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Shale shaker screen manufacturers

Shale shaker screen may be a necessary a vicinity of mud system, that’s used wide in oil and gas drilling works. the thanks to install and right may be a necessary.

1 The screen square measure typically used alone or have two or plenty of combined inside

shale shaker screen manufacturers

shale shaker screen manufacturers

that suspension influx pipe manifolds square measure typically created keep with the users’desires.

2 The installation and replace of the screen artifact: Screen artifact could be a trendy carrying for this instrumentality, the quality of its installation will directly influence its service life. A bolt stretching device is adopted to repair the screen artefact.

3 The regulation of the screen box’s dip angle: once suspension discharging quantity is solely too teeming or escaping thanks to a much better body, the screen box’s dip angle need to be regulated. the foremost effective dip angle is that one preventing slurring from escaping. The screen box’s dip angle of the facility square measure typically discretionarily regulated by the values in conjunction with -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°. once adjusting, the oil come back valve of the pump need to be screwed down first of all and tightly. At constant time, gently press the manual rocker until the lifting slide bushing square measure about to be rising to alittle degree. By this step, have the pin drawn off with pressurizing finished manually. The movement of the hydraulic cylinder will modification screen box’s dip angle. once the regulation finishes, the facility will not resume its work until the bolt pin is inserted with oil come back valve unscrewed. whereas the screen is in its operation, the suspension need to cowl 3/4 of the screen artefact. If the coated house is not up to the standard, it shows that the screen mesh is solely too thick. And to spice up its purifying result the screen with skinny mesh ought to get replaced.

4 Fixing screen box throughout transportation: thus on forestall any injury throughout transportation, please remember: the lockup yoke need to be tightly barred in transportation, guaranteeing that there is no relative movement between screen box and pedestal. The lockup yoke need to be unsecured before its starting, otherwise, the machine square measure about to be seriously damaged.5 the maintenance on sieving medium:

The shaker screen need to be idly operated for 5~10min before stopping operation anytime and additionally the sieving medium need to be cleaned with clean water at constant time.

Jet mud mixer for drilling mud system

Jet mud mixer is widely used in the solid control system, the device main function is to changing the density, viscosity,water lose and another of the drilling fluid.

mud mixer hopper

When used with shear pump, its function will become more better.With advantages of safety, reliable, easy to moving and handling, Brightway Solids Control Series jet mud mixer is an ideal choice for you in the oil drilling solids control system.



Jet Mud Mixer is a corresponding equipment of solids control system, which meet the needs of solids control drilling fluid weighting and compounding in case of different drilling depth. It is combined with a centrifugal pump(or many sets) and a Jet mixing hopper(or many sets), connected by manifold and valve then installed on a base. Aggravated hopper and sand pump can be connected by manifold and valve, or installed separately.

centrifugal pump

Jet mud mixer is the equipment match with drilling solids control equipment, usually used to configurate and increase the proportion of drilling fluid, change density, viscosity, water lose etc. It has a more excellent effect if  matched with shear pump, and also can be designed to double jet mud mixer as clients’requirements.

shale shaker

Jet mud mixer is used in solids control system,in this system it is combined with other solids control equipments,such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser,decanter centrifuge, submersible slurry pump,shear pump,centrifugal pump,mud agitator, mud gun, shaker screen,jet mud mixer,mud tank,etc.

What is shale shaker?

Shale shaker is a kind of business instrumentation accustomed take away rock particles from lubricating substance. This lubricating substance, or mud, plays a important role within the drilling method. It washes away rock cuttings as they’re cut by the drill, and additionally helps to chill the bit to cut back the chance of warming. The sedimentary rock shaker is intended to get rid of these rock cuttings and different solid materials from the lubricant in order that it are often safely reused over and once more. Sedimentary rock shakers usually function a part of a bigger drilling mud system, that helps to stay the lubricant freed from not solely solids, however additionally unwanted gases and different contaminants.

