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Jet Mud Mixer

Jet mud mixer is a mature equipment of Brightway Solids Control. It’s wedely used in mixing mud. Brightway has a complete line of mud mixing equipment designed to assist operators with the greatest available efficiency in blending. Bentonite, polymers and other powder additives have traditionally been added to assist in achieving the properties needed from drilling mud such as viscosity for hole cleaning, water loss control and filter cake build up.

Jet mud mixer

On weighted mud applications, the ability to handle Barite during potential blow-out applications is even more important. Brightway Jet mud mixer consist of mechanical seal mixing pump and venturi hoppers, If it is used with shear pump together, the effect will be more excellent, it can be designed as double jet mud mixer according to customers’requirements.

shear pump

And installation for the mixing pump and hoppers are flexible from Brightway, either on a single skid or at tank end skid or even separately with hopper on mud tank top, and pump at tank side.


All flexible design is to make the complete solids control system to be compact and user friendly.The Tandem Jet mud mixer provides backup in mud mixing. When one mixer fails the other can be used to avoid project stops.And it highly boosts the mud mixing efficiency. Please contact us for more infomation.

Oilfield solids control pumps

The drilling mud can be pumped by horizontal centrifugal pump, or the vertical centrifugal pump. We also may call it slurry submersible slurry pump. Some clients will also request the screw pump for feeding decanter centrifuge.



In fact, during communicate with clients; we’ll propose proper pumps or configuration for them. Upon their satisfaction on both technique and cost we’ll confirm the optimal solutions on pumps and every other issueThe mixing pump and shearing pump? They have similarity. Both them are combined with centrifugal pump and another part. And they both can mix / compound drilling fluid for solids control system.



The mixing pump is including the centrifugal pump and mixing hopper, which can be venture hopper or vortex hopper.?While the solids control shear pump including the centrifugal pump and over-head belt.

mud mixer hopper

Yes, another pump is the trip pump. It is also centrifugal pump. And we set it on the trip tank. It can supplement drilling fluid for shaker or the former equipments.

The solids control equipment of drilling mud shear pump

The Brightway Solids Control  BWJQB series shear pump can produce high performance mud quickly, shorten the mud preparation time, improve the economic efficiency of drilling. Shear pump is added to the raw material preparation of slurry in drilling mud continuous shear, refinement, mixed efficient circulation and change the molecular chain structure of it, the mud to the process and performance of certain requirements, and meet the drilling requirements higher performance of drilling mud solid control equipment.

Shear pump is composed of an impeller, volute, Pan Gen he, drive shaft, pulley ,motor and bearing etc.

Shear Pump

Impeller shear pump impeller is different to other centrifugal pump, its structure is more complex. It mainly consists of axial flow turbine, slurry storage mud tank, pump, pressure tank and cutting board is composed of five parts. Flow turbine shaft ,pump, slurry storage tank for precision casting into a whole, has the advantages of compact structure. It is a core component of shear pump shear, with very high efficiency.

The axial shear pump flow turbine to provide fluid has a certain capacity of pump and slurry storage tank, the fluid through the pump wheel 55% is drained into the vortex shell, 45% slurry storage tank absorption. The unique design of pressurized cabin, the fluid slurry storage tank with a certain power. Fluid from the pump wheel, parallel to the shear flow, high flow.

Slurry storage tank. The liquid, after several jet nozzle to the shear plate injection. The mixed fluid injection liquid and shear pump impeller discharged together, with serrated wheel high speed impact shear plate outside, high-speed rotation of the cutting saw gear, the fluid shear treatment again. Therefore, the fluid flows through the impeller, after repeated s

Shear pump adopts a very reliable mechanical seal, to ensure no leakage. Because of the improvement of the pump shaft seal, so life is greatly improved. The pump is equipped with stainless steel turbine and a shear plate, can produce liquid shear more than 25.4m/s, when the flow of fluid through the drilling mud shear pump, 5% of the liquid in the turbine collection strongly promote the will be the two shear. The turbine drilling mud shear pump installed in the special base ,and pulley, narrow V belt and 55KW/75kw explosion-proof motor drives. In addition to a size suitable for mixing funnel and the drilling mud shear pump matching, thus formed a perfect shear and hydration system, also called shear mixing jet apparatus.