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Drilling fluids solids control in drilling mud system 2

Solids control is an indispensable technique used in oil field to separate the solids in the drilling mud that are crushed by the drill ing bits and carried out of the well surface.Solids control system is the first stage of the drilling mud recirculation process, which includes a lot of equipment, shale shaker, degasser, mud cleaner( consists of desander anddesilter), decanting centrifuge, and other components, such as, jet mud mixer, mud agitator, mud gun, and mud tanks.
solids control system
Some environmental problems have been associated with drilling mud. Historically, contaminated and dirty mud was dumped in open pits, allowing the natural environment to become polluted. Additionally, very aggressive chemicals are sometimes used to clean materials brought up when filtration was not sufficient. These chemicals can pollute the environment as well, generating a variety of environmental problems.
shaler shaker


shale shaker

For this reason, drilling waste management is needed here to treat the waste drilling mud and prevent pollution, now, drilling waste management becomes more and more important. Brightway integrated Waste Management Solutions System reduce the waste from the source, maximize recycle and reuse to achieve a minimum waste discharge that complies with the governmental regulations.

Solids Control & Waste Management

Brightway know that solids control equipment is a vital part of any modern drilling operation, and choosing the right solids control and waste management system can make or break a drilling project. Our solutions are the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge solids control and waste management systems that will improve overall site management, reduce costs and improve safety measures . Brightway systems are flexible, innovative and proven to meet the needs of each unique drilling program.



Our state-of-the-art systems are comprised of decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, shale shaker, and a wide range of surface equipment products.

shale shaker

Brightway solids control and waste management solutions can provide a closed-loop, zero discharge system to meet all your needs when it comes to location, budget, safety and environmental requirements. Brightway offers premium linear motion shaler shaker to ensure a fast and efficient turnaround time on your fluid recovery process. The linear motion dryer shaker are a multi-functional drilling fluid cleaner that’s equipped to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and remove solids from your drilling fluid. It is designed with a high g-force and pretensioned screens to optimize the flow of drilling fluids. It provides a cleaner reclaimed fluid that can be utilized back into the drilling fluid program.

decanter centrifuge

Brightway’s solids control and waste management solutions are the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge systems. Brightway’s Solids Control team will help you design the optimal solution the first time. We use top of the line equipment and provide 24/7/365 service making your program a success. Brightway’s equipment meets all environmental practices and standards which minimizes environmental impact.

Linear Motion Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner has an efficient solids-fluids processing design, which consists of a linear shale shaker, desander with two 10” cones and a desilter with twelve 4” cones primarily used to eliminate 20 – 76 microns of sand and mud in the underflow.



The drilling fluid will firstly pass the desanding cyclones or desilting hydrocyclones for separation, with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the vibrating screen. If necessary, the vibrating screen of the integrator could be used as the forestage vibrating screen.



drilling fluid desanding and desilting integrated mud cleaner, or integrator for short, is used for separating the solid-phase granules in the drilling fluid after treated by the shaker screen.



Brightway compact,multi-functional mud cleaners are designed to be operated as both a double-deck drying shaker / mud cleaner or double-deck flowline shale shaker. The built in multi-functional  feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit. In the dual simultaneous flow mode, the top deck handles the hydrocyclone underflow and the bottom deck handles the primary scalping.