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The composition and maintenance of mud shale shaker

Mainly by the mud shale shaker: vibrating motor, compound rubber spring, stainless steel screen, screen box and a start switch.The product through the vibration motor drives the eccentric block to rotate at high speed, the eccentric block to rotate the centrifugal force generated strong effect on elastic oscillator, which is fixed on the flat plate frame screen screen frame at the bottom of the vibration sieve to higher frequency, higher drilling cuttings.

shale shaker

Vibration sieve in the oil and gas drilling, non excavation in a very important position in engineering, coal-bed methane development, shield, river dredging, mud recycling system.

In order to enhance the service life of the shale shaker, attention should be paid to the use of notes and daily maintenance.

First, take over whether leakage logging can import inspection vibration sieve, and according to the requirements. The inlet connecting pipe. Each shift with a water hose to sediment generation equipment operation process from the device wall and sieve bed clean. These deposits will increase the damping block load and reduce the ability of vibrating screen separation of solid particles. Each shift once or inspect screen wedge fast fixed and working state. And the screen may not have holes or other defects, otherwise, the solid particles may loss. If the screen is damaged, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Second, in the use process, if found to have occurred in drilling fluid, should be timely.

shaler screen

Third, stop running vibration sieve, should be promptly shaker screen, and drilling fluid brush brush clean screen and embedded in the mesh in the sand. In the process of drilling mud shaker has stopped functioning, and because of long time no circulating drilling fluid viscosity, often up to more than 100, when the mud into screen slot through the valve is opened, and at the same time close flash board inlet end of the vibration screen, prevent the drilling fluid with high viscosity and flow to the screen surface. Screen cataplasm to death. If the board closed lax, the drilling fluid into the screen, should be promptly rinse screen.

Fourth, lifting, no foot and smashing pressure screen, the transport process is strictly prohibited any item screen. Hoisting and transportation must be 4 M20 × 110 bolts to mud shaker screen box and the base are fixed, to prevent the damage caused by the violent vibration shaker box.

The Developing Tendency of Current Shale Shaker

new shale shaker

new shale shaker

In accordance with factory products catalog and current information about shale shaker, we mainly can speculate that the main developing tendency for this kind of solids control equipment will be:

(1) deepening working theory research of shale shaker, including reasonable device type, particle movement rule of screen surface, Through screening mechanism and study on the influence of various factors.

(2) refining shaker screen, accelerate the development of screen mesh (80 mesh), ultra-fine mesh (over 200 mesh).

In recent years, the new products in the market focus on screen mesh and most of them are ultra-fine shale shakers. At the same time, in order to make single screen meets the requirements of ultra-fine mesh, new shale shakers usually have double layers. The upper screen is generally 10 to 6 meshes and the lower layer screen has over 200 meshes. To meet the processing requirements, the screen area generally is large, some shale shakers have more than 300 meshes.

(3) keep improving the control and regulatory mechanism of shale shaker. The performance of new shale shakers (including screen box slope angle) are adjustable, and some of them can conveniently adjust the excitation frequency.

(4) to further improve the reliability of the machine and its spare parts, especially the life span of shale shaker screen.

Top Quality Shale Shaker Online

In recent years, each country attaches great importance to the research of shale shaker screening technology, such as strengthening the vibration parameters, large scale equipment, three of the machine parts, popularization and application of self synchronization technology, the appearance of new screening machine revolves around the development of shale shaker.

Brightway shale shaker

Brightway shale shaker

Shale shaker, aka mud shaker, is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises as screening machine, usually used for materials sieving, grading, washing, dehydration, dehydration of dielectric.

The level and quality of screening equipment technology relates to the quality of process effects, efficiency of production and the level of energy saving, which directly affect the economic efficiency of enterprises. While this kind of solids control equipment has the advantages of simple structure, large capacity, reliable work and other merits, which has an absolute advantage in all screening equipment, which occupied about 95%.

Brightway shale shaker screen

Brightway shale shaker screen

Brightway is experienced in producing top quality solids control system, such as shale shaker and shaker screen. It will be a good idea to choose Brightway as your business partner.

