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Solids Control System’s Advantage

Brightway has integrated structural characteristics and designing ideas of both the mobile drilling solids control system to adapt to the operation time limits, to improve the speed of mobilization and to reduce the cost, and has innovated the mobile drilling solids control system.

Brightway Solids Control System Advantage
The advantages of mobile solids control system are as follows: it is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. It has greatly improved the automation of the solids control system. It has been proved that this system not only has a simple structure, reliable safety and compact design, but also has the unparalleled edge of a convenient mobility and wide application.

solids control system

Solids Control System Composition
Drilling fluid solids control equipment performance and quality is the key to the Solids Control System technology. Solids control system mainly consists of drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification equipment and electrical control equipment of three parts, of which the drilling fluid purification equipment mainly shale shaker   desander,  desilter  decanter centrifuge  centrifuge centrifugal pump   mud cleaner   vacuum degasser, etc., for environmentally sensitive areas, you can also configure the cuttings recovery and waste treatment plant..

solids control system
The solid control equipment has been to fucus on the development of Desander, Desilter and Degasser and other devices with small footprint, high effectiveness and long service life. Combined with high speed centrifugal, Brightway soild control equipment can detect automatically and conduct control according to the detection results.

The Application Range of Decanting Centrifuge

Decanting centrifuge is a machinery using centrifugal force to separate the mixtures component in liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid .

Brightway decanting centrifuge

Brightway decanting centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is mainly used for separating the solid particles and liquid in suspension liquid; or separate two different densities and immiscible liquids in emulsion (such as to separate cream from milk); it can also be used to exclude moisture in solid liquid, such as washing machine spin dry wet clothes; special speeding tubular separator can separate different densities of gas mixtures; settlement speed is different in liquid by use of solid particles of different density or size, some settling centrifuge can also according to the density of solid particles or particle size classification.

The application of centrifugal separation principle in early time was in China. In ancient times, people hold one end of rope and tie the other end of the rope at terrine, rotate swing pots, centrifugal force and generate extrusion of the honey in the terrine.

Nowadays, decanting centrifuge is used in chemical, food, dressing, pharmaceutical, petroleum, water treatment, coal, and shipping department. Meanwhile, in solids control system, this type of solids control equipment also plays an important role.

Three Things to Care When Debugging Decanter Centrifuge

Before using a decanter centrifuge, people usually debug it to see if everything goes well. Usually, there are three things to care.

(1) clear sundries around the decanting centrifuge, check the belt tightness, check if the direction of rotation of the host, auxiliary examination, liquid pump is correct.

(2) the main belt wheel disc by hand to check the drum, and a box body and a liquid inlet pipe friction, and there is no blocking.

(3) start the auxiliary, the flush joint into the amount of water to the centrifuge operation for one minute, this is because of centrifuges have been manufactured before the simulation work condition experiment, on the inner wall of the roller with the mud cake layer can not be excluded, this layer of mud cake due to vibration in the transportation process there will be some spalling, so that roller imbalance, if direct starting the engine speed, can cause severe vibration caused by thermal shutdown protection even host.

Add appropriate amount of water and turn the auxiliary, the mud cake flaking loose bubble and uniformly distributed on the inner wall of the cylinder, thus eliminating the severe vibration may produce. User longer discontinuation (for example after the move) starts for the first time after centrifuge, should also do the same work.

As with other solids control equipment like shale shaker and vacuum degasser, this type of equipment calls for proper use.