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Brightway Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical cutting dryer is usually the environmental protection downside within the drilling waste business. because the state of the more and more demanding environmental needs, resolution the matter of pollution of drilling waste has become one amongst the foremost vital analysis subjects of environmental protection within the solid management instrumentation producing of contemporary times.


Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical Cutting Dryer

In rock oil exploration and production method, it’s avertible to supply the drilling fluid waste and drilling. These wastes will cause serious pollution to groundwater, surface water, the encircling ecological surroundings if outflow or overflow. this drilling waste treatment strategies have chemical natural action, washing, drying and combustion, lowland and destabilization of chemistry, physical ways that and biological treatment.


Whatever, Brightway solids management is engaged in cutting drier and alternative drilling fluid waste equipments. Not solely the solids management waste management instrumentation however conjointly skilled solids management systems area unit useful within the method. on solids management instrumentation, you’ll realize field drilling fluid carafe centrifuge, drilling fluids sedimentary shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser and then on. Certainly, you’ll see vertical cuttings drier, vertical centrifuge variety waste managment instrumentation.

Oilfield solids control pump

Solids control system in oilfield is the typical 4 phase mud process system including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge. What is the pumps info? What is solids control pump detail?



As per complete close loop solids control system, there is feeding pump for hydrocyclone separators, the mud transfer pump for charging centrifuge, the drilling fluid mixing pump for configuration, and/or the shearing pump for shredding drilling mud, the trip pump, etc. We also can say, there is horizontal pump, vertical pump, screw pump, etc.Different equipments request different pumps as power resource or mud supplies. Meanwhile, different solids control system configuration will have different pumps position, design, or types.



Detail pump in oilfield solids control

For solids control equipments, the separated hydrocyclone separators or mud cleaner we must match centrifugal pump as mud feeding pump. The centirfugal pump transfer drilling fluid to the cyclones inlet line for subsequent process.Usually, these pumps are horizontal one. They’ll be mounted on mud tanks ends or under the slant plate of shaker tank. ?When we set pumps under shaker tank will save much space. However, then it will be inconvenient when we repair or inspect pumps.



But sometimes in solids control system there will be vertical pump or submersible slurry pump instead of horizontal pumps.We know in solids control system, the drilling mud seems blood to our human body. While pump will be the transfer tools. They pump drilling fluid from here there between different drilling fluid tanks or compartments.Let’s see, after mud cleaner or hydrocyclone desilter what pumps there? Yes, the 4th solids control equipment-Decanter centrifuge. For decanter centrifuge, we need pump transfer drilling fluid from desilter compartment to centrifuge input.

Poor boy degasser

We manufacture mud gas separator in oilfield drilling mud cireculation system .Mud gas separator is also called Poor boy degasser, Gas-Liquid separator. It captures and separate large volume of free gas within the drilling fluid. If there is a “KICK” situation , this vessel separates the mud and the gas by allowing it to flow over baffle plates.The gas then is forced to flow through a line and vent it to a flare. A “KICK” situation happens when the annular hydrostatic pressure in a drilling well temporarily (and usually relatively suddenly) becomes less than the formation, or pore, pressure in a permeable section downhole, and before control of the situation is lost.It is always safe to design the mud/gas separator that will handle the maximum possible gas flow that can occur.

Mud gas separator

Brightway series Mud gas separator is professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. When the drilling mud result gas invade, the proportion of its weight and viscosity have a greater deviation not to meet the requirements of drilling.



The serious situation is that would cause Chung well, and even blowout accident occurred, if not to treat it timely.?Brightway mud gas Separator combined with the Flare Ignition Device can be used to ensure the drilling process smooth.It is devided into the normal pressure mud gas separator and pressure auto-control gas-liquid separator, according to the pressure.Mud Gas Separator is your best choice to prevent drilling fluids invasion.



