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How to keep a drilling shale shaker work efficiently ? Part 1

The oilfield drilling mud shale shaker is the first stage of oil drilling fluids solids control equipment in drilling fluids mud purification system .The oil drilling fluids shale shaker can remove cuttings above 76μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the drilling fluid circulation mud tanks below, which will flow into next grade drilling fluids solids control equipment to be treated.

shale shaker
The Economy of Drilling Mud Linear Motion Shale Shaker
Brightway drilling fluid linear motion shale shaker is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy and high-volume solids are usually encountered. In these intervals, drilling shale shakers may generate powerful G-forces and its effective vibrating motion can quickly remove the dense solids from screens and particles from wells.

shaker screen


How to keep oilfield shale shaker work efficiently ?
1. The excess pressure significantly decreases the drilling rate and removes cuttings from beneath the drill bit. Eight general rules to assure shale shakers will work properly and remove drilling cuttings.
2. The shale shaker should be run continuously while circulating. Drilling Cuttings cannot be separated if the shaker bed is not in motion.
Drilling fluid should cover most of the shaker screen. If only one quarter or 1/3 of the shaker screen is covered, the screen is too coarse and should be replaced with a finer screen.

Drilling Fluid System

With the development of drilling technology, drilling fluid solid control system for drilling the positive role played by increasingly large variety of solid control system came into being, no matter how solid control system of the type of change, and its basic functions (ie maximize the removal of drilling fluid in the solid phase and store enough fluids) is constant, it is relying on mechanical clearance equipment and drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipment to complete the combination of organic basic functions.

Solids control system

Brightway,the leader of China solids control equipment industry and expert in drilling waste management,is capable of providing customers with such four series as oil & gas drilling solids control equipment, centrifuges (decanter centrifuge as major), drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment, and also customize packaged design and matching products of oil & gas drilling rigs for drilling contractors. Brightway featured solids control equipment includes shale shaker    desander , desilter,mud cleaner,and decanter centrifuge.

decanter centrifuge

These products provided by Brightway are extensively used in oil & gas drilling and workover, coalbed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, water well, geothermal well drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing projects, mine gravel staged treatment, tailings treatment, rive dredging works, municipal environment-friendly sewage treatment,industrial wastewater treatment, fruit juice purification, waste oil recovery and mud purification treatment, etc.

Solids Control System’s Advantage

Brightway has integrated structural characteristics and designing ideas of both the mobile drilling solids control system to adapt to the operation time limits, to improve the speed of mobilization and to reduce the cost, and has innovated the mobile drilling solids control system.

Brightway Solids Control System Advantage
The advantages of mobile solids control system are as follows: it is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. It has greatly improved the automation of the solids control system. It has been proved that this system not only has a simple structure, reliable safety and compact design, but also has the unparalleled edge of a convenient mobility and wide application.

solids control system

Solids Control System Composition
Drilling fluid solids control equipment performance and quality is the key to the Solids Control System technology. Solids control system mainly consists of drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification equipment and electrical control equipment of three parts, of which the drilling fluid purification equipment mainly shale shaker   desander,  desilter  decanter centrifuge  centrifuge centrifugal pump   mud cleaner   vacuum degasser, etc., for environmentally sensitive areas, you can also configure the cuttings recovery and waste treatment plant..

solids control system
The solid control equipment has been to fucus on the development of Desander, Desilter and Degasser and other devices with small footprint, high effectiveness and long service life. Combined with high speed centrifugal, Brightway soild control equipment can detect automatically and conduct control according to the detection results.

Structure and properties of the mud cleaner

Mud cleaner, also known as removing sand and mud machine. It is the two or three level of drilling mud circulation of solids control equipment, the cyclone for removing sand and mud hydrocyclone underflow vibrating screen and three for one. It is also known as removing sand and mud machine, which has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupation, powerful, is the ideal equipment for two or three solid control of drilling mud.

Mud cleaner production company, by the desander, in addition to form mud machine, drop chute, underflow shaker screen, a bracket and a base.

mud cleaner

The performance mainly in the following points:

1  in the desander and desilter main inlet pipe and the liquid outlet tube is arranged between the control valve, the base is provided with a chute, shaker screen is located in the chute, automatic sand block device and a regulating device is arranged inside the hydrocyclone underflow.

2、 applicable model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, easy to repair, reliable work, can quickly remove harmful solid from drilling fluid, improving the performance of drilling fluid, meet the new technique of high pressure jet drilling requirements.

3、 mud cleaner cyclone group consists of 1 – 3 of high wear-resistant polyurethane cyclone for removing sand and 8 – 16 of high wear-resistant polyurethane cyclone is arranged, an overflow pipe and feeding pipe of large diameter, cone angle is small; thus in the sand removing pumps and mud pumps, the formation of 0.21-0.40MPa pressure, to achieve the effect of swirl.

shaler screen

4、 mortar direction changing mechanism adopts a central shaft is fixed on the metal groove tilt can together to control the flow of mortar; the circular arrangement of cyclone group and rectangular recovery shaker screen supporting the use of.

