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Presentation of Brightway Drilling Waste Management

I have a plan to do the presentation of Brightway Drilling Waste Management by the end of Jan, 2016.

drilling waste management

drilling waste management

It is an interesting challenge. It might be an good idea to track down my preparation with the following blog.

Before going deeper about the drilling waste management content, I have a question in my mind how to do the presentation effectively, based on my limited experience of presentation, it is not a easy thing to grasp customer attention to our product presentation.

I found Steve Jobs Presentation Skills Video from Youku luckily, and if you want to learn sth, better to kind a good teacher.

1. Set the theme, and make your them clear and consistent
2. Create a headline that sets the direction for your meeting.
3. Provide a outline, verbally open and close each section with clear transition and make it easy for your listeners to follow your story.
4. Demonstrate enthusiasm
Extraordinary, amazing, cool, wow your audience,and if you are not passion about it, the audiences are not going to be.
5. Make numbers and statistics meaningful and analogies help connect the dos for your audience.
6. Make it simple and paint a simple picture that doesn’t overwhelm
7. Make a show, rehearse
Now the below is my current outline for the presentation of drilling waste management solids control system.

1.1 Brightway Main Product

1.2 Brightway Solids Control System Application

1.3 Brightway Equipment Separation Process

1.4 Brightway Processing Equipment

1.5 Brightway Quality Control

1.6 Brightway Qualification

1.7 Brightway Market

  1. Brightway Drilling Waste Management

2.1 Composition

2.2 Overall Layout of Brightway Drilling Waste Management System

2.3  Flowchart

2.4  Modular Equipment

2.4.1  Drying Shaker

2.4.2  Vertical Cutting Dryer

2.4.3  Decanter Centrifuge

2.4.4 Vertical Cutting Dryer and Decanter Centrifuge On The Same Skid

2.4.5 Drilling waste conveyor system

2.4.6  Auxiliary Component (Screw Pump, Centrifugal pump, Mud Agitator, Tank etc)

2.4.7 More Designs

  1. Brightway Drilling Waste Management Cases
  2. Brightway Commissioning On Customer Site
  3. Brightway Activity
  4. 6. Brightway Drilling Waste Management-Questionare Survey

Compared with Steve Job skills, there are some parts need to be revised, and the target of presentation is not only to convey the information but also to persuading the audience to accept the products and the lecturer.