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Mud Agitator

Brightway mud agitator is a part of solid control system and mud tank, which is mainly used in agitating and blending drilling fluid so as to control the depositions of solid particles in its tankcycling system and keep the mud property of circulation stable and mixture uniform.

mud agitator

Major features of Brightway brand agitator:

solids control system

  • The reducer adopts a cylindrical worm with an axial section of circular acre. The circular acre teeth of impeller wheel are conjugated with the worm, which provide good convexo-concave engagement, high efficiency transmission, strong agitating ability and compact structure.
  • The reducer combines with anti-explosion motor, which is suit for rough operation condition in field, and can be repaired conveniently.
  • New up-down structural agitating impeller wheels have a two-layers structure, which can be used as one-layer and dual-layer one.
  • The strong agitation, broad conformance and low starting moment of resistance are provided.
  • Level – placed motor is easy for installation, adjustment and replacement.

Decanting Centrifuge used in oil industrial

Decanting centrifuge is one type of the screen centrifuge which belongs to the industril centrifuge. It is used in many industrial applications. During the solids control system matching to the drilling rig system, decanter centrifuge is a piece of equipment that is used as the fourth class solids control equipment.


Decanting centrifuge design consists of a solid container, called a bowl, which rotates at high speed. Inside the bowl tube, a screen conveyor rotates in the same direction, but at a slightly different speed. A differential gear is typically used to adjust speed.

Decanting Centrifuge Working Priciple

Decanting centrifuge is generally driven by an electric motor, that puts an object in rotation around a fixed axis, applying a force perpendicular to the axis. The centrifuge works using the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal acceleration causes more dense substances to separate out along the radial direction. By the same token, lighter objects will tend to move to the top.

solids control system

How Dencanter Centrifuge Works

The drilling slurry is fed through a stationary pipe, which is inside a hollow shaft connected to a screw conveyor or scroll. The slurry enters a feed compartment located inside of the conveyor and is forced through discharge nozzles to the bowl section. Once inside the bowl, centrifugal force makes the material to separate. The screw conveyor moves the solids to the tapered end where they are discharged. Pure fluid flows out the other end of mud tank.

mud tank

Dencanting Centrifuge

According to the rotary speed, decanting centrifuge could be classified to middle speed decanting centrifuge, high speed decanting centrifuge, and high speed variable frequency decating centrifuge, mainly separate 2-7 microns particle out.

Jet Mud Mixer

Jet mud mixer is a mature equipment of Brightway Solids Control. It’s wedely used in mixing mud. Brightway has a complete line of mud mixing equipment designed to assist operators with the greatest available efficiency in blending. Bentonite, polymers and other powder additives have traditionally been added to assist in achieving the properties needed from drilling mud such as viscosity for hole cleaning, water loss control and filter cake build up.

Jet mud mixer

On weighted mud applications, the ability to handle Barite during potential blow-out applications is even more important. Brightway Jet mud mixer consist of mechanical seal mixing pump and venturi hoppers, If it is used with shear pump together, the effect will be more excellent, it can be designed as double jet mud mixer according to customers’requirements.

shear pump

And installation for the mixing pump and hoppers are flexible from Brightway, either on a single skid or at tank end skid or even separately with hopper on mud tank top, and pump at tank side.


All flexible design is to make the complete solids control system to be compact and user friendly.The Tandem Jet mud mixer provides backup in mud mixing. When one mixer fails the other can be used to avoid project stops.And it highly boosts the mud mixing efficiency. Please contact us for more infomation.

Angle adjustment system of shale shaker

The angle adjustment system of shale shaker can raise or lower the screen basket end during the work. This part includes two vertical column assemblies that are connected on the upper column assembly and are attached to the shaker base.

shale shaker

The movable part of AWD consists of the lower column,limit device that controls vertical movement and hydro jack that drives the upward & downward movement of the shaker screen basket. The fixed ends of jack are connected in upper column assemblies and the movable piston bar is fixed in the lower column assembly. Reciprocately pulling the operating grip of the hand pump or starting the oil return valve of the hand pump can make the screen basket move upward and downward respectively. The screen basket can be adjusted within -1°~+5°. Fix and lock the elevator with clamp pin at the suitable angle, which can reduce the attack on the hydraulic pump when the basket is running at this angle.



The mud treated by other equipment or mud that returns from well will flow into the shale shaker through the mud tank which has a buffer effect on the drilling fluid and can make the mud flow onto the screen equably .This can reduce the mud attack to the screen and increase screen work life and mud treatment efficiency. Meanwhile there is a square cover on the tank top and from here we can test the mud performance.

shale shaker

Vibration Motor

It boasts of the features of stronger vibrating strength, higher reliability and easier maintenance. The exciting force is generated by eccentric rotor and the exciting force of single motor can reach 38kN. Suitable ambient temperature is : -40℃~150℃.


The Economy of Linear Motion:

Brightway linear motion shale shaker is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy and high-volume solids are usually encountered. In these intervals, shakers need generate high G-forces to effectively move dense solids across the screens, cuttings above 75μm can be brought from well.

Vibration Motor for Shale Shaker

The shale shaker is the first grade of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75μm brought from the drilling well and the liquid with smaller particles will flow into mud tanks from where the fluid will flow into next grade solids control equipment to be treated.

