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Desander Manufacturer

The desander manufacturer is by Brightway.It’s for the second and third solid control equipment, mud cleaner is combine the hydrocyclone desander, hydrocyclone desilter and shale shaker, the mud cleaner is composite the above there equipment performance, has the characterize of large processing capacity, quick processing, and long service screen life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, etc, little energy consumption, small cover, etc. This equipment is the ideal equipment for the O&G drilling industry.

The structure and characterize of the mud cleaner,

一: The mud cleaner is comprised of the below eight parts,

1.base 2.straining box 3.Angle adjusting mechanism 4. Bracket 5. Vibration motor 6.Explosion-proof control switch 7.Desander 8. Desilter

2. Character

(1) The shaker screen adopt the Orifice plate screen shake screen, it can adopt the 20-200 bores mesh, besides the screen is flat net, so the mud can evenly divided, it enlarged the screen actual filter area.

(2) Screen mesh compression uses the crushing pressure, convenient replacement screen is simple and compact, reliable and has changed the traditional bolt tightening or reel tension stretched way, make the screen and the screen basket stick together tightly.

(3) The screen box angle is adjustable, regulating mechanism adopts screw transmission, convenient adjustment and reliable work.

(4) The equipment combine the mud desander and vibrating screen as a whole, reduce the occupied area, bring great convenience for the site operation and rig move.

二. The application and working principal of the mud cleaner

The mud cleaner is the first and second cleaning equipment of the drilling fluid solid control system, it process a large amount drilling cuttings discharged from the drill well, and suit for the next separation equipment, the mud cleaner performance and quality is direct influence the next equipment performance. This screen is design according the screen area and liner vibration track.

Vibrator makes the screen box for reciprocating movement, the movement of solid particles with the sieve box in the mud and sieve surface, thus to finish the solid-liquid separation.

mud solids control equipment

mud solids control equipment

三. The advantage of the mud cleaner

The mud cleaner made by Brightway drilling solids control has a compact structure, good processing effect, artistic design, the hydro cyclone is explored and designed by our company, has a good rotation flow effect, the technology is origin from foreign professor carful guide and international mud cleaning equipment advantages, is the preferred brand for the international market.

solids control system

Currently, the focus on the development Desanding solids control equipment , in addition to mud , gas , etc. in addition to the small footprint , high efficiency , long life equipment , and integrated with high-speed centrifuge , automatic detection and solid control system controlled by the implementation of the test results .

Performance and quality of drilling solids control system is the key to a solid phase control technology . Drilling solids control system includes drilling fluid circulating tank , drilling fluid purification equipment and electrical control equipment of three parts , in which drilling fluid purification equipment are shale shaker,mud cleaner, desander , desilter , degasser , decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump , mud Gas separator and mud mixer , etc., for the environmentally sensitive areas , you can also configure the drill cuttings recovery and waste treatment plant.

Breakdown strength is actually cutting dryer, tilting frame 10 °, to reduce the loss of liquid. Four

solids control system

solids control system

vibrating screen mesh with a three-dimensional detail of the waveform of the screen , instead of the conventional linear flat screen , three-dimensional structure allows the force of gravity down into the oncoming solid fold groove , separated from the projection area from each a fold of the upper solids separation . Therefore, by increasing the amount of fluid , the convex portion is not submerged , the convex portion can increase the fluid flow capacity. Two fine sieve cloth attached to the top layer of coarse sieve cloth , three screen cloth bonded together , made of corrugated , perforated and then bonded to the board . Waveform overlay screen area than ordinary flat screen area increased by about 40% , compared with flat screen about 2 to 3 fine sieve size . Ability to handle a 70% increase fluid and not prone to clogging , the treatment effect is very good.

