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Install Shale Shaker on Solids Control System 1

Shale shaker is a important part of solids control system, which is used widely in oil and gas drilling works. How to install and debug is a very important part.



1 The shaker screen can be used alone or have two or more combined in which slurry influx pipe manifolds can be made according to the users’ requirements.


2 The installation and replace of the screen cloth: Screen cloth is an expensive wearing part for shaker screenthis equipment, the quality of its installation will directly influence its service life. A bolt stretching device is adopted to fix the screen cloth.

centrifugal pump

3 The regulating of the screen box’s dip angle: When slurry discharging quantity is too much or escaping because of a higher viscosity, the screen box’s dip angle should be regulated. The best dip angle is that one preventing slurring from escaping. The screen box’s dip angle of the facility can be discretionarily regulated by the values including -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°. When adjusting, the oil return valve of the hand centrifugal pump should be screwed down firstly and tightly. At the same time, lightly press the manual rocker until the lifting slide bushing will be going up a little. By this step, have the pin drawn off with pressurizing finished manually. The movement of the hydraulic cylinder will change screen box’s dip angle. When the regulation finishes, the facility will not resume its work until the bolt pin is inserted with oil return valve unscrewed. While the screen is in its operation, the slurry should cover 3/4 of the screen cloth. If the covered area is not up to the standard, it shows that the screen mesh is too thick. And to improve its purifying result the screen with thin mesh must be replaced.

Maintenance of solid control system 2

11, Clean sand work or high pressure mud gun line, the jet pipe valve should be open , and then open the main valve upstream pipeline , should stop first and then shut off the main valve jet pipe valve , in order to avoid high-pressure jet off to die in the pipeline .


12 , When the mud gun work , if found around mud gun did not flip phenomenon , you should check whether the lower nozzle exit is blocked.

mud tank13 , Found flanges, valves , fittings should be checked for leaks repair or replacement.


14,If you find Steel by the leakage of first threaded tight , if it is still valid, then check the reason or replacement parts. When found pneumatic tire union dropout, first gassing check whether the pressure is too low or not, emergency treatment should be carried out with cotton or other plug-soft material loss plugging the gap until the mud tank is no mud, replace the pneumatic tire.

15, lifting equipment, wire rope to coat on the ears.


Solids control equipment play a very important role in oil exploitation,and the maintenance of solids control is also a very important part for its purification handling .Following are some skills used in purification of solids control equipment.

Poor boy degasser

We manufacture mud gas separator in oilfield drilling mud cireculation system .Mud gas separator is also called Poor boy degasser, Gas-Liquid separator. It captures and separate large volume of free gas within the drilling fluid. If there is a “KICK” situation , this vessel separates the mud and the gas by allowing it to flow over baffle plates.The gas then is forced to flow through a line and vent it to a flare. A “KICK” situation happens when the annular hydrostatic pressure in a drilling well temporarily (and usually relatively suddenly) becomes less than the formation, or pore, pressure in a permeable section downhole, and before control of the situation is lost.It is always safe to design the mud/gas separator that will handle the maximum possible gas flow that can occur.

Mud gas separator

Brightway series Mud gas separator is professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. When the drilling mud result gas invade, the proportion of its weight and viscosity have a greater deviation not to meet the requirements of drilling.



The serious situation is that would cause Chung well, and even blowout accident occurred, if not to treat it timely.?Brightway mud gas Separator combined with the Flare Ignition Device can be used to ensure the drilling process smooth.It is devided into the normal pressure mud gas separator and pressure auto-control gas-liquid separator, according to the pressure.Mud Gas Separator is your best choice to prevent drilling fluids invasion.



The principle behind the mud gas separator is relatively simple. The mud and gas mixture is fed at the inlet allowing it to impinge on a series of baffles designed to separate gas and mud.The free gas then is moved into the flare line to reduce the threat of toxic and hazardous gases and the mud then discharges to the shale shaker and to the mud tank.Gas-liquid separators in other countries also called Poor boy,Liquid-gas separators,Mud/Gas Separators, etc.

The working principle of mud gas separator and installation and maintenance

一、Working principle

The drilling mud from the mud gas separator liquid inlet into the separator, along the wall fell on the specially designed a set of built-in baffle, after the collision, increase the exposure area, makes the solid and liquid flowing downward, resulting in turbulent flow, the gas and fluid separation. Free gas through the exhaust outlet tank top discharge, the exhaust pipe length determined by site and equipped in general (20-50 m), and lead to safety, after drilling fluid degassing after vibration sieve processing in circulation tank。

Mud gas separator

二、Installation and maintenance


In general, the mud gas separator is installed in the  mud tank edge ground,ground level requirements, solid, and preset anchor bolt hole.