The principle behind the mud gas separator is relatively simple. The mud and gas mixture is fed at the inlet allowing it to impinge on a series of baffles designed to separate gas and mud.The free gas then is moved into the flare line to reduce the threat of toxic and hazardous gases and the mud then discharges to the shale shaker and to the mud tank.Gas-liquid separators in other countries also called Poor boy,Liquid-gas separators,Mud/Gas Separators, etc.

HDD Mud Recycling System

Application of solids control system in horizontal directional drilling: the solid control recycling systems used in China manufactured half in domestic and half imported. The imported systems are mainly diminutive, imported with relevant associated drilling rigs; The domestic systems are usually include the shale shaker, desander, desitler and mud mixing hopper, brightway manufactured as customized. Whether domestic or imported, the selection of solids control system is mainly based on the following rules:

mud circulation system

1 The type and size of particles which need to be eliminated or controlled;

2 The quality of mud which need to be maintained.

3 The capacity of drilling rig, clearance rate and cycle rate of solid phase.


Brightway solids control is a professional manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling System. Our team have more than 20 years of design and production experience of horizontal directional drilling system, all of clients who using our HDD System give a high praise and become regular customers. Our company has mature production process and quality control system.



Brightway is located in the beautiful city of Xi’an which have the longest history in china.Brightway manufactured the solids control equipment and drilling fluids system with highly experienced.

Linear Motion Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner has an efficient solids-fluids processing design, which consists of a linear shale shaker, desander with two 10” cones and a desilter with twelve 4” cones primarily used to eliminate 20 – 76 microns of sand and mud in the underflow.



The drilling fluid will firstly pass the desanding cyclones or desilting hydrocyclones for separation, with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the vibrating screen. If necessary, the vibrating screen of the integrator could be used as the forestage vibrating screen.



drilling fluid desanding and desilting integrated mud cleaner, or integrator for short, is used for separating the solid-phase granules in the drilling fluid after treated by the shaker screen.



Brightway compact,multi-functional mud cleaners are designed to be operated as both a double-deck drying shaker / mud cleaner or double-deck flowline shale shaker. The built in multi-functional  feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit. In the dual simultaneous flow mode, the top deck handles the hydrocyclone underflow and the bottom deck handles the primary scalping.

Solids control equipment in the Trenchless

Trenchless horizontal directional Mainland mud solids control through basic use

Trenchless Horizontal Directional through the current global development time is not very long , especially without a sound system in the drilling and mud processing, today’s solids control equipment will be used largely on oil process system into over- simplified absorption after transformation. Mainland trenchless horizontal directional solid phase separation through mud and oil solid phase separation is somewhat similar , there are usually diluted , precipitation and mechanical removal methods .

mud circulation system( A ) precipitation : in that at the start of the cross , are buried in the first position one or more drilling mud tank, the return of the drilling mud out of the prepared slurry introduced into the pool , after some time a precipitate, the solution the pump draws the liquid into the upper layer of solid mud circulation system, the filter bottom of the solid phase . Advantages: simple , low cost and low energy consumption . Disadvantages: large venues , the sedimentation rate is slow, difficult to remove the bottom of the solid phase .

mud circulation system

( 2 ) , diluted : the crossing back out of the mud to collect mud tank inside, and then add water , bentonite and additives to the required mud properties , aim to reduce the content of the slurry solids like . Advantages: simple, low cost ; Disadvantages: solid phase is not completely clear .

shale shaker

( 3 ) , mechanical removal : is the use of solid-phase -controlled solid-liquid separated from the solid control system for short . Solid control system means there shale shaker, desander , desilter , decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump , mud agitator , mud circulating mud gun and other equipment components made ​​of a system . In most cases, this is the ideal way to deal with the most economical .

agitators decanter centrifuge

Solid phase control system for trenchless horizontal directional control through the solid phase is a major, commonly used methods. However, through the construction of large , often unknowingly also used in the preceding two methods .

