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Dewatering unit

Brightway Dewatering Unit includes a contained automatic flocculation unit with pumps, polymer preparation tank and mixing system. Dewatering system uses coagulant and flocculants chemicals including Poly Aluminum Chloride( PAC) and Poly Electrolyte(Polymer) to coagulate and flocculate the solids in the fluid and make the slurry in a condition that centrifuge can separate the solids from the mixture more convenient. Cuttings generated in the dewatering system are discharged by the centrifuge in the corral; liquid is discharge straight to one of the buffer tanks.

decanter centrifuge

decanter centrifuge

The Dewatering suction lines could be connected to middle mud pit and all ES tanks.

The gathered waste water in the waste pit or the amount of the mud which the mud engineer wants to dump ( usually at the end of drilling sections) should be transferred to the ES tanks or the mud pit and from there could be processed by dewatering system.
The overall objective of dewatering systems is to process drilling waste. Typical applications are:
 Reduction of the liquid waste volume generated
 Recycling back into the active fluids system
 Disposal
 Release in an environmentally safe and cost effective manner.

The main aim is to reduce well costs, either through a reduction in fluid volume used during the well, and /or through a reduction in disposal costs.
Dewatering systems have become major factors towards “closing the loop” in the dry location or zero discharge concept. The displaced or excess drilling mud along with the excess location liquids produced on the dry or zero discharge location are channeled to the collection pit and placed in the storage system. The dewatering system is utilized to process the liquid waste from the active mud and the storage system. The cleaned effluent from the dewatering system can then be :
1) Returned to the active mud system
2) Returned to the drill water tanks for use as dilution
3) Treated further to acceptable regulatory standards for release to the environment

Vertical cutting dryer

Vertical cutting dryer is one amongst the foremost necessary drilling waste management instrumentality. it’s the organized within the solid section dominant system of drilling fluids. Brightway solids management has skilled mud desanders, field desilters and carafe centrifuges for oil & gas drilling corporations.

Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical cutting dryer
What parts frame a vertical cutting dryer? it’s a flow-in pipe and overflow pipe, symmetrically structured for each ends to produce installation with convenience. With the overflow pipe for following stage, mud desilter ends up in the opposite lubricant tank by associate degree 8″ rubber hose. The suspension exit of the sand pump and also the flow-in pipe of mud desander area unit connected with a rubber hose. it’s necessary to envision the angle. underneath the perfect operating condition, the running angle at very cheap ought to be 20°~30°. to boot, drilling fluids desander ought to be cleansed fully, and dirt desilters in addition. it’s vital to try to to thus once the suspension has serious consistency to be processed.

Brightway Vertical cutting dryer is intended per principle of grain settlement and also the lubricant rotationally enters on the inner wall of the hydrocyclone through pressure and rate generated by a sand pump to atiny low extent. The thicker granules will go down in spiral mode on the inner wall of hydrocyclones underneath force and gravity in order that lubricator discharged from very cheap exit. The discharged granules area unit separated on the close-mesh sieve, with the remainder of the medium growing in a very spiral mode through the hydrocyclones to enter into the third separating plant from the overflow mouth for any clearance. The drilling fluids solids management looks to be straightforward, truly it’s skilled and sophisticated.

Brightway hook strip flat shaker screen

Drilling fluids hook strip flat shaker screen is employed to get rid of detritus from well boreholes throughout drilling operations. These fluids square measure designed with mixture particles to possess properties that promote the removal of the sand sized particles however to not have excessive friction drag. Of course,in thus doing,the fluid itself assumes this cuttings burden, and if the cuttings aren’t far from the fluid,it terribly quickly loses its ability to wash the outlet and build thick filter cakes. To change on web site utilization and utilise of the drilling mud, cuttings should be frequently with efficiency removed.The drilling fluids square measure recycled by removal the sand particles whereas retentive the colloids.

hook strip flat shaker screen

hook strip flat shaker screen

The hook strip flat shaker screen is that the initial major solids management instrumentality during a series that’s accustomed condition the drilling fluids for recycle to the borehole. sedimentary rock shakers method drilling fluids and take away most of the massive particles in solids management instrumentality project.

