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Drilling Fluids Technology Part 2

The drilling fuilds play an important effect in the drilling oilfield site.It need the high performance solids control equipments,such as shale shaker,mud cleaner,decanter centrifuge,,etc..It was a can per measure drilled. Can’t quite remember what that measure was, but it could be 3 to 4 cans per hour depending on ROP, as maintenance, you still need the premix made up to full power plus a bit for luck. Yeah slam dunk is as good as you can get. Observe cuttings is pretty subjective. Be sure now. You need lots of ‘spider webs’ between the fingers. Still think you have let the inhibitors drop. Dilution just may be the solution. Check also the level of inhibition of the cutting on the shakers, if they are sticky and they don’t move forward easily your inhibition is not good enough.

shale shaker

The measure was every stand drilled at ROP of 15-20 m/hr. But again you are right it will indeed depend on ROP, hole size, amount of cuttings generated. What it takes, is that, the real feel for KCL/Polymer/PHPA/glycol mud. By standing on top of the mud tank and looking at it swirl, could tell alot. Thanks for your valuable input, Graham. Listen, do you have testing procedures for silicate mud and overall guidelines, tips.

decanter centrifuge

All other things being equal I would agree with this as well. Never had a carbonate problem with this mud so missed the pH pf. Yep a bit of lime can help. We were under the guidance of ‘snortin McNorton’ who kept us on the straight and narrow.

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The Selection of the Shaker Screen

In the selection of the shale shaker, not also according to the solid size and size distribution to select the appropriate screen, but also should be considered a very important factor which is the screen mesh of mud licensed capacity. the effects of the shale shaker mud licensing process have many factors, mainly the mud type, specific gravity, viscosity, solid content and size of screen mesh, etc..
At present, it also cannot make a certain principle, formula or a chart to predict the mud permit processing quantity at a screen. In actual use, which can only be determined mud permit processing volume mesh according to experience, and not simply on the basis of sieve mesh determining mud license processing capacity.
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shaker screen

shaker screen

The Advantages and Characteristics of the Screw Pump

Single screw pump is an ideal equipment for the decanter centrifuge for plasma, not shear and mixing mud. The main components of screw shaft (rotor), screw sleeve (stator). The two part of the unique geometry, which generates an extrusion amount. Fee with the axial flow slurry flow rate, low, holding capacity, stable pressure, so as not to produce vortex and stirring.          The coupler is used to screw pump, or by a variable speed motor speed control, V triangular shaped belt drive, gear box etc.. G series screw pump accessories, compatible structure, small volume, easy maintenance, the pump rotor and stator is wearing parts, convenient replacement. The stator is made from synthetic rubber material, the fee paste transfer of high viscosity and suspension hard has special advantage over other pump.

Shear Pump

Drilling Fluids Technology

The solids control is always the main issue with any kind of mud, when the mud if full of solids it becomes also more sensitive to any kind of contamination. That’s why your mud weight, MBT and total solids have also increased. You should improve your solids removal control, i.e. if you can, put finer shaker screen, run desander/desilter, centrifuge and have a heavy dump & dilute. Make the transfer to the suction with a light viscous new mud.

Ifeanyi, sounds like he is using a uncalibrated pH meter. WBM with chlorides tends to make pH meters go bonkers quick. You should always have pH strips to double check yourself & even more important pheno end point is 8.0 – 8.3 pH, so if you have a pf or a pm, then your pH is higher than an 8.0.

It really looks like solids buildup problem. But gents, what do you think, wouldn’t it stir up more clays if to run desilter and desander?! And MBT would go higher. I had this problem once. It is probably inefficient work of SRE….And what if sometimes the client is not very happy with dumping due to small waste management setup? In this case, if I don’t have much to drill to TD this section, I would do the following: provided that I have enough reserve space in the pits, build fresh un-viscous pre-mix in reserve and then take the portion of active system into other pit and bleed this pre-mix into active slowly and of course firstly run finer screens and centrifuges.

Check all the other things as suggested but with an MBT and solids incease, check for KCl and glycol depletion. Are you guilty of ‘there’s not much more to go lets save money and lay off the KCl and glycol’? You will have to dilute or / and add thinner to get out of this in the time left. Pilot test the dilution, eat the mud properties till near final circulations and then add the dilution to leave the ‘best’ thinner mud you can manage in the hole when they pull out. If they are pulling out to log or something, do not let the KCl drop. Is PHPA one of the polymers? These results indicate depletion all round.

The Features of the Shale Shaker

In the selection of the shale shaker, not only according to the solid size and size distribution to select the appropriate shaker screen,but also should be considered a very important factor, license processing capacity of the mud shaker screen. Effects of shale shaker mud permit processing of many factors, mainly mud type, specific gravity, viscosity, solid content and size of screen mesh, etc.

At present,we also cannot make a certain principle, formula or a chart to predict the mud permit processing quantity of shaker screen. In actual using,it can only be determined mud license processing screen according to the experience, rather than simply according to sieve mesh determining mud license processing capacity.

Shale shaker is a filter mechanical separation equipment, compared with other mechanical separation equipment, solid the unit cost can obtain the maximum amount is excluded, separation equipment is one of the most economic, efficient separation equipment. But often because of licensing restrictions on the amount of processing shale shaker mud, which cannot make all the mud circulation process are addressed.

Mud Agitator Equipment Main Structure and Features

Mud agitator is to maintain the uniformity of drilling liquid and keep the solid particles suspended which is mainly used for continuous and reliable of the drilling mud solids control system. It is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, prevent the deposition of solid particles in the drilling fluid tank circulation system, and also make the circulation of drilling fluid performance is stable, uniform mixing.

Mud agitator made of explosion-proof motor, reducer, stand and the impeller components, motor and reducer, reducer and wheel shaft are connected through a rigid coupling.
Mud agitator impeller consists of 4 blades welded.
Mud agitator impeller can make the mixing liquid generated vortex motion, thus increasing the stirring effect.
Tray mud agitator caught in the leaf is also can prevent surrounding mud solid particles deposited on the lower leaves after stopping, this can reduce the starting resistance torque of sediment on the blade, so as to avoid overload and burn the motor starting.
Mud agitator adopts the cylindrical worm reducer, worm shaft section is circular. The convex concave mesh reliable performance, high efficiency, compact structure.

Mud Agitator

Mud Agitator

Vacuum Degasser

 Vacuum degasser is an special equipment for processing gas invasion of drilling fluid, which is apply to all types of mud purification system supporting. For the viscosity performance recovery the proportion of mud, stable slurry, reduce drilling cost, which have an very important role. For another , In free gas condition, which also can be used as mud agitator with big power.
For another, the cover of gas vacuum tank should be cleaned once a week,It can be avoid debris blocking the gas channel.Which Can be washed, object is the gas collecting chamber on the top cover and the foam separator. Rinse off the vacuum line, removal of the screw plug and a table seat, high pressure pipe is inserted at 3~5 minutes each time.
After using, should wash the rotor in the vacuum tank and the suction pipe,Cut off the power supply, remove the apparent blocking plate (and oval flange block plate), check the parts that damaged, and remove the tank body, wash the tank wall and the rotor using high-pressure pipe.
After each finished drilling shall be the cleaning work to ensure the normal use again.
Working environment temperature is higher than 30oC, should check the vacuum gauge timely, the replacement of steam water separator in the water in time, keep the water temperature does not exceed 35oC.
The winter after use, should promptly release the steam water separator and pump water to prevent the cracking.


vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser