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Maintenance of solid control system 2

11, Clean sand work or high pressure mud gun line, the jet pipe valve should be open , and then open the main valve upstream pipeline , should stop first and then shut off the main valve jet pipe valve , in order to avoid high-pressure jet off to die in the pipeline .


12 , When the mud gun work , if found around mud gun did not flip phenomenon , you should check whether the lower nozzle exit is blocked.

mud tank13 , Found flanges, valves , fittings should be checked for leaks repair or replacement.


14,If you find Steel by the leakage of first threaded tight , if it is still valid, then check the reason or replacement parts. When found pneumatic tire union dropout, first gassing check whether the pressure is too low or not, emergency treatment should be carried out with cotton or other plug-soft material loss plugging the gap until the mud tank is no mud, replace the pneumatic tire.

15, lifting equipment, wire rope to coat on the ears.


Solids control equipment play a very important role in oil exploitation,and the maintenance of solids control is also a very important part for its purification handling .Following are some skills used in purification of solids control equipment.

Maintenance of solid control system 1

1 , Regular cleaning and shaker cone positions , excluding grit .

2, If stop using the shale shaker , immediately rinsing with water , used non- metal tools to clear debris in the sieve .


3,150 centrifugal oil ring filled calcium butter, Turn the 1/2 circle in each shift , lower casing plugs row of sand once every 24 hours , Use clean water pump after each stop the pump.

4, After long-term storage the mud in the tank, before start the mud agitator, mud gun should be used first sedimentary mud sand scattered around mud mixer impeller, otherwise it will make the agitator overload and damage.


5, Before you start the mud agitator, first to check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the reduction gearbox, according to the provisions added in sufficient quantities.

6, You should check whether the lubrication of mechanical parts is normal often, the oil change once every six months and pay attention to prevent frostbite.

7, Looking for mud gun joint leakage often, such as leakage, should replace the sealing ring, union disassembly cleaning once every six months, add calcium base of butter at teleflex, and check the sealing ring wear degree.


8, After each played well, must be removed the sand tank, rinse with water or steam slurry pipeline.

9, Mixed with funnel, application of clear water is rinsed clean.

10, Desander and drilling fluid shale shaker must be used at the same time, the lower cyclone underflow nozzle must often be adjusted depending on the granularity of debris .

Drilling Fluids Mud Gun

Mud gun is a specialized tool for preventing mud deposition which is conducive for ZJ driller-mud fixed control system. It is widely used in the cycling system of drilling mud. Power of source of the mentioned device derives from reflux system or low-pressure centrifugal pump of drilling mud pump.

centrifugal pump


Mud gun is meant to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks depending on the number being used and the pit size. They are best used in tank corners to keep solids from settling and a mud agitator is placed in the tank center. The mud gun in the mud system is also used for transfer mud from compartment to compartment, like for trip tank compartment.



Mud gun is divided into pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun.High pressure mud gun have small output volume, big pressure, usually have a drilling pump supply liquid.



It features in simple structure, flexible operation, convenient application, making itself an ideal anti-deposition device of mud solids control system.

What is mud gun?

The mud gun could be a device wont to agitate lubricator on a drill rig. additional of a nozzle than a gun, a mud gun is connected to a pump to flow into the lubricator and stop the solids from sinking within pipe by a strong pump and expelled back to the mud tank by being pushed through the nozzle of the mud gun. the method is comparable to however a water jet works on an influence washer.

Mud agitator

Drilling mud system could be a wet substance that resembles a thick clay and is employed to cool down the drill head and carry the remnants of drilling to the surface in water well drilling and oil or gas. The mud is recycled by many filters or screens because it is circulated into the excavation and back to the mud tanks on the drill rig. so as to stay the mud as fluid as potential, a mud gun is employed to stay the mud agitator and mixer. Mud is created by combining water or oil with a clay-like substance that additionally contains varied alternative chemicals into an oversized tank known as the mud tank on a drill rig.

Solids control system

The type of mud used once drilling depends on the kind of drilling that’s being done. The mud gun is that the same for no matter style of mud is being employed. typically created by adding a kind of nozzle onto a chunk of pipe, the mud gun works very similar to inserting a thumb over the top of a water hose. this is applicable controlled mud into the tank, inflicting it to form a combining action. provocative the mixture additionally aids within the removal of the cuttings from the mixture because it is filtered through the shaker screen within the tank.