The proper operateing of a sedimentary rock shaker is significant for alternative separation processes or solids management instrumentality to function effectively. This makes the sedimentary rock shaker the “first line of defense’ in solids system. The potency of operation of alternative solids management instrumentality depends heavily on the correct and effective functioning of sedimentary rock shaker,thus unburdening alternative solids management instrumentality like desanders,desilter,mud cleaners and carafe centrifuges. Hence,the drilling fluids additionally referred to as lubricator kicking off of the well is initial fed onto drilling fluids sedimentary rock shaker to get rid of the coarse particles from current drilling fluids. The sedimentary rock shaker contain screens of mesh size applicable for the dimensions and kind of solids they’re needed to get rid of. There {are also|also square measure|are} reports of alternative instrumentality like rotating separators that are used as an alternate to sedimentary rock shaker once drilling with oil primarily based drilling fluids.

Oilfield solids control pump

Solids control system in oilfield is the typical 4 phase mud process system including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge. What is the pumps info? What is solids control pump detail?



As per complete close loop solids control system, there is feeding pump for hydrocyclone separators, the mud transfer pump for charging centrifuge, the drilling fluid mixing pump for configuration, and/or the shearing pump for shredding drilling mud, the trip pump, etc. We also can say, there is horizontal pump, vertical pump, screw pump, etc.Different equipments request different pumps as power resource or mud supplies. Meanwhile, different solids control system configuration will have different pumps position, design, or types.



Detail pump in oilfield solids control

For solids control equipments, the separated hydrocyclone separators or mud cleaner we must match centrifugal pump as mud feeding pump. The centirfugal pump transfer drilling fluid to the cyclones inlet line for subsequent process.Usually, these pumps are horizontal one. They’ll be mounted on mud tanks ends or under the slant plate of shaker tank. ?When we set pumps under shaker tank will save much space. However, then it will be inconvenient when we repair or inspect pumps.



But sometimes in solids control system there will be vertical pump or submersible slurry pump instead of horizontal pumps.We know in solids control system, the drilling mud seems blood to our human body. While pump will be the transfer tools. They pump drilling fluid from here there between different drilling fluid tanks or compartments.Let’s see, after mud cleaner or hydrocyclone desilter what pumps there? Yes, the 4th solids control equipment-Decanter centrifuge. For decanter centrifuge, we need pump transfer drilling fluid from desilter compartment to centrifuge input.

The working principle of Brightway decanter centrifuge

Brightway decanter centrifuge used in solid phase concentrations of solid particle size 2-7 μ m, drilling mud is 2 ~ 40%, the drilling mud liquid relative viscosity and separation and containing a small amount of solid liquid separation of 30s suspensions. Mainly used in oil and gas drilling non excavation, shield, dredging engineering, able to complete the solid, liquid, dehydration separation process.

decanter centrifuge

BWLWF series horizontal centrifuge, by two at the same time, to the drive motor, the main motor through a belt drive, drive the drum and the differential housing operation, the auxiliary motor through a differential gear drive, the screw shaft inside the. So that the drum and spiral shaft rotation in the same direction movement; and reaches a certain speed difference. Drum diameter generally divided into 450mm and 355mm two, because the speed decided to separate the effect of the equipment, so the higher the speed, the better the separation effect. The centrifuge is divided into components, base, screw axis, conversion, the outer box body, differential, main and auxiliary motors, electric control, various connecting pipe manifold.

BWLWF series horizontal spiral centrifuge is according to the characteristics of oil and gas drilling mud solid, professional to design separation equipment. BWLWF series centrifuge is mainly used for recovering barite powder, solid particle filter tiny, reduce drilling mud solid to the content, so as to control the density of the drilling mud viscosity, in a certain range, to ensure the performance of drilling mud, do not change. To achieve a sustained effect of cycle use.

To improve the drilling mud solids control system efficiency

All major domestic and international drilling companies have the same view , perfect drilling mud solids control system is one of the important supporting scientific drilling symbol . Drilling solids control equipment after 20 years of continuous improvement and perfection , to improve the level of drilling technology to reduce the maintenance workload , improve drilling penetration rate, the effect of significantly reducing production costs .