When installed with the crane held the main lifting lug lifting vertical with the ground, slowly put down, and then use the rope from the upper part of the body is three (uniform) and surface tension, ensure the body perpendicular to the ground, casting anchor bolts, fasteners.

After installation, the 2 exhaust pipeline to the distance 60-80m (pipeline with its own wellhead. For suppliers, when ordering). 3 of the pulp inlet and rotating blowout preventer or choke manifold is connected, close No. 4 sewage outfallbutterfly valve, open the 7 pulp outlet valve, pipeline received 1 mud tank can be.

When handling, remove manifold, will tighten the rope loosen, crane live body top, loosen the bolts placed horizontally, the ladder can be used as a transport support.

  1. Maintenance:

When not in use, the drilling fluid in the solids control equipment clean and rinse with water, no mud deposited separator body, prevent the mud dried not normal use.

What is shale shaker?

Shale shaker is a kind of business instrumentation accustomed take away rock particles from lubricating substance. This lubricating substance, or mud, plays a important role within the drilling method. It washes away rock cuttings as they’re cut by the drill, and additionally helps to chill the bit to cut back the chance of warming. The sedimentary rock shaker is intended to get rid of these rock cuttings and different solid materials from the lubricant in order that it are often safely reused over and once more. Sedimentary rock shakers usually function a part of a bigger drilling mud system, that helps to stay the lubricant freed from not solely solids, however additionally unwanted gases and different contaminants.

Shale shaker

To understand however the sedimentary rock shaker works, it’s useful to grasp however it relates to different elements of the drilling method. The lubricating substance, that is created from water, oil, and chemicals, gathers in a very storage pit or drum on top of the bottom. Once drilling begins, this fluid travels down through drilling cables and enters the bore via holes within the bit mechanism. From here it washes copy the edges of the bore, carrying rock particles and different trash back to the storage pit for reprocess.

drilling mud system

The sedimentary rock shaker is usually paired with another piece of mining instrumentation known as the hydrocyclone. The hyrdrocyclone is employed within the solids management method to filter drilling fluids by force. By making a whirling vortex of lubricating substance within the method is forced to the outer walls of the machine. These solids then fall in to the discharge chute of the machine whereas the clean lubricating substance is pumped up back to the drilling instrumentation.

Drilling Fluids Technoligy

Fluids for certain deepwater applications. Most rely on a particular associative polymer which at ~2 lb/bbl provides increasing viscosity with increase in temperature.That the polymer has a hydrophobic backbone with many pendant hydrophiles. The pendants associate with water droplets, clay, and the amines of emulsifier/surfactants to build a structure. The structure is flocculative and requires shale solids for development. Until a freshly mixed mud is circulated and picks up a bit of drilling solids, syneresis can be a problem and the expected viscosity profile remains undeveloped.

The hydrophobic backbone keeps the molecule dispersed or semi-solublized in oil. However despite oil solubility, the molecule responds surprisingly well to the pH of the brine phase and to excess lime in the oil phase. With correct pH the polymer builds more visosity and stability – same as seen with many aqueous dispersible associative polymers.
Associative polymers also often respond to particular surfactants. Surfactants can help or hurt the rheological profile, maybe due to their effect on polymer solubility or reduced flocculative effect? The solubility benefits of pH and surfactants were discovered and defined in 2007 and I reported the change in solubility with pH in the company.

So why use it? To me brightway drilling fluids equipment are used for loss of circulation due to fracture induction of shale resulting in excessive mud loss. When drilling in deepwater or anywhere with very cold mud, If you cannot reach a desired casing point without losing 1000 or 10000 bbl of mud, an Brightway drilling fluid equipment should be considered. Brightway drilling fluids equipment remain surprisingly controllable with very high drilling solids control equipments loading. With perhaps double the normal surfactant concentration and near zero need for organophyllic clay,
Brightway drilling fluids equipment do seem to incorporate water into the drilling mud more rapidly and o/w can get out of whack earlier than normally anticipated. All those pendant hydrophillic groups plus the elevated surfactant love water as well as solids! I have not tested with reduced CaCl2 concentration, that may be a safe approach to reducing contamination by water?