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Mud Tank for Solids Control System Part 2

Ⅲ· The Role of Mud Tank in Solid Control System

As mentioned that one mud agitator is equiped on the top of each compartment, and the mud would be stirred by the agitator impeller which is welded with four 45-degree blads at the bottom end of the impeller. Driving by the agitator, the impeller can stirring the mud sufficiently.  The diameter of the impeller includes many sizes. While the length of the impeller shaft depends on the depth of the mud tank.

mud tank

On the top of mud tank, there also exists a floating mark, the bottom of which is floated on the surface of the mud in the mud tank. By reading the mark, drilling workers can easily know the depth of the mud down in the tank, and no need to enter into the tank. While for the purpose of mud tank cleaning, and inner pipeline maintaining, there also exists a ladder in each compartment, and also a cover on the top to avoid any falling accident.

shale shaker

Ⅳ· How the Mud Tank Works.


The mud tank bears the whole circulation process of the drilling fluids between the wellhead and mud pump. First it comes directly to the shale shaker. The solids are to be separated by the shaker screen and discharged out of the mud tank through the sand-releasing slot, while the drilling fluid with small particles would enter down to the compartment below the shaker for further separation. If air infusion into the mud, a sand pump would suck up the mud from previous compartment  and pump it into the vacuum degasser to discharge the air in the mud and return the drilling mud into the second compartment. If non air infusion, the vacuum degasser would work as mud agitator.

vacuum degasser

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Vacuum Degasser – Guarantee for Safe Well Drilling

Only if the harmful gas is removed from well drilling, a drilling operation can go on. Therefore, degasser plays an important role in drilling. It’s necessary to learn something about this part of solids control system.

Vacuum degasser is an effective technique to ensures the safety of welling drilling, its reliability, safety and efficient operation will be an important guarantee for the safe drilling.

The traditional centrifugal vacuum degasser is easily filled with drilling fluid, in addition to the poor degassing efficiency and difficult installation and maintenance and the like.

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

In view of that, on the basis of the original structures, using improved designs like the pressure balance liquid level control , inverted cone type umbrella plate, vice impeller Impeller and direct volute chamber structure, the ZCQ240P and the ZCQ360P series vacuum degassers are developed. Novel deaerator improves maximize vacuum performance and degassing efficiency, and features stable operation at the same time. In addition, the new degasser is simple and easy to install repair.

Currently used degasser of solids control equipment are vacuum pot-type degasser and centrifugal vacuum degasser. Centrifugal vacuum degasser as compact structure, small occupied space, requires less allocation power, thus is widely allocated in more drilling waste management.