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To improve the drilling mud solids control system efficiency

All major domestic and international drilling companies have the same view , perfect drilling mud solids control system is one of the important supporting scientific drilling symbol . Drilling solids control equipment after 20 years of continuous improvement and perfection , to improve the level of drilling technology to reduce the maintenance workload , improve drilling penetration rate, the effect of significantly reducing production costs .

80 years ago often use very simple drilling mud shaker in the industry , it is in very coarse particle separation situation is only 400μm, and again into the mud particles into the circulatory system . Since then continue with the high mud cloth mesh sieve shale shaker, desander , desilter , centrifuges, vacuum degasser , mud agitator , Jet Mixing device as well as ancillary equipment to work with these mud pots , explosion cabinet , with a total mass of different sizes based on the amount of processing is generally a slurry tank in more than seven tons , to reach hundreds of kilowatts of total power (300 kilowatts ) . Solid particles can be controlled at the highest content of 6% , while the density of the drilling fluid can also adjust the .

decanter centrifuge

Needless to say, these tremendous changes through improved over the solid control system for oil drilling . But also greatly increases the well team site repair, maintenance workload used . Thus , without compromising the performance of solid control system based on the supporting equipment , simplify and reduce energy consumption , improve efficiency solids control equipment is a matter of concern to all persons in the industry .

Solids control equipment in accordance with the current development needs , reducing the progression of solid control equipment to reduce costs and improve efficiency has become a development trend can not be stopped , so we have to think about the need to simplify the solid control system can be divided into two steps to Walking :

shale shaker

The first step: to consider for the future , to study the feasibility of a real device , this work is challenging but also has some risks , but also to explore the nature of existence , however , things are generally from low to high , from simple to complex development. The same is true solids control equipment .

Step Two: To the drilling fluid solid control system work more efficiently and at lower cost , solid control to explore the future direction of the major recent goal should be to study large capacity, good performance, high separation efficiency of the multi- screen solid control system to make desander minimize boot time even longer used cyclone desander .

Solids control system

Brightway solids control Co., Ltd. will be the right way this thing as the direction of research and development for the global drilling industry presented their one !

How to installed the desander and desilter?

Desander and desilter two main solid control equipment is installed in its above except mud and grit removal cyclone cyclone, cyclone separator solids are not the same diameter . Hydrocyclone separation and processing capability of the cyclone barrel diameter. The barrel diameter of the particle size , the greater the separation . Separation of the particles on the other hand the less , the general current Desanding cyclone size of 10 inches, except for the 4-inch mud cyclone .



Cyclone commissioning and maintenance There are three ways :

A cyclone in the installation of the first to do relatively flat platform , the device can also be mounted on a flat surface. Device bolt which is fixed on the base on the ground or other stable platform , installed by conducting the cyclone .


2 , The equipment should be noted that at the time of installation of the direction of the desanderinstallation , there is a left-handed or right-handed look .

3 , When attached to the surface of the mud tank , should be taken into leaving space for installation personnel operations. Since the device has no moving parts in the working process, so that the device can be little maintenance . But the need to pay attention to maintaining the stability of the inlet pressure to avoid too much pressure or too small , over the General Assembly to make the cyclone barrel drum up even burst pressure is too small will lead to run pulp.

shale shaker

Second, in the debugging process desander should pay attention to :

1 , Hydrocyclone desander position should normally be installed after the shale shaker , have the same flow pump to supply its pulp .

2 , The device is stopped for a long time or seasonal outage until stopped , put the right amount of corrosion inhibitor in water , and the use of appropriate protective measures to reduce corrosion protection system.

How to ensure that the process of drilling fluids can be achieved within the scope of the design?

Ensure proper drilling fluid density . Only the normal fluid density , will effectively balance the formation pressure to ensure no wall collapse , this is the key to measuring success is guaranteed. First, we must learn from the documents good neighbor wells ; Second, in the high-pressure layer to promptly drilled oil and gas channeling speed measurement ; Third, the estimate is the most important work the pump should stop to observe the situation at the wellhead is there an overflow generated , and the amount of drilling fluid from the drill and poured back out changes are consistent. If you encounter drilled high pressure reservoir , underground normal , the cycle should gradually reduce the density of the drilling fluid to reduce the solids control , lower bottom hole pressure differential.

Here attention is needed to avoid the performance of substantial adjustment of the drilling fluid , and control the performance within the scope of the design , to avoid the formation of a virtual wall , thick mud . In order to form a fine , thin and has a toughness of mud , can now proceed from the following four areas:

1, with a low plastic viscosity while drilling , high dynamic shear force , control motion in 0.5mPa.s more than plastic .

2 , ground out from under the short , especially in the section of wall inclined to avoid the formation of cuttings beds.

3 , make good use of drilling solids control equipment , drilling fluids can effectively reduce harmful solid particles .