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shale shaker

Features & Benefits of Linear Motion Shale Shaker:

  1. G-forces linear motion up to 7.6G
  2. Speeds conveyance
  3. Increases shaker-fluids capacity
  4. Enable shaker to process heavier solids loads
  5. Enhances cuttings processing volume
  6. Basket angle adjusting device from -1°~5°
  7. Single side screens tension system to easy change the screens
  8. Shale shaker feeder can be weir type and header box
  9. Hook-strip screens can be PMD and composite shaker screens.

shale shaker

Sifting bed structure

Brightway shaker screen basket is of weld components and vibration motor & screen plate base are installed on screen box by parts. Screen basket locates on the adjustment beam and there are bumper springs in four corners near the screen box, which can avoid the screen basket vibrating effect on parts & devices in the neighborhood. There are three or four screen panels on the enough strength for screen basket.


The middle part of screen basket is higher than two sides transversely and the bulging arch the screen can be tensioned more easily and the screen life and efficiency of removing solids particles can be improved as the work proceeds.

Mud Cleaner in Drilling Fluid Recycling System

The drilling mud cleaner is a major equipment in drilling fluid recycling system,we can design customized cost-effective mud cleaner for customers special needs. Brightway mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD mud recycling system.


When the mud cleaner handles the weighted drilling fluid, the drilling fluid which is already handled enters into drilling fluid system from the over fall of the swirler. The drill cuttings, barite and a little liquid phase discharged from the under set and go to the highly detail screen. Because of the granularity of barite is 2~74um mostly, it will return to the drilling fluid system with the liquid phase and the drill cuttings which are smaller than the sieve mesh, the drill cuttings which are larger than the sieve mesh will be discharged from screen surface. In this way, mud cleaner cleans the drilling fluid, stabilizes the performance of drilling fluid and recycles the barite and the liquid phase.


Mud cleaner is consist of manifold, shale shaker,desander and desilter. First the drilling fluids are sucked up to 0.25Mpa ~ 0.4Mpa by centrifugal pump, and enter into the cones through the side inlet which is normally only 2-1/2″ diameter. The fluids then flow spirally inside of the cone. Effected by the centrifugal force, the heavy solids in the fluids would be throwed towards the inner wall of the cones, go down to the bottem, and discharge through the sand discharge port, while the light fluids would go up and discharge through the upper oulet. The diameter of the bottom discharge port is adjustable, and with a cover of hydrocyclone.

shale shaker

As a leader and professional in China solids control equipment and drilling waste management,Brightway always provides the highest quality equipments and oilfield services and solutions. Brightway provides 25 categories of products, and can also customize packaged design and matching products of oil & gas drilling rigs for drilling company.

Definitions of Drilling Fluid Solids Control

In well drilling, we often hear various drilling fluid solids control related terms. Then, what do they mean?

1) Solid Phase Volume

The total insoluble solid drilling fluid, usually expressed as a percentage by volume. The solid phase volume of high density drilling fluid including low density and high density solid. Solid amount of conventional drilling fluid are low density solid.


2) Low Density Solid

These solids including clay powder and cuttings as goods. Usually in the solid control work assumes that its density is 2.60 or 2.65g/cm3, this assumption has been able to obtain satisfactory results, the actual value may fluctuate between 2.0~3.0g/cm3.


3) Density

Density is the volume in mass per unit. The unit can be used g/cm3. Drilling fluid is composed of different density materials. In the past, the proportion of common concept, now is no longer in use. In solids control system, solids control equipments like desander and desilter are used for adjusting the density of drilling fluid.


4) Cuttings

Drilling is the main solid contamination of drilling fluid, it greatly affects the performance of drilling fluid, must be stable, and therefore can be an important problem in the process of drilling to conventional drilling fluids treatment. Solid control is the control of drill cuttings. Has the direct relationship between the drilling cost and solid control and its effect.

Choose a Suitable Cyclone Desander

In drilling fluids treatment, a cyclone desander is an essential equipment. Is it wise to choose a cyclone desander without considering situation? Absolutely not. Then, how to choose a suitable one? Which aspects should you pay attention to when selecting this type of solids control equipment. Read the following article and you will find it very useful.


The selection of cyclone desander must consider the treatment of water, outer diameter, working pressure of pipeline, water quality and water quality requirements after the treatment and other factors. In general, when choosing hydrocyclone desander, the premise that meet the flow, give high priority to the use of large equipment, and recommends the use of parallel several sets of equipment in the system instead of large equipment,in order to obtain the better effect of separation of solid and liquid.


Desander, based on φ 300 mm diameter hydrocyclones, added with shale shaker, all the liquid can be discharged recovery underflow phase, and the solid particles of underflow outlet automatically sent. Φ 300 mm diameter hydrocyclone the upper part of the shell structure is reasonable, is conducive to the solid-liquid separation.

shaker screen

The cone is a wear resistant cast iron casting, good wear resistance, convenient replacement. Drilling fluid vibration of double motor excitation is equipped with a sieve, convenient repair and maintenance, the screen using crochet tension, tension force uniform, convenient to replace the shaker screen.