In recent years , solid domestic drilling phase of theoretical research and manufacturing process control equipment has a greater level of development, especially in the study of the theory , such as shaker works, hydrocyclones works , etc., have been at or near the world’s advanced level, but made ​​solid control equipment performance, there are aspects of life with a certain gap between foreign solids control equipment , primarily materials, processing quality , precision and supporting the use of common equipment ( eg motor) . High pressure ( pressure 80MPa), large displacement (30L / s) solid control equipment yet. Less domestic shaker type , developed in the future need to accelerate drying breakdown shaker , crawler non- vibrating sieve analysis equipment , marine environmental protection special drilling solids control equipment and versatility for a variety of conditions supporting solids control system, the rich type of solids control equipment.

Brightway Dryer Shaker

Drying shaker is the use of a special two vibration motors do excitation source, so that the material is thrown on the screen surface, while forward in a straight line. Less than the mesh material through the sieve and fell lower, after jumping through a continuous spout completing the job classification of materials, so it is widely used in the drilling industry.

Drying sieve shaker with other screening compared with high precision, simple structure, can replace a variety of screens, and long service life ..
Drying shaker is dual vibration motor, when the two motors to synchronize and rotate counter-Fou, its eccentric centrifugal force generated to offset each other in the direction parallel to the axis of the motor, so the trajectory of the screening machine is always line. Its two motor shaft relative screen surface with a dip in the joint effect of the exciting force and material self-gravity, the screen surface material was tossed leap forward in a straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of grading. Due to the structure of linear vibrating screen adopts double motors, so the driving force is relatively large, relatively high yields, moreover its screening efficiency is relatively high, so the linear vibrating screen is all the higher the efficiency of screening devices, applications are relatively more extensive.

Drying Shaker

Drying Shaker

Routine maintenance drying shaker:

First, before you start to check local coarse mesh and fine mesh without damage, as well as whether each set of beam locking ring

Second, when you start to pay attention to any abnormal noise screening machine, the current is stable, with or without abnormal vibration

Brightway double layer shale shaker

The double layer shale shaker can conduct a solids removal over seventy 5 microns and regularly combined with different solid management instrumentation. The second and third stage instrumentation area unit desanders that removes cuttings of 45-75 microns and desilters that do a separation between 15~45 microns. The desander and desliter could also be work on to be served as a mud cleaner. Then, the last stage is bottle centrifuge which can subtract the particles over a try of microns. once these steps, the drilling solids ar getting to be removed and additionally the recycle and apply of lubricant could also be achieved.


The shaker screen is that the initial major solids management instrumentation in AN extremely series that is used to condition the drilling fluids for recycle to the borehole. rock shakers methodology drilling fluids and subtract most of the massive particles in solids management instrumentation project.


double layer shale shaker

double layer shale shaker

The proper playacting of double layer shale shaker is very important for different separation processes or solids management instrumentation to perform effectively. This makes the rock shaker the “first line of defense’ in solids system. The efficiency of operation of other solids management instrumentation depends heavily on the right and effective functioning of rock shaker,thus unburdening different solids management instrumentation like desanders,desilter,mud cleaners and bottle centrifuges. Hence,the drilling fluids collectively cited as lubricant beginning of the well is initial fed onto drilling fluids rock shaker to induce obviate the coarse particles from current drilling fluids. The rock shaker contain screens of mesh size applicable for the dimensions and kind of solids they are required to induce obviate. There sq. measure|are} reports of other instrumentation like rotating separators that ar used as AN alternate to rock shaker once drilling with oil based drilling fluids.

Shale shaker screen manufacturers

Shale shakers screen area unit elements of drilling instrumentality utilized in several industries.Such as coal cleansing, mining, oil and gas drilling.They are thought of to be the primary section of a solids system on a drill rig, they’re accustomed take away giant solids conjointly known as cuttings from the drilling mud, additional normally known as “Mud” because of its similar look.

