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Screen installation for slurry separation plant

I am studying the Schauenburg product, and in 2016 BAUMA exhibation, I visited their booth, and impressed by their 3D experienced video to understand their slurry plant structure. The Below is the screen installation for their slurry separation plant.

Bring spring chairs at the support construction into the provided position and arrange it horizontal. The higher spring chairs were installed at the discharge side. Place helical compression springs at the spring chairs. Hoist of the dewatering screen basically with 4 ropes, which are fixed via clevis mechanical stop grommets. Use pulling harnesses to avoid damages via bevelled ongoing ropes at the painting resp. at the bonnets or splash guard.   Manoeuvring and sinking with caution of the dewatering screen over the spring to the spring chairs. Thereby check out that the centring pipes slide into the springs. Check out, if all springs are in the prescribed positions, before the holding ropes are full released. Remove clevis from the mechanical stop grommets.  Check downward deflection of the dewatering screen to constancy. Connect exciters preferable above the provided cable lashes electrically upside the dewatering screen lobbying water proofed branching point. In case that new cables should conducted up to the motor connection box, absolutely seeing that the junction box is closed water proofed again. (See for this separate installation indications special for exciters). The cable to the motors should so hang up, that they do not rubber during the operation to the vibrating parts. The exciters should electrically so locked together, that at a black out of one motor the second motor is automatically stop. The motors must rotate in the opposite direction, rotating direction see indication in the machine operating manual. Check out and make sure, that the distance between the vibrating parts and other construction parts is not less then 50 mm.

Brightway slurry separation plant with the classifying screen and dewatering screen, while fixed by wedge on the screen desck.

slurry separation plant

slurry separation plant