80 years ago often use very simple drilling mud shaker in the industry , it is in very coarse particle separation situation is only 400μm, and again into the mud particles into the circulatory system . Since then continue with the high mud cloth mesh sieve shale shaker, desander , desilter , centrifuges, vacuum degasser , mud agitator , Jet Mixing device as well as ancillary equipment to work with these mud pots , explosion cabinet , with a total mass of different sizes based on the amount of processing is generally a slurry tank in more than seven tons , to reach hundreds of kilowatts of total power (300 kilowatts ) . Solid particles can be controlled at the highest content of 6% , while the density of the drilling fluid can also adjust the .

decanter centrifuge

Needless to say, these tremendous changes through improved over the solid control system for oil drilling . But also greatly increases the well team site repair, maintenance workload used . Thus , without compromising the performance of solid control system based on the supporting equipment , simplify and reduce energy consumption , improve efficiency solids control equipment is a matter of concern to all persons in the industry .

Solids control equipment in accordance with the current development needs , reducing the progression of solid control equipment to reduce costs and improve efficiency has become a development trend can not be stopped , so we have to think about the need to simplify the solid control system can be divided into two steps to Walking :

shale shaker

The first step: to consider for the future , to study the feasibility of a real device , this work is challenging but also has some risks , but also to explore the nature of existence , however , things are generally from low to high , from simple to complex development. The same is true solids control equipment .

Step Two: To the drilling fluid solid control system work more efficiently and at lower cost , solid control to explore the future direction of the major recent goal should be to study large capacity, good performance, high separation efficiency of the multi- screen solid control system to make desander minimize boot time even longer used cyclone desander .

Solids control system

Brightway solids control Co., Ltd. will be the right way this thing as the direction of research and development for the global drilling industry presented their one !

Drilling Fluids Technology Part 2

The drilling fuilds play an important effect in the drilling oilfield site.It need the high performance solids control equipments,such as shale shaker,mud cleaner,decanter centrifuge,,etc..It was a can per measure drilled. Can’t quite remember what that measure was, but it could be 3 to 4 cans per hour depending on ROP, as maintenance, you still need the premix made up to full power plus a bit for luck. Yeah slam dunk is as good as you can get. Observe cuttings is pretty subjective. Be sure now. You need lots of ‘spider webs’ between the fingers. Still think you have let the inhibitors drop. Dilution just may be the solution. Check also the level of inhibition of the cutting on the shakers, if they are sticky and they don’t move forward easily your inhibition is not good enough.

shale shaker

The measure was every stand drilled at ROP of 15-20 m/hr. But again you are right it will indeed depend on ROP, hole size, amount of cuttings generated. What it takes, is that, the real feel for KCL/Polymer/PHPA/glycol mud. By standing on top of the mud tank and looking at it swirl, could tell alot. Thanks for your valuable input, Graham. Listen, do you have testing procedures for silicate mud and overall guidelines, tips.

decanter centrifuge

All other things being equal I would agree with this as well. Never had a carbonate problem with this mud so missed the pH pf. Yep a bit of lime can help. We were under the guidance of ‘snortin McNorton’ who kept us on the straight and narrow.

Xi’an Brightway Energy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd can manufacture any kinds of solids control equipment or mud system as customer requirement.

Drilling Fluids Technology

The solids control is always the main issue with any kind of mud, when the mud if full of solids it becomes also more sensitive to any kind of contamination. That’s why your mud weight, MBT and total solids have also increased. You should improve your solids removal control, i.e. if you can, put finer shaker screen, run desander/desilter, centrifuge and have a heavy dump & dilute. Make the transfer to the suction with a light viscous new mud.

Ifeanyi, sounds like he is using a uncalibrated pH meter. WBM with chlorides tends to make pH meters go bonkers quick. You should always have pH strips to double check yourself & even more important pheno end point is 8.0 – 8.3 pH, so if you have a pf or a pm, then your pH is higher than an 8.0.

It really looks like solids buildup problem. But gents, what do you think, wouldn’t it stir up more clays if to run desilter and desander?! And MBT would go higher. I had this problem once. It is probably inefficient work of SRE….And what if sometimes the client is not very happy with dumping due to small waste management setup? In this case, if I don’t have much to drill to TD this section, I would do the following: provided that I have enough reserve space in the pits, build fresh un-viscous pre-mix in reserve and then take the portion of active system into other pit and bleed this pre-mix into active slowly and of course firstly run finer screens and centrifuges.

Check all the other things as suggested but with an MBT and solids incease, check for KCl and glycol depletion. Are you guilty of ‘there’s not much more to go lets save money and lay off the KCl and glycol’? You will have to dilute or / and add thinner to get out of this in the time left. Pilot test the dilution, eat the mud properties till near final circulations and then add the dilution to leave the ‘best’ thinner mud you can manage in the hole when they pull out. If they are pulling out to log or something, do not let the KCl drop. Is PHPA one of the polymers? These results indicate depletion all round.

