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The Features of Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser mainly in the removal of gas drilling fluid invasion, it does not belong to solid control range.
However, the proportion of gas drilling fluid viscosity, density have great harm.Therefore.we usually will use degasser device. Oil drilling solids control equipment and the solids control system is the drilling fluid return to the ground to wellhead (mud) processing equipment and system recovery.The wellhead back ground solid control system (mud) are effectively separated inside the big drill cuttings, barite and other large solid particles, the drilling fluid treated (mud) can be reused. In order to reduce drilling cost.which is favorable for environmental protection.

vacuum degasser

The Principle of Centrifuge Separation

Separation of solid and liquid phases in mud is completed in roller. The separation principle of decanter centrifuge is to use the high speed rotating drum drum driven into mud in a high-speed rotation, mud is thrown to the formation of a liquid ring on the tube wall, the role of solid particles in liquid ring due to the centrifugal force is greater than the gravity of hundreds of times or even thousands of times, overcoming the mud viscosity resistance rapid settlement to the drum on the inner wall, forming a solid layer, the liquid to form a liquid layer. The ratio of centrifugal force by the solid particles in the liquid ring and gravity called separation factors of centrifuges, centrifuge separation factors can be separated more fine particles from the mud.big bowl centrifuge

Drilling Fluids Technoligy

Fluids for certain deepwater applications. Most rely on a particular associative polymer which at ~2 lb/bbl provides increasing viscosity with increase in temperature.That the polymer has a hydrophobic backbone with many pendant hydrophiles. The pendants associate with water droplets, clay, and the amines of emulsifier/surfactants to build a structure. The structure is flocculative and requires shale solids for development. Until a freshly mixed mud is circulated and picks up a bit of drilling solids, syneresis can be a problem and the expected viscosity profile remains undeveloped.

The hydrophobic backbone keeps the molecule dispersed or semi-solublized in oil. However despite oil solubility, the molecule responds surprisingly well to the pH of the brine phase and to excess lime in the oil phase. With correct pH the polymer builds more visosity and stability – same as seen with many aqueous dispersible associative polymers.
Associative polymers also often respond to particular surfactants. Surfactants can help or hurt the rheological profile, maybe due to their effect on polymer solubility or reduced flocculative effect? The solubility benefits of pH and surfactants were discovered and defined in 2007 and I reported the change in solubility with pH in the company.

So why use it? To me brightway drilling fluids equipment are used for loss of circulation due to fracture induction of shale resulting in excessive mud loss. When drilling in deepwater or anywhere with very cold mud, If you cannot reach a desired casing point without losing 1000 or 10000 bbl of mud, an Brightway drilling fluid equipment should be considered. Brightway drilling fluids equipment remain surprisingly controllable with very high drilling solids control equipments loading. With perhaps double the normal surfactant concentration and near zero need for organophyllic clay,
Brightway drilling fluids equipment do seem to incorporate water into the drilling mud more rapidly and o/w can get out of whack earlier than normally anticipated. All those pendant hydrophillic groups plus the elevated surfactant love water as well as solids! I have not tested with reduced CaCl2 concentration, that may be a safe approach to reducing contamination by water?

The Introduction of Jet Mud Mixer

Jet mud mixer is a new jet with Venturi pipe and the jet nozzle designed to combine the injection device which not only has the advantages of simple structure and strong feasibility . Jet mixing device is a kind of solids control system for equipments used in oil drilling  and mainly used for configuration and weighting of drilling fluid, the drilling fluid density, viscosity, changing the water loss, and shear pump matching effects is more outstanding, a pump and a jet mixing hopper with pipe valve is mounted in a the base composition, safe and reliable performance, convenient carrying which can satisfy 1500 meters to 6000 meters of solid control weighting and preparation of drilling fluid system.

Jet Mud Mixer

Jet Mud Mixer

The Structure and Work Principle of Mud Agitator

Structure: the device is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, stand and the impeller components, motor and reducer, reducer and wheel shaft are connected through a rigid coupling. The impeller is composed of 4 blades welded.
Working principle: The impeller can make the mixing liquid generated vortex motion, thus increasing the stirring effects. The pallet clamp in the leaf is also can prevent surrounding mud solid particles deposited on the lower leaves after stopping, this can reduce the starting resistance torque of sediment on the blade, so as to avoid overload and burn the motor starting.

Mud agitator is widely used in oil drilling.

Mud Agitator

Mud Agitator

The Solids Control Equipment of Vacuum Degasser Structure

1.Water ring vacuum pump in the working process,which is always in the is othermal condition and suitable for flammable and explosive gas for suction, safe and reliable.

2.Two stage mud gas separator and the tank body are made into as a whole, which has the advantages of compact structure.

3.Mud by rotor window high speed jet to the tank wall with good degassing effects.

4.Solids control equipment vacuum suction gas device using vacuum pump mud into the vacuum tank, tank of gas is separated for the vacuum pump out of the tank, vacuum pump plays in two different roles.