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Brightway Vacuum Degasser

Brightway Vacuum degasser, one in all the common solids management instrumentation, is wide employed in well drilling. Then, however it works?

The higher finish of liquid level management device gas guide pipe within the physical phenomenon path between the air chamber of vacuum degasser, the air guide pipe at the lower finish of the float moves upwards below the action of the plunger, the float isn’t influenced by the external pressure distinction, once the liquid level rises, float beside the air guide pipe is straightforward to rise to the peak of the corresponding, the action method is following:

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

Guide air seat put in within the deaerator head, higher guide air seat cavity through the vacuum waterproofing plug and gas guide seat is axially organized pores with vacuum tank consistent.

When the liquid level within the vacuum degasser is accumulated to the liquid level float up, float through the link pin drives the guide tube to move; once the guide hole pipe through the air guide seat is organized on the radial direction of the opening and also the atmosphere at identical time, decline within the thermionic valve, the liquid drop, liquid level float to guide quiesce, guide tube and outdoors atmosphere between guide gas interface is reduced or closed, to take care of the vacuum degree within the vacuum degasser.

Due to the adoption of thermionic valve higher cavity and vacuum degasser to stay the pressure balance is consistent, will create the conducting pipe interface to extend, this will increase the sensitivity of the liquid level management device.

At identical time, vacuum degree to maximise the degasser in vacuum degasser permission, in up the the initial impact, additionally to the safe operation of the solids system is bonded.

Solids Control Equipment

1 . Solid control equipment components

Performance and quality of drilling solids control equipment is the key to a solid phase control technology . Drilling solids control system includes drilling fluid circulating tank , drilling fluid purification equipment and electrical control equipment of three parts , in which drilling fluid purification equipment are shale shaker,mud cleaner, desander , desilter , degasser , decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump , mud Gas separator and mud mixer , etc., for the environmentally sensitive areas , you can also configure the drill cuttings recovery and waste treatment plant.

shale shaker

2 . Solid control equipment trends

Currently, the focus on the development Desanding solids control equipment , in addition to mud , gas , etc. in addition to the small footprint , high efficiency , long life equipment , and integrated with high-speed centrifuge , automatic detection and solid control system controlled by the implementation of the test results .

decanter centrifuge

Breakdown strength is actually cutting dryer, tilting frame 10 °, to reduce the loss of liquid. Four vibrating screen mesh with a three-dimensional detail of the waveform of the screen , instead of the conventional linear flat screen , three-dimensional structure allows the force of gravity down into the oncoming solid fold groove , separated from the projection area from each a fold of the upper solids separation . Therefore, by increasing the amount of fluid , the convex portion is not submerged , the convex portion can increase the fluid flow capacity. Two fine sieve cloth attached to the top layer of coarse sieve cloth , three screen cloth bonded together , made of corrugated , perforated and then bonded to the board . Waveform overlay screen area than ordinary flat screen area increased by about 40% , compared with flat screen about 2 to 3 fine sieve size . Ability to handle a 70% increase fluid and not prone to clogging , the treatment effect is very good.


In recent years , solid domestic drilling phase of theoretical research and manufacturing process control equipment has a greater level of development, especially in the study of the theory , such as shaker works, hydrocyclones works , etc., have been at or near the world’s advanced level, but made ​​solid control equipment performance, there are aspects of life with a certain gap between foreign solids control equipment , primarily materials, processing quality , precision and supporting the use of common equipment ( eg motor) . High pressure ( pressure 80MPa), large displacement (30L / s) solid control equipment yet. Less domestic shaker type , developed in the future need to accelerate drying breakdown shaker , crawler non- vibrating sieve analysis equipment , marine environmental protection special drilling solids control equipment and versatility for a variety of conditions supporting solids control system, the rich type of solids control equipment.