Decanter Centrifuge Contents

Decanter Centrifuge Work Notice

I. General

II. Technical Parameters

III. Rules of safe operation

1. Installation

2. Operation

3. Maintanence

IV. Structure and operating principle

1. Structure

2. operating principle

V. Installation and commissioning

1. Installation

2. Adjustment

3. Commissioning

VI. Sequence of operation and precautions

1. Preparation prior to starting up

2. Operational process of rated frequency centrifugal machine

3. Operation of frequency conversion centrifugal machine

VII. Lubrication and Maintenance

1. Lubrication

2. Inspection and maintenance

3. Electrical maintenance

VIII. Disassembling & assembling

1. Basic requirements for disassembling & assembling

2. Removing of unit assembly of revolving part

3. Disassembling of unit assembly of revolving part

4. Assembling of unit assembly of revolving part

5. Disassembling and assembling of the gearbox

6. Replacement of vibration damper

IX. Schematic drawing for electric control

X. Transportation and storage

1. Transportation

2. Storage

XI. Common Faults and Troubleshooting

XII. List of attachment tools and spare parts

XIII. Drawings

decanter centrifuge

Work Notice

★   All operation, maintenance and safety personnel should scan rigorously this operation manual further because the relevant operational; sexual union manual.

★   The user shall appoint the well-trained personnel to be the protection in-charge of centrifuge.

★   The safety in-charge of centrifuge shall make sure that all operational personnel are educated on safety precautions.

★   The centrifuge shall be operated and maintained by the appointed well-trained personnel solely.

★   The electrical and mechanical maintenance shall be performed by skilled engineers in accordance with the documents of the manufacturer or below the steering of the manufacturer.

★   The adjustment of parameters of electrical system shall be performed by electrical engineers with the permission of the manufacturer.

★   It is powerfully suggested to hold the protection operational instruction and instrumentality maintenance instruction with relevancy this instrumentality on the work web site.

★   It is powerfully suggested to ascertain the operational file and maintenance file of this instrumentality.

★   Good lighting condition shall be provided throughout night work.

★   The centrifuge shall not be used for the other purpose. before formal consultation with our company, any actual use condition shall not exceed the allowed one upon procurance.

Flare Ignition Device

The Flare Ignition Device and mud gas seperator are accustomed deal the tailgas and exhausted fossil fuel from refinery and gas gathering station. it’s accustomed eliminate the damage of harmful gas to surroundings and safety. They are the safety surroundings instrumentation.


Except the refinery and gas gathering station, this instrumentation is matched with drilling gas-mud centrifuge. currently it’s utilized in drilling project wide. it’s utilized in internal oilfields, Xinjiang Oilfield, Szechwan province field, JiangHan Oilfield, and Iran, Egypt,Turkey,Indonesia, Venezuela etc.

Flare Ignition Device

It is created with flare body, management pod of flare, high-voltage generator, cable, hose, LNG tank (equipped by yourself), and backfire restraint .

It is with electronic firing circuit. Its performance is stable and credible.

2 operational Processes

a.      The flamable gas transfers to the gas water of igniter (Flare) through pipelines.

b.     Connect and begin the Electronic Igniter.

c.     Open LNG tank, operate the Electronic Igniter, and fireplace the firing pipe (the class firing).

d.     Firing the firing pipe to fireplace the exhausted gas (the second grade firing).

e. shut LNG tank, quench the firing pipe, fireplace the combustibility exhausted gas.

3  Performances

●Norminal diameter of Igniter (Flare):  DN200mm

●height of Igniter: three.5m

4 Cautions

a. Don’t mangle the insulator of firing lead throughout shipping and swing.

b. choose Associate in Nursing open house wherever are remote from fireplace to put in the igniter.

c. Its skid should be mounted on the mounted base. If necessary, you’ll use the guy wires.

d. Electronic Igniter should be protected against humidness and wind.

e. This instrumentation is matched with drilling mud solids control equipment for  drilling project. Details see the Service Manual of Liquid-gas centrifuge.

f. The management Pod is especially to Electronic Igniter. Details see its manual, Service Manual of management Pod of DHQ.1 Electronic Igniter.