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Mud decanter centrifuge for drilling fluids purification

Drilling decanter centrifuge is the solid control equipment of final phase. It is used after the equipment of shale shaker,  desander ,desilter, mud cleaner and other related equipment. The product can process drilling fluid of weighted type, unweighted type, water-based type and oil-based type.


shale shaker

By using mechanical energy to increase gravitational force up to which is applied on the solids, it can separate both heavy and fine solids from drilling fluid. When working with the other solid control equipment, the product shows great superiority in keeping proper mud weight and viscosity. Then, the drilling fluid can meet the requirements of oil drilling completely.

mud cleaner


Working Principle:

Mixing with the acceleration phase: the material into the mud mixer and get into the correctly predicted to accelerate, to ensure that the best state of the material into the separation zone.Clarify the stage: the role of the centrifugal, the materials in the drum line segments rapid separation and sedimentation,the supernatant was separated in the drum weir discharge port.

mud agitator


Compression stage: the propeller will be sent to the discharge side of solid deposition, the material under the action of the centrifugal force can be further compressed, and the release of pore water.Compression in the right section: the drum section of the cone, the material produced by the specially designed biaxial compression, screw conveyor family properly designed, produced along the axis of extrusion pressure.

The Developing Tendency of Current Shale Shaker

new shale shaker

new shale shaker

In accordance with factory products catalog and current information about shale shaker, we mainly can speculate that the main developing tendency for this kind of solids control equipment will be:

(1) deepening working theory research of shale shaker, including reasonable device type, particle movement rule of screen surface, Through screening mechanism and study on the influence of various factors.

(2) refining shaker screen, accelerate the development of screen mesh (80 mesh), ultra-fine mesh (over 200 mesh).

In recent years, the new products in the market focus on screen mesh and most of them are ultra-fine shale shakers. At the same time, in order to make single screen meets the requirements of ultra-fine mesh, new shale shakers usually have double layers. The upper screen is generally 10 to 6 meshes and the lower layer screen has over 200 meshes. To meet the processing requirements, the screen area generally is large, some shale shakers have more than 300 meshes.

(3) keep improving the control and regulatory mechanism of shale shaker. The performance of new shale shakers (including screen box slope angle) are adjustable, and some of them can conveniently adjust the excitation frequency.

(4) to further improve the reliability of the machine and its spare parts, especially the life span of shale shaker screen.