BWZJ series Mud Cleaner

The mud cleaner is newly designed by Brightway.It’s for the second and third solid control equipment, mud cleaner is combine the hydrocyclone desander, hydrocyclone desilter and shale shaker, the mud cleaner is composite the above there equipment performance, has the characterize of large processing capacity, quick processing, and long service screen life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, etc, little energy consumption, small cover, etc. This equipment is the ideal equipment for the O&G drilling industry.

mud cleaner

The structure and characterize of the mud cleaner,

一: The mud cleaner is comprised of the below eight parts,

1.base 2.straining box 3.Angle adjusting mechanism 4. Bracket 5. Vibration motor 6.Explosion-proof control switch 7.Desander 8. Desilter

2. Character

(1) The shaker screen adopt the Orifice plate screen shake screen, it can adopt the 20-200 bores mesh, besides the screen is flat net, so the mud can evenly divided, it enlarged the screen actual filter area.

(2) Screen mesh compression uses the crushing pressure, convenient replacement screen is simple and compact, reliable and has changed the traditional bolt tightening or reel tension stretched way, make the screen and the screen basket stick together tightly.

(3) The screen box angle is adjustable, regulating mechanism adopts screw transmission, convenient adjustment and reliable work.

(4) The equipment combine the mud desander and vibrating screen as a whole, reduce the occupied area, bring great convenience for the site operation and rig move.

二. The application and working principal of the mud cleaner

The mud cleaner is the first and second cleaning equipment of the drilling fluid solid control system, it process a large amount drilling cuttings discharged from the drill well, and suit for the next separation equipment, the mud cleaner performance and quality is direct influence the next equipment performance. This screen is design according the screen area and liner vibration track.

Vibrator makes the screen box for reciprocating movement, the movement of solid particles with the sieve box in the mud and sieve surface, thus to finish the solid-liquid separation.

hydro cyclone

三. The advantage of the mud cleaner

BWZJ series mud cleaner made by Brightway solids control has a compact structure, good processing effect, artistic design, the hydro cyclone is explored and designed by our company, has a good rotation flow effect, the technology is origin from foreign professor carful guide and international mud cleaning equipment advantages, is the preferred brand for the international market.

Brightway shale shaker starting and running

Shale shaker has been preset at the factory for most drilling conditions of G-force. After installing the device to adjust the number of screens and screen box angle. Typically, the sieve box amplitude adjustment is not necessary.

Adjust the shaker

Remove the plate from the regulator on the red safety pin (put on both sides of the pin are removed); using the side of the hand wheel adjustment screen box angle, the other side also raised the same angle; when transferred to the desired screen box angle, re-plugged insurance sales, insurance sales must ensure that both sides of the hole the same location.

Usually the drilling conditions, the mud shaker operates in the vertical angle should be between 2 degrees so that the liquid pool just close to the end of the end of the second screen. When the drilling fluid is returned from the bottom of the solid phase more, larger flow containing clay or invoked when a large angle upward, vibrating sieve can increase the amount of the solid phase more dry. But also accelerated the screen wear. Usually happens when the liquid pool close to the end of the end of the second screen, the chip has been fully dry off.

shale shaker

Shaker Screen clogging

If the screen is mounted on the sieve, waste cloth or cloth gloves are available in a circular motion to wipe the screen surface. If the screen has been unloaded, the available high-pressure air or high pressure water blown from below.

Brine fluid can sometimes result in a wire screen appears on the deposition of calcium, the calcium as the thickness of the wire increases, the mesh will be blocked, this often leads to run pulp. Usually steam to clean deposition of calcium.

Covering the wire screen mesh on the other drilling fluid additives or chemicals used to dilute acidic solvent. The water and the acidic solvent ratio of 5:1 was mixed well to clean the screen. Note: Acidic solvents harmful to the skin and eyes, if splashed on the skin, eyes or clothing can be rinsed with water.


Brightway company can provide you the professional solid control system and equipment.Welcome every customer visit our factory.