Pipe Jacking

Brightway provide the full range of slurry separation plant for pipe jacking project.

  • What is pipe jacking?

From the below picture, let’s know pipe jacking briefly.

pipe jacking layout

pipe jacking layout

1. The virgin ground is being excavated to create a manhole pit, and the hydraulic jack is placed at a strategic spot. The size and depth of the manhole pit varies, depending on the specification requirements.
2. The pipes strings are stringed together piece by peice using the hydraulic jacking machine. Each unit of pipe are being lifted down into the manhole pit by a crane. The jacking of pipes towars the destined direction is done from the launch shaft to the target shaft.
3.Lastly, once the string of pipes are done, the crane will then, remove the cutter head froom the manhole pit at the target shaft, and replace the gap with a connecting pipe inside. Both manhole pits will be sealed with cement seamlessly.

slurry separation plant

slurry separation plant

The technology used to separate and remove undesirable materials from a fluid

– Maximize drilled/excavated solids removal

– Minimize fluid lost with the discarded cuttings

– Minimize commercial solids lost with cuttings ƒ Maintain fluid properties for a clean, healthy slurry ƒ

The result is lower mud cost and manageable waste volume for efficient control of well costs.


Increased hydrostatic head ƒ Interference with bit/formation interface ƒ Increase viscosity causing:

– Reduced efficiency of all SCE Coarser screens use Hindrance of accelerated settling (stokes law)

– Higher chemical and dilution costs – Higher disposal costs

ƒ Excess abrasion affects:

– Pumps and expendables

– SCE equipment Screens and screen supports/ Hydrocyclones Centrifuge rotating assembly

– Slurry separation plant drill bits

– Piping

ƒ Increase tunneling operating costs