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drilling rig circulating system

Currently supporting the lubricators and driling rig circulating system unit wide utilized in domestic circulation system of mechanical solids management management lubricant circulation system . It includes drilling pump , ground manifolds , lubricating substance tank , lubricating substance tank, matter mud shaker , mud cleaner,desander ,desilter in addition to mud , carafe centrifuge, drilling preparation of kit. among the jet drilling and downhole drilling is in addition charged with the task of passing power . it’s through sieving , activity and conjointly kind in line with the principle of assorted particle size and density to separate . Trade-offs as necessary for drilling has reached the solid particles and density management. this method is healthier, lower cost , then wide used . However, solid system advanced, involving multiple devices , the short period of lots of kit failure and plenty of, and would possibly only be used when you employ the placement sometimes a district of the instrumentation , resulting in reach solid management requirements. so it is necessary to lubricating substance circulation system processes and instrumentation to reinforce the applying presently .

drilling rig circulating system

drilling rig circulating system

Existing customary driling rig circulating system ground solids management instrumentation beside stone sedimentary rock shaker , vacuum degasser , desander , desilter and cleansing then on. additional and additional separated by these devices. will do the aim of upper management of the solid a part of the lubricating substance . Desilter not be used once handling heavier lubricating substance . Even Desander not advocate the use of , as a results of every , notably the previous might subtract lots of mineral . Considering the stone shaker , specially a fine mesh sieve shaker sporting components , and high costs. Sand pump whereas reducing the number of units and dealing hours , the authors propose the use of water-sealed hydrocyclone separation device , simplifying the current solid system .

Desander Manufacturer

The desander manufacturer is by Brightway.It’s for the second and third solid control equipment, mud cleaner is combine the hydrocyclone desander, hydrocyclone desilter and shale shaker, the mud cleaner is composite the above there equipment performance, has the characterize of large processing capacity, quick processing, and long service screen life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, etc, little energy consumption, small cover, etc. This equipment is the ideal equipment for the O&G drilling industry.

The structure and characterize of the mud cleaner,

一: The mud cleaner is comprised of the below eight parts,

1.base 2.straining box 3.Angle adjusting mechanism 4. Bracket 5. Vibration motor 6.Explosion-proof control switch 7.Desander 8. Desilter

2. Character

(1) The shaker screen adopt the Orifice plate screen shake screen, it can adopt the 20-200 bores mesh, besides the screen is flat net, so the mud can evenly divided, it enlarged the screen actual filter area.

(2) Screen mesh compression uses the crushing pressure, convenient replacement screen is simple and compact, reliable and has changed the traditional bolt tightening or reel tension stretched way, make the screen and the screen basket stick together tightly.

(3) The screen box angle is adjustable, regulating mechanism adopts screw transmission, convenient adjustment and reliable work.

(4) The equipment combine the mud desander and vibrating screen as a whole, reduce the occupied area, bring great convenience for the site operation and rig move.

二. The application and working principal of the mud cleaner

The mud cleaner is the first and second cleaning equipment of the drilling fluid solid control system, it process a large amount drilling cuttings discharged from the drill well, and suit for the next separation equipment, the mud cleaner performance and quality is direct influence the next equipment performance. This screen is design according the screen area and liner vibration track.

Vibrator makes the screen box for reciprocating movement, the movement of solid particles with the sieve box in the mud and sieve surface, thus to finish the solid-liquid separation.

mud solids control equipment

mud solids control equipment

三. The advantage of the mud cleaner

The mud cleaner made by Brightway drilling solids control has a compact structure, good processing effect, artistic design, the hydro cyclone is explored and designed by our company, has a good rotation flow effect, the technology is origin from foreign professor carful guide and international mud cleaning equipment advantages, is the preferred brand for the international market.