Drilling mud purification system

Currently supporting the lubricators and drilling systems area unit wide employed in domestic circulation system of mechanical solids control management drilling fluid circulation system . It includes drilling pump , ground manifolds , lubricator tank , lubricator tank, sedimentary mud shaker , mud cleaner,desander ,desilter additionally to mud , decanter centrifuge, drilling preparation of kit. within the jet drilling and downhole drilling is additionally charged with the task of passing power . it’s through sieving , activity and also the like consistent with the principle of various particle size and density to separate . Trade-offs as necessary for drilling has reached the solid particles and density management. This technique is healthier, lower cost , and so wide used . However, solid system advanced, involving multiple devices , the short lifetime of plenty of kit failure and a lot of, and might solely be used after you use the location usually a part of the instrumentation , leading to reach solid management necessities. thus it’s necessary to lubricator circulation system processes and instrumentation to enhance the applying currently .

Existing standard lubricator circulation system ground solids management instrumentation together with sedimentary rock shale shaker , vacuum degasser , desander , desilter and cleansing then on. more and more separated by these devices. can do the aim of higher management of the solid part of the lubricator . Desilter not be used once handling heavier lubricator . Even Desander not advocate the utilization of , as a result of each , particularly the previous could take away plenty of mineral . Considering the sedimentary rock shaker , specially a fine mesh sieve shaker sporting elements , and high prices. Sand pump whereas reducing the amount of units and dealing hours , the authors propose the utilization of water-sealed hydrocyclone separation device , simplifying the present solid control system .

Why Use Solids Control System?

From the long-term drilling practice, solid phase content in the mud and the properties of these solids and type is a key problem for the drilling speed and downhole safety. For this reason, solids control system is widely used in drilling in order to adjust the element of mud.

Brightway drilling waste management

Brightway drilling waste management

Knowing the harm of dispersed mud is essential to take proper measures and use proper solids control equipment to solve the problems. When the solid phase content is too high in dispersed mud, and particles are too small, harmful performances are as follows:

(1) When mud solid phase content is of high proportion, ROP decreases and the service life of the drill bit is shorten, and then drilling rate declines.

(2) The large number of cuttings and sand in mud is not easy to remove, mud cake of high permeability, high fluid loss, so that particles of mud filtrate invasion and fine clay oil, gas, destroyed the penetration layer on production and production capacity.

(3) the mud cake thickness, loose texture, high friction coefficient, high fluid loss, cause the formation of expansion, shrinkage, spalling collapse, causing tripping in card, easy happening adhesion sticking and hole collapse drill.

(4) the cementing quality is not good.

(5) The drill bit, drill equipment and mechanical equipment wear, serious early scrapped, the drilling can not be carried out smoothly.

(6) data is not accurate, sand hybrid, electric logging is not smooth, logging data is not accurate.

(7) the mud performance is not stable, high viscosity, shear stress, not good fluidity, easy happening clay contamination and chemical pollution.

(8) waste water, mud treatment agent and a large number of raw materials, the cost and raise the cost of drilling mud.

In a word, to reduce cost, raise efficiency as well as protect the environment, it is necessary to use drilling waste management and oil drilling mud equipment.

Solids Phase and Solids Control System

When it comes to solids control system, solid phase should be mentioned. The solid phase of drilling indicates the solid elements contained in mud, the percentage for volume or mass is the drilling fluid solids content we usually say.

Drilling solid, according to their functions, can be divided into two categories: the useful and harmful solid phase. Because of liquid solid content, particle size and the cost of drilling have essential relationship, drilling fluid solids control appears to be very important in drilling engineering.

The mud solids control is to remove harmful solid mud in the solid phase and preserve useful solid prase. In order to meet the requirements of drilling technology on mud properties. Usually the mud solids control refers to solids control, mud solids control system is generic term all the mud solids control equipment. Modern mud solids control is an important means of modern drilling, for it directly affects the safety, quality, fast drilling and protection of important factors of oil and gas reservoirs, it is also an important symbol of drilling into the scientific stage.