shale shaker screen manufacturers

shale shaker screen manufacturers

Drilling fluids shaker screen area unit integral to the drilling method and, among alternative functions, serve to lubricate and funky the drilling bit likewise as convey the trained cuttings faraway from the bore hole. These fluids area unit a mix of varied chemicals in an exceedingly} water or oil based mostly resolution and might be very high-priced to form. For each environmental reasons and to cut back the price of drilling operations, drilling mud losses area unit decreased by removal them faraway from the trained cuttings before the cuttings area unit disposed of. this can be done employing a multitude of specialised machines and mud tanks.
Shale shakers screen are a unit the first solids separation tool on a rig. once returning to the surface of the well the used drilling mud flows on to the sedimentary rock shakers wherever it begins to be processed. Once processed by the sedimentary rock shakers the drilling mud is deposited into the mud tanks wherever alternative solid management instrumentality begin to get rid of the finer solids from it. The solids removed by the sedimentary rock shaker area unit discharged out of the discharge port into a separate holding tank wherever they expect additional treatment or disposal.
Shaker screen area unit thought of by most of the drilling trade to be the foremost necessary device within the solid system because the performance of the serial instrumentality directly relates to the cleanliness of the treated drilling mud.

Brightway hook strip flat shaker screen

Drilling fluids hook strip flat shaker screen is employed to get rid of detritus from well boreholes throughout drilling operations. These fluids square measure designed with mixture particles to possess properties that promote the removal of the sand sized particles however to not have excessive friction drag. Of course,in thus doing,the fluid itself assumes this cuttings burden, and if the cuttings aren’t far from the fluid,it terribly quickly loses its ability to wash the outlet and build thick filter cakes. To change on web site utilization and utilise of the drilling mud, cuttings should be frequently with efficiency removed.The drilling fluids square measure recycled by removal the sand particles whereas retentive the colloids.

hook strip flat shaker screen

hook strip flat shaker screen

The hook strip flat shaker screen is that the initial major solids management instrumentality during a series that’s accustomed condition the drilling fluids for recycle to the borehole. sedimentary rock shakers method drilling fluids and take away most of the massive particles in solids management instrumentality project.

The proper operateing of a sedimentary rock shaker is significant for alternative separation processes or solids management instrumentality to function effectively. This makes the sedimentary rock shaker the “first line of defense’ in solids system. The potency of operation of alternative solids management instrumentality depends heavily on the correct and effective functioning of sedimentary rock shaker,thus unburdening alternative solids management instrumentality like desanders,desilter,mud cleaners and carafe centrifuges. Hence,the drilling fluids additionally referred to as lubricator kicking off of the well is initial fed onto drilling fluids sedimentary rock shaker to get rid of the coarse particles from current drilling fluids. The sedimentary rock shaker contain screens of mesh size applicable for the dimensions and kind of solids they’re needed to get rid of. There {are also|also square measure|are} reports of alternative instrumentality like rotating separators that are used as an alternate to sedimentary rock shaker once drilling with oil primarily based drilling fluids.

Shale shaker screen manufacturers

Shale shaker screen may be a necessary a vicinity of mud system, that’s used wide in oil and gas drilling works. the thanks to install and right may be a necessary.

1 The screen square measure typically used alone or have two or plenty of combined inside

shale shaker screen manufacturers

shale shaker screen manufacturers

that suspension influx pipe manifolds square measure typically created keep with the users’desires.

2 The installation and replace of the screen artifact: Screen artifact could be a trendy carrying for this instrumentality, the quality of its installation will directly influence its service life. A bolt stretching device is adopted to repair the screen artefact.

3 The regulation of the screen box’s dip angle: once suspension discharging quantity is solely too teeming or escaping thanks to a much better body, the screen box’s dip angle need to be regulated. the foremost effective dip angle is that one preventing slurring from escaping. The screen box’s dip angle of the facility square measure typically discretionarily regulated by the values in conjunction with -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°. once adjusting, the oil come back valve of the pump need to be screwed down first of all and tightly. At constant time, gently press the manual rocker until the lifting slide bushing square measure about to be rising to alittle degree. By this step, have the pin drawn off with pressurizing finished manually. The movement of the hydraulic cylinder will modification screen box’s dip angle. once the regulation finishes, the facility will not resume its work until the bolt pin is inserted with oil come back valve unscrewed. whereas the screen is in its operation, the suspension need to cowl 3/4 of the screen artefact. If the coated house is not up to the standard, it shows that the screen mesh is solely too thick. And to spice up its purifying result the screen with skinny mesh ought to get replaced.

