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What is the effect solids control equipment exerts on drilling project 1?

One of the most critical roles of this mud is as a lubricant. Drilling causes tremendous friction, which can damage the drills or the formation being drilled. Drilling mud cuts down on the friction, lowering the heat of drilling and reducing the risk of friction-related complications.

solids control system

The mud also acts as a carrier for the materials being drilled, with material becoming suspended in the mud and then being carried up the drill to the surface.


Brightway solids control equipment is the precondition to maintain the excellent drilling mud property which is the premise to prevention of underground accident, protection of oil layer, improvement of drilling rate and reduction of drilling cost.

decanter centrifuge

shale shaker

Therefore,all the drilling rigs needs the assistance of solids control equipment for safe and effective operation.However,the performance of solids control equipment will directly affect drilling rig operation quality.Installed at the top of closed mud tanks,the drilling fluids solids control system is an combination of drilling purifaction equipment where drilling shale shaker,vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge are involved, and auxilairy solids control equipment including mud agitator, centrifugal pumps, jet mud mixer and etc.

The Structure of Shale Shaker 2

Feeder- The Feeder is essentially a collection pan for the drilling fluid before it is processed by the shaler shaker, it can come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the mud system. The most commonly used feeder is known as the weir feeder, the drilling fluid enters the feeder usually through a pipe welded to the outside wall near the bottom of the feeder tank, it fills the feeder to a predetermined point and like water flowing over a dam the mud (drilling fluid) spills over the weir and onto the screening area of the shaker.

shale shaker

This method of feeding the shaker is most widely used due to its ability to evenly distribute the mud along the entire width of the shaker allowing for maximum use of the shaker screen deck area.


Some feeders can be equipped with a bypass valve at the bottom of the feeder which allows the drilling fluid to bypass the shaker basket and go directly into the hopper and back into the mud system without being processed by the shaker screens.

Jet mud mixer
Screen Basket- Also known as the screen “bed” it is the most important part of the machine, it is responsible for transferring the shaking intensity of the machine, measured in “G’s”, while keeping the “shaking” motion even throughout the entire basket. It must do all that while holding the screens securely in place, eliminating drilled solids bypass to the mud hopper and allowing for easy operation and maintenance of the machine.

Jet Mud Mixer

Jet mud mixer is a mature equipment of Brightway Solids Control. It’s wedely used in mixing mud. Brightway has a complete line of mud mixing equipment designed to assist operators with the greatest available efficiency in blending. Bentonite, polymers and other powder additives have traditionally been added to assist in achieving the properties needed from drilling mud such as viscosity for hole cleaning, water loss control and filter cake build up.

Jet mud mixer

On weighted mud applications, the ability to handle Barite during potential blow-out applications is even more important. Brightway Jet mud mixer consist of mechanical seal mixing pump and venturi hoppers, If it is used with shear pump together, the effect will be more excellent, it can be designed as double jet mud mixer according to customers’requirements.

shear pump

And installation for the mixing pump and hoppers are flexible from Brightway, either on a single skid or at tank end skid or even separately with hopper on mud tank top, and pump at tank side.


All flexible design is to make the complete solids control system to be compact and user friendly.The Tandem Jet mud mixer provides backup in mud mixing. When one mixer fails the other can be used to avoid project stops.And it highly boosts the mud mixing efficiency. Please contact us for more infomation.

Oilfield solids control pumps

The drilling mud can be pumped by horizontal centrifugal pump, or the vertical centrifugal pump. We also may call it slurry submersible slurry pump. Some clients will also request the screw pump for feeding decanter centrifuge.



In fact, during communicate with clients; we’ll propose proper pumps or configuration for them. Upon their satisfaction on both technique and cost we’ll confirm the optimal solutions on pumps and every other issueThe mixing pump and shearing pump? They have similarity. Both them are combined with centrifugal pump and another part. And they both can mix / compound drilling fluid for solids control system.



The mixing pump is including the centrifugal pump and mixing hopper, which can be venture hopper or vortex hopper.?While the solids control shear pump including the centrifugal pump and over-head belt.

mud mixer hopper

Yes, another pump is the trip pump. It is also centrifugal pump. And we set it on the trip tank. It can supplement drilling fluid for shaker or the former equipments.

HDD Mud Recycling System

Application of solids control system in horizontal directional drilling: the solid control recycling systems used in China manufactured half in domestic and half imported. The imported systems are mainly diminutive, imported with relevant associated drilling rigs; The domestic systems are usually include the shale shaker, desander, desitler and mud mixing hopper, brightway manufactured as customized. Whether domestic or imported, the selection of solids control system is mainly based on the following rules:

mud circulation system

1 The type and size of particles which need to be eliminated or controlled;

2 The quality of mud which need to be maintained.

3 The capacity of drilling rig, clearance rate and cycle rate of solid phase.


Brightway solids control is a professional manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling System. Our team have more than 20 years of design and production experience of horizontal directional drilling system, all of clients who using our HDD System give a high praise and become regular customers. Our company has mature production process and quality control system.



Brightway is located in the beautiful city of Xi’an which have the longest history in china.Brightway manufactured the solids control equipment and drilling fluids system with highly experienced.

Mud Mixer Hopper

Mud mixer  hopper is offered by Brightway as a complete assembly, easily installed in the user’s 5-inch piping system.The assembly includes steel feed funnel sack table ,jet nozzle, venturi,butterfly valve, and mounting base. Individual components are also availble.

mud mixer hopper

This effcient, high performance hopper was developed by Brightway to improve the shearing and dispersion of solids in all types of mud mixing appliances. The hopper incorporates unique engineering features resulting from BW’s years of experience with oil drilling operations throughout the world.



Mud mixer hopper features
High feed rates for all types of solids
Exclusive jet nozzle/venturi design
Improved downstream efficiency
Suitable for long return lines or high mud tank
Effcient shearing to prevent balls or slugs
Rapid, uniform dispersion
Flexible operation for weighted or underweighted mixing applications
1100-1400 GPM Fluid Capacity
Operates 40-60 PSI

mud tank

Brightway also manufacture other solids control equipment.Welcome any customer to visit our factory.