5、Due to the above properties, I produced the mud cleaner because of its reasonable design, is a whole body, the occupied space is small, processing performance is good because, now widely used in petroleum, natural gas drilling and trenchless construction. Not only occupy a certain market in China, but also exported to Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA international market, won the customer’s recognition.

The working principle of mud gas separator and installation and maintenance

一、Working principle

The drilling mud from the mud gas separator liquid inlet into the separator, along the wall fell on the specially designed a set of built-in baffle, after the collision, increase the exposure area, makes the solid and liquid flowing downward, resulting in turbulent flow, the gas and fluid separation. Free gas through the exhaust outlet tank top discharge, the exhaust pipe length determined by site and equipped in general (20-50 m), and lead to safety, after drilling fluid degassing after vibration sieve processing in circulation tank。

Mud gas separator

二、Installation and maintenance


In general, the mud gas separator is installed in the  mud tank edge ground,ground level requirements, solid, and preset anchor bolt hole.

When installed with the crane held the main lifting lug lifting vertical with the ground, slowly put down, and then use the rope from the upper part of the body is three (uniform) and surface tension, ensure the body perpendicular to the ground, casting anchor bolts, fasteners.

After installation, the 2 exhaust pipeline to the distance 60-80m (pipeline with its own wellhead. For suppliers, when ordering). 3 of the pulp inlet and rotating blowout preventer or choke manifold is connected, close No. 4 sewage outfallbutterfly valve, open the 7 pulp outlet valve, pipeline received 1 mud tank can be.

When handling, remove manifold, will tighten the rope loosen, crane live body top, loosen the bolts placed horizontally, the ladder can be used as a transport support.

  1. Maintenance:

When not in use, the drilling fluid in the solids control equipment clean and rinse with water, no mud deposited separator body, prevent the mud dried not normal use.

The solids control equipment of drilling mud shear pump

The Brightway Solids Control  BWJQB series shear pump can produce high performance mud quickly, shorten the mud preparation time, improve the economic efficiency of drilling. Shear pump is added to the raw material preparation of slurry in drilling mud continuous shear, refinement, mixed efficient circulation and change the molecular chain structure of it, the mud to the process and performance of certain requirements, and meet the drilling requirements higher performance of drilling mud solid control equipment.

Shear pump is composed of an impeller, volute, Pan Gen he, drive shaft, pulley ,motor and bearing etc.

Shear Pump

Impeller shear pump impeller is different to other centrifugal pump, its structure is more complex. It mainly consists of axial flow turbine, slurry storage mud tank, pump, pressure tank and cutting board is composed of five parts. Flow turbine shaft ,pump, slurry storage tank for precision casting into a whole, has the advantages of compact structure. It is a core component of shear pump shear, with very high efficiency.

The axial shear pump flow turbine to provide fluid has a certain capacity of pump and slurry storage tank, the fluid through the pump wheel 55% is drained into the vortex shell, 45% slurry storage tank absorption. The unique design of pressurized cabin, the fluid slurry storage tank with a certain power. Fluid from the pump wheel, parallel to the shear flow, high flow.

Slurry storage tank. The liquid, after several jet nozzle to the shear plate injection. The mixed fluid injection liquid and shear pump impeller discharged together, with serrated wheel high speed impact shear plate outside, high-speed rotation of the cutting saw gear, the fluid shear treatment again. Therefore, the fluid flows through the impeller, after repeated s

Shear pump adopts a very reliable mechanical seal, to ensure no leakage. Because of the improvement of the pump shaft seal, so life is greatly improved. The pump is equipped with stainless steel turbine and a shear plate, can produce liquid shear more than 25.4m/s, when the flow of fluid through the drilling mud shear pump, 5% of the liquid in the turbine collection strongly promote the will be the two shear. The turbine drilling mud shear pump installed in the special base ,and pulley, narrow V belt and 55KW/75kw explosion-proof motor drives. In addition to a size suitable for mixing funnel and the drilling mud shear pump matching, thus formed a perfect shear and hydration system, also called shear mixing jet apparatus.

The composition and maintenance of mud shale shaker

Mainly by the mud shale shaker: vibrating motor, compound rubber spring, stainless steel screen, screen box and a start switch.The product through the vibration motor drives the eccentric block to rotate at high speed, the eccentric block to rotate the centrifugal force generated strong effect on elastic oscillator, which is fixed on the flat plate frame screen screen frame at the bottom of the vibration sieve to higher frequency, higher drilling cuttings.

shale shaker

Vibration sieve in the oil and gas drilling, non excavation in a very important position in engineering, coal-bed methane development, shield, river dredging, mud recycling system.