Specifically, the mud solids control has the following functions: prevent oil and gas channel blocking, damage, reduce the drilling torque and friction, reduce the annular suction pressure fluctuations, reduce the possibility of differential pressure sticking, improving drilling speed, prolong the life of the bit, reduce equipment wear, improve the life of wearing parts of the mud circulation system, increasing borehole stability.

In addition, using drilling mud system such as mud tank and mud shaker will improve the underground conduit conditions, reduce environmental pollution, maintain the performance and adjust the mud, reduce drilling costs.

Brightway shale shaker starting and running

Shale shaker has been preset at the factory for most drilling conditions of G-force. After installing the device to adjust the number of screens and screen box angle. Typically, the sieve box amplitude adjustment is not necessary.

Adjust the shaker

Remove the plate from the regulator on the red safety pin (put on both sides of the pin are removed); using the side of the hand wheel adjustment screen box angle, the other side also raised the same angle; when transferred to the desired screen box angle, re-plugged insurance sales, insurance sales must ensure that both sides of the hole the same location.

Usually the drilling conditions, the mud shaker operates in the vertical angle should be between 2 degrees so that the liquid pool just close to the end of the end of the second screen. When the drilling fluid is returned from the bottom of the solid phase more, larger flow containing clay or invoked when a large angle upward, vibrating sieve can increase the amount of the solid phase more dry. But also accelerated the screen wear. Usually happens when the liquid pool close to the end of the end of the second screen, the chip has been fully dry off.

shale shaker

Shaker Screen clogging

If the screen is mounted on the sieve, waste cloth or cloth gloves are available in a circular motion to wipe the screen surface. If the screen has been unloaded, the available high-pressure air or high pressure water blown from below.

Brine fluid can sometimes result in a wire screen appears on the deposition of calcium, the calcium as the thickness of the wire increases, the mesh will be blocked, this often leads to run pulp. Usually steam to clean deposition of calcium.

Covering the wire screen mesh on the other drilling fluid additives or chemicals used to dilute acidic solvent. The water and the acidic solvent ratio of 5:1 was mixed well to clean the screen. Note: Acidic solvents harmful to the skin and eyes, if splashed on the skin, eyes or clothing can be rinsed with water.


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The overall configuration of solid control system Part 1

Solid control system is composed of a number of solid-phase clearance equipment, drilling fluid tanks and ancillary equipment and other components. Section has been discussed before solid-phase clearance equipment selection and matching.

1 The system processes

Solid control system, including the drilling waste management from the wellhead to the drilling system circulating pump suction of the process of full facilities. System is placed in the ground mode type I,] and L type three. Drilling fluid from the well head back out secretly by elevated aqueduct or pipe into shale shaker for first grade purification, and then again into the drilling fluid desander desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge second, third and four purification, according to the above, the purification process of the fourth level, the media should be treated desilter underflow or overflow. Such as the application in addition to gas, shall determine the installation position above, in general, should be based on the size of the rig and the level of purification required, the third choice, four purification equipment.

2 System structure type

Tank system for solid removal devices are placed in tanks, in order to ensure the smooth wellhead back out of the injection fluid shale shaker, shale shaker must be based on the inlet height, and height to determine the drilling rig base tank height dimension, but also have to rig level determines the amount of drilling fluid systems.

3 Auxiliary equipment selection

Mud agitator function is to maintain fluid performance stable, and therefore must be fluid discharged from the impeller agitator in the tank to make up the suspended solid phase velocity greater than the downward settling velocity, and thus the impeller diameter and rotational speed of the stirrer given work volume is certain. Working volume mixer to stir the drilling fluid circulation is called the cycle time time time. According to the information abroad, the cycle time is generally 30-90s. In the solid control system, shale shaker placed solid control unit fluids such needs settling tank, so take the maximum cycle time, while the other storage tanks and drilling mud pump tank should take the minimum to ensure drilling performance and stability. Cycle time of 60s is usually taken as the basis for setting the number of agitators