4 , adding the right amount of bitumen treatment agent , maintaining wellbore stability .

In the oil drilling process, we must ensure that the drilling fluid technology and good thixotropic , non- stick with a low- cut drilling fluids after drilling stick cut away design limit , improve wellbore cleaning.

Solids control equipment in the Trenchless

Trenchless horizontal directional Mainland mud solids control through basic use

Trenchless Horizontal Directional through the current global development time is not very long , especially without a sound system in the drilling and mud processing, today’s solids control equipment will be used largely on oil process system into over- simplified absorption after transformation. Mainland trenchless horizontal directional solid phase separation through mud and oil solid phase separation is somewhat similar , there are usually diluted , precipitation and mechanical removal methods .

mud circulation system( A ) precipitation : in that at the start of the cross , are buried in the first position one or more drilling mud tank, the return of the drilling mud out of the prepared slurry introduced into the pool , after some time a precipitate, the solution the pump draws the liquid into the upper layer of solid mud circulation system, the filter bottom of the solid phase . Advantages: simple , low cost and low energy consumption . Disadvantages: large venues , the sedimentation rate is slow, difficult to remove the bottom of the solid phase .

mud circulation system

( 2 ) , diluted : the crossing back out of the mud to collect mud tank inside, and then add water , bentonite and additives to the required mud properties , aim to reduce the content of the slurry solids like . Advantages: simple, low cost ; Disadvantages: solid phase is not completely clear .

shale shaker

( 3 ) , mechanical removal : is the use of solid-phase -controlled solid-liquid separated from the solid control system for short . Solid control system means there shale shaker, desander , desilter , decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump , mud agitator , mud circulating mud gun and other equipment components made ​​of a system . In most cases, this is the ideal way to deal with the most economical .

agitators decanter centrifuge

Solid phase control system for trenchless horizontal directional control through the solid phase is a major, commonly used methods. However, through the construction of large , often unknowingly also used in the preceding two methods .

Solids control equipment in Trenchless Horizontal Directional

Currently , the Environmental Protection in any industry are a sensitive word , trenchless horizontal directional through mud purification system are the owners of the construction team of the more important requirements, so trenchless horizontal directional trenchless crossing construction units are conducting good value for money to buy configuration mud solids control equipment, which is carried out after the mud again use solid phase separation , in general can achieve good results , but also led to domestic trenchless horizontal directional trenchless crossing mud solids control system rapid development.A trenchless crossing trenchless horizontal directional principles and methods of solid-phase control.

Trenchless Horizontal Directional control through the so-called principle of the solid phase of the slurry is controlled inside the separation of solid particles , leaving a useful solid-liquid mixing mud , through the project to meet the requirements of the mud weight . Trenchless Horizontal Directional large particles through the mud in the solid phase refers to the well field drilling equipment wear , affect the rheological properties of the mud cuttings .

shale shaker

Today trenchless horizontal directional mainland China through the mud solids control system has domestic and imported , but the imported equipment, mainly small, with imports of non- excavation drilling rig supporting good ; domestically is large, is based on customer need to come. Regardless of whether you are domestic or imported good, solid control system mainly based on the following two choices : a need to maintain quality through the mud ; b need to clear the control of particle types and sizes.

What Is Directional Drilling?

Directional drilling could be a non-vertical drilling method that involves drilling in the other direction besides directly vertical. this can be particularly helpful for sound into oil or gas reserves that area unit inaccessible from directly higher than. In alternative cases, the spot could also be placed below a little body of water, like a lake or lake, wherever making a floating oil rig would be each expensive and extra. Directional drilling as an entire incorporates a kind of benefits that creates it one among the fore most widely-used drilling processes.



Mud system play a very important role within the drilling and fossil oil industries. These systems are often wont to capture valuable particles within the mud, as well as metals, minerals and fossil oil. They conjointly permit drilling mud to be reused over and over while not damaging the drill. This helps to chop prices and conjointly to reduce resources needed to complete the project. Finally, a mud system aids in safe disposal by permitting staff to gather doubtless venturous materials and clean them before causing them to solids control equipment.


This form of drilling has been a very important a part of the oil and gas business since its introduction within the Twenties. This happened once oil corporations realised that a lot of oil wells weren’t essentially vertical, ensuing from varied lawsuits involving drilling into oil reserves placed on a distinct property. Vertical wells curve once they reach a definite depth, and as a result, a well would be trained on one property, however faucet into Associate in Nursing oil reserve on another. Amidst all the connected legal issues, oil corporations realised that they may conjointly hammer in alternative directions.

What is mud system?

In drilling, solids control system take away solid materials from lubricant. This lubricant may be a mixture of water, oil, clay, and chemicals, looking on the wants of every drilling application. it’s wont to facilitate cool the cutting bit because it burrows through arduous rock and soil, and conjointly to get rid of cuttings from the bore to form approach for the bit and connected instrumentality. Mud system permit staff to recycle lubricant over and another time, that helps to avoid wasting cash and protects the atmosphere from disposal-related pollution.