Shale shaker

To understand however the sedimentary rock shaker works, it’s useful to grasp however it relates to different elements of the drilling method. The lubricating substance, that is created from water, oil, and chemicals, gathers in a very storage pit or drum on top of the bottom. Once drilling begins, this fluid travels down through drilling cables and enters the bore via holes within the bit mechanism. From here it washes copy the edges of the bore, carrying rock particles and different trash back to the storage pit for reprocess.

drilling mud system

The sedimentary rock shaker is usually paired with another piece of mining instrumentation known as the hydrocyclone. The hyrdrocyclone is employed within the solids management method to filter drilling fluids by force. By making a whirling vortex of lubricating substance within the method is forced to the outer walls of the machine. These solids then fall in to the discharge chute of the machine whereas the clean lubricating substance is pumped up back to the drilling instrumentation.

The Developing Tendency of Current Shale Shaker

new shale shaker

new shale shaker

In accordance with factory products catalog and current information about shale shaker, we mainly can speculate that the main developing tendency for this kind of solids control equipment will be:

(1) deepening working theory research of shale shaker, including reasonable device type, particle movement rule of screen surface, Through screening mechanism and study on the influence of various factors.

(2) refining shaker screen, accelerate the development of screen mesh (80 mesh), ultra-fine mesh (over 200 mesh).

In recent years, the new products in the market focus on screen mesh and most of them are ultra-fine shale shakers. At the same time, in order to make single screen meets the requirements of ultra-fine mesh, new shale shakers usually have double layers. The upper screen is generally 10 to 6 meshes and the lower layer screen has over 200 meshes. To meet the processing requirements, the screen area generally is large, some shale shakers have more than 300 meshes.

(3) keep improving the control and regulatory mechanism of shale shaker. The performance of new shale shakers (including screen box slope angle) are adjustable, and some of them can conveniently adjust the excitation frequency.

(4) to further improve the reliability of the machine and its spare parts, especially the life span of shale shaker screen.

Care for the Shaker Screen of Your Shale Shaker

Anyone who has used shale shaker would know that shaker screen is easy to consume. Hence, to reduce the cost of the solids control equipment, care for the shaker screen is important.

Between knitting mud vibrating screen and screen bracket, equipped with dedicated rubber strip. In order to make sure that the shaker screen can achieve the longest life, make the rubber strip properly situates between them, found damaged should be replaced promptly.

The replacement of shaker screen, guarantee equal gap between the box on both sides of the plate and screen the hook, to tighten the middle pressing flat, at the same time tension tensioning plate keep the screen surface tension is uniform, and the hammer along the full length of tap, check the tension situation. If the contact is not good, or not enough tension unevenness, is one of the important reasons for the premature damage of the shaker screen.

The tensioning plate orientation angle is adjustable, install screen when, should first loosen the orientation angle bolt, so that the move can be up and down, the screen is properly placed, the first screw tensioning screw tensioning plate, to a slight pressure, then driven orientation angle, until the screen to screen bracket, then firmly screwed orientation angle.

Shale shaker screen hook length must be and tensioning plate length, when the mesh size is less than 16mm, the screen is left in overlapping with 20mm extension of removing mud vibrating screen vibrator, from outside to inside by careful disassembly, avoid man-made damage parts.

In particular, removing the balance wheel, be sure to use remover, remove the parts should be one cleaning, and carefully check, found damaged, should be timely repair or replacement.

Take measures and the solids control system will work well.

Top Quality Shale Shaker Online

In recent years, each country attaches great importance to the research of shale shaker screening technology, such as strengthening the vibration parameters, large scale equipment, three of the machine parts, popularization and application of self synchronization technology, the appearance of new screening machine revolves around the development of shale shaker.

Brightway shale shaker

Brightway shale shaker

Shale shaker, aka mud shaker, is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises as screening machine, usually used for materials sieving, grading, washing, dehydration, dehydration of dielectric.

The level and quality of screening equipment technology relates to the quality of process effects, efficiency of production and the level of energy saving, which directly affect the economic efficiency of enterprises. While this kind of solids control equipment has the advantages of simple structure, large capacity, reliable work and other merits, which has an absolute advantage in all screening equipment, which occupied about 95%.

Brightway shale shaker screen

Brightway shale shaker screen

Brightway is experienced in producing top quality solids control system, such as shale shaker and shaker screen. It will be a good idea to choose Brightway as your business partner.