4 Fixing screen box throughout transportation: thus on forestall any injury throughout transportation, please remember: the lockup yoke need to be tightly barred in transportation, guaranteeing that there is no relative movement between screen box and pedestal. The lockup yoke need to be unsecured before its starting, otherwise, the machine square measure about to be seriously damaged.5 the maintenance on sieving medium:

The shaker screen need to be idly operated for 5~10min before stopping operation anytime and additionally the sieving medium need to be cleaned with clean water at constant time.

Drilling fluids solids control in drilling mud system 1

Drilling mud system, also called as drilling fluids, is a mix liquids used in the process of drilling deep oil or gas wells. The drilling mud is an integral part of the drilling process, serving a number of functions.

solids control system

One of the most critical roles of this drilling mud is as a lubricant. Drilling causes tremendous friction, which can damage the drills or the formation being drilled. Drilling mud cuts down on the friction, lowering the heat of drilling and reducing the risk of friction-related complications.

solids control system

The mud also acts as a carrier for the materials being drilled, with material becoming suspended in the mud tank and then being carried up the drill to the surface. Different muds can all be used for different circumstances. There are water, oil, and gas-based muds which made from true mud mixed with materials like bentonite clays to synthetic drilling fluid.
shale shaker
Due to its high cost, drilling mud system is recirculated throughout the drilling process. As it rises to the surface, it passes through shale shaker that screens the materials from the borehole, before being cycled back into the drilling mud system that delivers mud to the head of the drill bit. This recirculation process, called as drilling fluids solids control, is designed to cut down on waste by reusing as much mud as possible.

The Structure of Shale Shaker 3

Different brands of shale shaker have different methods of fulfilling these demands by using specialized screen tensioning apparatus, rubber seals around the screens, basket reinforcement to limit flex, rubber Float Mounts rather than springs, rubber Deck seals and selective vibrator placement.

shale shaker
Basket Angling Mechanism- The shaker basket must be capable of changing its angle to accommodate various flow rates of drilling fluids and to maximize the use of the shaker screen bed, this is where the angling mechanism plays an important part.

shaker screen
Vibrator- This is the device which applies the vibratory force and motion type to the shaker bed.


A vibrator is a specialized motor built for the purpose of vibrating, While containing an electric motor to provide the rotary motion it uses a set of eccentric weights to provide an omnidirectional force. To produce the proper Linear motion a second, counter rotating, vibrator is added in parallel to the first. This is what gives us the linear motion, “high G” shaking of the basket.

The Structure of Shale Shaker 2

Feeder- The Feeder is essentially a collection pan for the drilling fluid before it is processed by the shaler shaker, it can come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the mud system. The most commonly used feeder is known as the weir feeder, the drilling fluid enters the feeder usually through a pipe welded to the outside wall near the bottom of the feeder tank, it fills the feeder to a predetermined point and like water flowing over a dam the mud (drilling fluid) spills over the weir and onto the screening area of the shaker.

shale shaker

This method of feeding the shaker is most widely used due to its ability to evenly distribute the mud along the entire width of the shaker allowing for maximum use of the shaker screen deck area.


Some feeders can be equipped with a bypass valve at the bottom of the feeder which allows the drilling fluid to bypass the shaker basket and go directly into the hopper and back into the mud system without being processed by the shaker screens.

Jet mud mixer
Screen Basket- Also known as the screen “bed” it is the most important part of the machine, it is responsible for transferring the shaking intensity of the machine, measured in “G’s”, while keeping the “shaking” motion even throughout the entire basket. It must do all that while holding the screens securely in place, eliminating drilled solids bypass to the mud hopper and allowing for easy operation and maintenance of the machine.