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Brightway double layer shale shaker

The double layer shale shaker can conduct a solids removal over seventy 5 microns and regularly combined with different solid management instrumentation. The second and third stage instrumentation area unit desanders that removes cuttings of 45-75 microns and desilters that do a separation between 15~45 microns. The desander and desliter could also be work on to be served as a mud cleaner. Then, the last stage is bottle centrifuge which can subtract the particles over a try of microns. once these steps, the drilling solids ar getting to be removed and additionally the recycle and apply of lubricant could also be achieved.


The shaker screen is that the initial major solids management instrumentation in AN extremely series that is used to condition the drilling fluids for recycle to the borehole. rock shakers methodology drilling fluids and subtract most of the massive particles in solids management instrumentation project.


double layer shale shaker

double layer shale shaker

The proper playacting of double layer shale shaker is very important for different separation processes or solids management instrumentation to perform effectively. This makes the rock shaker the “first line of defense’ in solids system. The efficiency of operation of other solids management instrumentation depends heavily on the right and effective functioning of rock shaker,thus unburdening different solids management instrumentation like desanders,desilter,mud cleaners and bottle centrifuges. Hence,the drilling fluids collectively cited as lubricant beginning of the well is initial fed onto drilling fluids rock shaker to induce obviate the coarse particles from current drilling fluids. The rock shaker contain screens of mesh size applicable for the dimensions and kind of solids they are required to induce obviate. There sq. measure|are} reports of other instrumentation like rotating separators that ar used as AN alternate to rock shaker once drilling with oil based drilling fluids.

Brightway Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical cutting dryer is usually the environmental protection downside within the drilling waste business. because the state of the more and more demanding environmental needs, resolution the matter of pollution of drilling waste has become one amongst the foremost vital analysis subjects of environmental protection within the solid management instrumentation producing of contemporary times.


Vertical Cutting Dryer

Vertical Cutting Dryer

In rock oil exploration and production method, it’s avertible to supply the drilling fluid waste and drilling. These wastes will cause serious pollution to groundwater, surface water, the encircling ecological surroundings if outflow or overflow. this drilling waste treatment strategies have chemical natural action, washing, drying and combustion, lowland and destabilization of chemistry, physical ways that and biological treatment.


Whatever, Brightway solids management is engaged in cutting drier and alternative drilling fluid waste equipments. Not solely the solids management waste management instrumentation however conjointly skilled solids management systems area unit useful within the method. on solids management instrumentation, you’ll realize field drilling fluid carafe centrifuge, drilling fluids sedimentary shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser and then on. Certainly, you’ll see vertical cuttings drier, vertical centrifuge variety waste managment instrumentation.

Drilling rig circulating system

Currently supporting the lubricators and driling rig circulating system unit wide utilized in domestic circulation system of mechanical solids management management lubricant circulation system . It includes drilling pump , ground manifolds , lubricating substance tank , lubricating substance tank, matter mud shaker , mud cleaner,desander ,desilter in addition to mud , carafe centrifuge, drilling preparation of kit. among the jet drilling and downhole drilling is in addition charged with the task of passing power . it’s through sieving , activity and conjointly kind in line with the principle of assorted particle size and density to separate . Trade-offs as necessary for drilling has reached the solid particles and density management. this method is healthier, lower cost , then wide used . However, solid system advanced, involving multiple devices , the short period of lots of kit failure and plenty of, and would possibly only be used when you employ the placement sometimes a district of the instrumentation , resulting in reach solid management requirements. so it is necessary to lubricating substance circulation system processes and instrumentation to reinforce the applying presently .

drilling rig circulating

drilling rig circulating

Existing customary driling rig circulating system ground solids management instrumentation beside stone sedimentary rock shaker , vacuum degasser , desander , desilter and cleansing then on. additional and additional separated by these devices. will do the aim of upper management of the solid a part of the lubricating substance . Desilter not be used once handling heavier lubricating substance . Even Desander not advocate the use of , as a results of every , notably the previous might subtract lots of mineral . Considering the stone shaker , specially a fine mesh sieve shaker sporting components , and high costs. Sand pump whereas reducing the number of units and dealing hours , the authors propose the use of water-sealed hydrocyclone separation device , simplifying the current solid system .

Brightway Vacuum Degasser

Brightway Vacuum degasser, one in all the common solids management instrumentation, is wide employed in well drilling. Then, however it works?

The higher finish of liquid level management device gas guide pipe within the physical phenomenon path between the air chamber of vacuum degasser, the air guide pipe at the lower finish of the float moves upwards below the action of the plunger, the float isn’t influenced by the external pressure distinction, once the liquid level rises, float beside the air guide pipe is straightforward to rise to the peak of the corresponding, the action method is following:

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

Guide air seat put in within the deaerator head, higher guide air seat cavity through the vacuum waterproofing plug and gas guide seat is axially organized pores with vacuum tank consistent.

When the liquid level within the vacuum degasser is accumulated to the liquid level float up, float through the link pin drives the guide tube to move; once the guide hole pipe through the air guide seat is organized on the radial direction of the opening and also the atmosphere at identical time, decline within the thermionic valve, the liquid drop, liquid level float to guide quiesce, guide tube and outdoors atmosphere between guide gas interface is reduced or closed, to take care of the vacuum degree within the vacuum degasser.

Due to the adoption of thermionic valve higher cavity and vacuum degasser to stay the pressure balance is consistent, will create the conducting pipe interface to extend, this will increase the sensitivity of the liquid level management device.

At identical time, vacuum degree to maximise the degasser in vacuum degasser permission, in up the the initial impact, additionally to the safe operation of the solids system is bonded.