In order to enhance the service life of the shale shaker, attention should be paid to the use of notes and daily maintenance.

First, take over whether leakage logging can import inspection vibration sieve, and according to the requirements. The inlet connecting pipe. Each shift with a water hose to sediment generation equipment operation process from the device wall and sieve bed clean. These deposits will increase the damping block load and reduce the ability of vibrating screen separation of solid particles. Each shift once or inspect screen wedge fast fixed and working state. And the screen may not have holes or other defects, otherwise, the solid particles may loss. If the screen is damaged, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Second, in the use process, if found to have occurred in drilling fluid, should be timely.

shaler screen

Third, stop running vibration sieve, should be promptly shaker screen, and drilling fluid brush brush clean screen and embedded in the mesh in the sand. In the process of drilling mud shaker has stopped functioning, and because of long time no circulating drilling fluid viscosity, often up to more than 100, when the mud into screen slot through the valve is opened, and at the same time close flash board inlet end of the vibration screen, prevent the drilling fluid with high viscosity and flow to the screen surface. Screen cataplasm to death. If the board closed lax, the drilling fluid into the screen, should be promptly rinse screen.

Fourth, lifting, no foot and smashing pressure screen, the transport process is strictly prohibited any item screen. Hoisting and transportation must be 4 M20 × 110 bolts to mud shaker screen box and the base are fixed, to prevent the damage caused by the violent vibration shaker box.

The working principle of Brightway decanter centrifuge

Brightway decanter centrifuge used in solid phase concentrations of solid particle size 2-7 μ m, drilling mud is 2 ~ 40%, the drilling mud liquid relative viscosity and separation and containing a small amount of solid liquid separation of 30s suspensions. Mainly used in oil and gas drilling non excavation, shield, dredging engineering, able to complete the solid, liquid, dehydration separation process.

decanter centrifuge

BWLWF series horizontal centrifuge, by two at the same time, to the drive motor, the main motor through a belt drive, drive the drum and the differential housing operation, the auxiliary motor through a differential gear drive, the screw shaft inside the. So that the drum and spiral shaft rotation in the same direction movement; and reaches a certain speed difference. Drum diameter generally divided into 450mm and 355mm two, because the speed decided to separate the effect of the equipment, so the higher the speed, the better the separation effect. The centrifuge is divided into components, base, screw axis, conversion, the outer box body, differential, main and auxiliary motors, electric control, various connecting pipe manifold.

BWLWF series horizontal spiral centrifuge is according to the characteristics of oil and gas drilling mud solid, professional to design separation equipment. BWLWF series centrifuge is mainly used for recovering barite powder, solid particle filter tiny, reduce drilling mud solid to the content, so as to control the density of the drilling mud viscosity, in a certain range, to ensure the performance of drilling mud, do not change. To achieve a sustained effect of cycle use.

The processing ability of the hydrocyclone

Brightway desander is solid management second level system of solid management instrumentation, the most role is to solid particle filter 47~76um. Sand removing cyclone relies on the principle of centrifugal gravity to get rid of solid particles in drilling muds. lubricating substance is fed into the impact of sand removal when Cyclone For mation of swirl flow in cyclone, cyclone mud is mirrored all told directions, by centrifugal gravity made, deposition of solid particles within the vertebrae at the hydrocyclone, the bone body discharge to the vibration sieve. And was refined from the higher a part of the lubricating substance pipes into a suspension storage mud tank solid system.


Besides the benefits into sand hydrocyclone is: import and export manifold with fast joints connecting (maintenance), has the benefits of easy structure, quick replacement, handling capability of sturdy moving flow. The disadvantage isn’t effectively the solid is separated into 2 size vary obvious.

Cyclone sand process capability depends on the scale of the cyclone for removing sand and dust consistence. If the hydrocyclone underflow adjusted, to cyclone for removing sand input while not consistence liquid, no consistence liquid from a suspension pipeline is discharged; and therefore the relative with solid separation, liquid input solid particles discharged from rock bottom outlet, whereas the cyclone below the excretion export adjustment is that the key.



If the hydrocyclone desander bottom outlet, diameter relative to the balance between zero corresponds to the diameter is just too little and therefore the balance purpose underflow mouth edge region are going to be fashioned while not liquid zone, the alleged non liquid zone is between the equilibrium points and outlet edge solely in solid sand,vertebral wall than the drier. once little gravel lose wet, are going to be terribly straightforward to adhere to the inner wall of the cyclone on the block, this is often not the wrong adjustment mode is named dry bottom. If the discharge port adjusting diameter is larger than the comparable to the equilibrium purpose diameter can result inleakage, the error adjustment that’s referred to as wet bottom