To understand however mud systems work, it’s useful to initial perceive however lubricant is employed. The drill bit is connected to the employing a hollow pipe or line. lubricant is wired through this line, wherever it exits through holes cut in and round the bit. The mud captures rock and drilling waste materials within the bore, then carries then duplicate to the surface through the empty house round the drilling line. From here, the mud system removes solid rock and different contaminants, then pumps mud into the road for recycle.

shale shaker

Mud systems as designed to capture a majority of solid particles among the lubricant, that helps to stop these solids from damaging the drilling mechanism. Most of those systems place confidence in a basic sedimentary shale shaker device, that consists of a vibratory screen that filters out larger particles. Liquid drops through the shaker, and should undergo a second vibratory screen to capture any remaining solid materials.

Shaker in the drilling fluids system

In drilling case with a mud cleaning system in site, this mud flows directly out of the bore and into the sedimentary rock shaker. The sedimentary rock shakers incorporates a vibratory receptacle lined with a wire mesh screen. Rocks and different solid materials stay on high of the screen whereas liquid passes through. The vibratory action of the shaker screen helps to facilitate this method.

The choice of sedimentary rock shaker screen is vital to fortunate removal of solid materials. the scale of the holes on the screen ought to be matched to the scale of the rock being extracted from every bore hole. it’s conjointly vital to settle on corrosion-resistant screen materials like galvanized steel to carry up against the intense conditions on a drilling website. several comes embrace multiple sedimentary rock shakers in order that the lubricating substance should experience many layers of cleanup and refinement.

shale shaker

A sedimentary shale shaker provides several advantages to drilling corporations. These systems facilitate to scrub lubricant in order that it are often reused over and yet again. while not these shakers, junk within the mud might injury the drill and halt operations. Reusing lubricant helps to conserve restricted resources, and conjointly cuts prices for drilling outfits. Finally, sedimentary rock shakers build it simple to capture rocks associated different solids that are contaminated with oil in order that they will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

What is shale shaker?

Shale shaker is a kind of business instrumentation accustomed take away rock particles from lubricating substance. This lubricating substance, or mud, plays a important role within the drilling method. It washes away rock cuttings as they’re cut by the drill, and additionally helps to chill the bit to cut back the chance of warming. The sedimentary rock shaker is intended to get rid of these rock cuttings and different solid materials from the lubricant in order that it are often safely reused over and once more. Sedimentary rock shakers usually function a part of a bigger drilling mud system, that helps to stay the lubricant freed from not solely solids, however additionally unwanted gases and different contaminants.

Shale shaker

To understand however the sedimentary rock shaker works, it’s useful to grasp however it relates to different elements of the drilling method. The lubricating substance, that is created from water, oil, and chemicals, gathers in a very storage pit or drum on top of the bottom. Once drilling begins, this fluid travels down through drilling cables and enters the bore via holes within the bit mechanism. From here it washes copy the edges of the bore, carrying rock particles and different trash back to the storage pit for reprocess.

drilling mud system

The sedimentary rock shaker is usually paired with another piece of mining instrumentation known as the hydrocyclone. The hyrdrocyclone is employed within the solids management method to filter drilling fluids by force. By making a whirling vortex of lubricating substance within the method is forced to the outer walls of the machine. These solids then fall in to the discharge chute of the machine whereas the clean lubricating substance is pumped up back to the drilling instrumentation.

What is mud gun?

The mud gun could be a device wont to agitate lubricator on a drill rig. additional of a nozzle than a gun, a mud gun is connected to a pump to flow into the lubricator and stop the solids from sinking within pipe by a strong pump and expelled back to the mud tank by being pushed through the nozzle of the mud gun. the method is comparable to however a water jet works on an influence washer.

Mud agitator

Drilling mud system could be a wet substance that resembles a thick clay and is employed to cool down the drill head and carry the remnants of drilling to the surface in water well drilling and oil or gas. The mud is recycled by many filters or screens because it is circulated into the excavation and back to the mud tanks on the drill rig. so as to stay the mud as fluid as potential, a mud gun is employed to stay the mud agitator and mixer. Mud is created by combining water or oil with a clay-like substance that additionally contains varied alternative chemicals into an oversized tank known as the mud tank on a drill rig.

Solids control system

The type of mud used once drilling depends on the kind of drilling that’s being done. The mud gun is that the same for no matter style of mud is being employed. typically created by adding a kind of nozzle onto a chunk of pipe, the mud gun works very similar to inserting a thumb over the top of a water hose. this is applicable controlled mud into the tank, inflicting it to form a combining action. provocative the mixture additionally aids within the removal of the cuttings from the mixture because it is filtered through the shaker screen within the tank.