and another time, that helps to avoid wasting cash and protects the atmosphere from disposal-related pollution.


To understand however mud systems work, it’s useful to initial perceive however lubricant is employed. The drill bit is connected to the employing a hollow pipe or line. lubricant is wired through this line, wherever it exits through holes cut in and round the bit. The mud captures rock and drilling waste materials within the bore, then carries then duplicate to the surface through the empty house round the drilling line. From here, the mud system removes solid rock and different contaminants, then pumps mud into the road for recycle.

shale shaker

Mud systems as designed to capture a majority of solid particles among the lubricant, that helps to stop these solids from damaging the drilling mechanism. Most of those systems place confidence in a basic sedimentary shale shaker device, that consists of a vibratory screen that filters out larger particles. Liquid drops through the shaker, and should undergo a second vibratory screen to capture any remaining solid materials.

The Functions of Drilling Fluid in Well Drilling

During well drilling operation, besides some types of solids control equipment and drilling waste management, a kind of liquid, called drilling fluid, is quite essential. In this article, we are about to list some functions of drilling fluid.

1, The basic function is cleaning the downhole, carrying rock debris, keeping the downhole cleaning, and ensuring that the drill bit will constantly smash stratum to pieces and the drilling won’t be interrupted.

2, Drilling fluid can balance the pressure of liquid (oil, gas, water) in stratum and prevent some complicated downhole situations like blowout and lost circulation, and offer reservoir protection at the same time.

3, It can balance side pressure of rock , and form mud cake in the wall of well, aiming at maintaining stability of well and preventing the stratum collapse.

4, Drilling fluid will give play to the hydraulic efficiency, transmit power and impact bottom. Meanwhile, it will help drill bit break the bottom rock and improve the speed of drilling.

5, Floating rock debris and weighting agent, reducing the settling velocity of debris, thereby avoid sand sticking. In addition, the drilling fluid will bear part of the gravity of drill pipe and casing.

6,Lubricating and cooling the drill bit and drill tool.

7, Preventing the drilling fluid from the chemical pollution of brine, rock salt, gypsum, Glauber’s salt, etc., preventing pollution and damage of hydrogen sulfide.

8, Use drilling fluid and other types of drilling mud system to accurately obtain the downhole data.