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Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser is our factory based on the comprehensive domestic and foreign various degasser developed a new special equipment for processing gas immersion fluid. Which is applicable to all types of mud purification system supporting, for the viscosity performance and recovery the proportion of mud, stable slurry, reduce drilling cost, has a very important role. At the same time, and also can serve as an mud agitator with high power.
The degasser is an vacuum degasser which is the use the suction of vacuum pump,produce a negative pressure zone in the vacuum tank, mud under atmosphere, through a hollow shaft suction tube enter into the rotor,and then through the hollow shaft around the window, a spray thrown to the tank wall, due to the collision and separation wheel effects,which make the drilling liquid separated into a thin layer, the bubble immersed in the mud is break up, gas discharged through suction of the vacuum pump and the mud gas separator separation effects, gas from the separator exhaust pipe discharge into safe areas, mud is discharged from the impeller tank. Because of the opening of the main motor, rotating impeller motor connected with mud in a high-speed condition. Therefore,mud only can from the suction tube enter into the tank, and not be sucked from the drainage tube.

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

Reasons and Solutions for Hydrocyclone Sand Up

Bottom sand up: causes of underflow sand up is unproper adjustment, causing dry bottom discharge, and sand content is too high, resulting in hydrocyclones overload. Method to exclude bottom sand up is turning up the underflow; let the previous solids control equipment to remove more solid. Bottom sand up will affect its purification ability, accelerate the wear lining and vortex tube, so once found should be removed immediately.

Brightway hydrocyclones

Brightway hydrocyclones

The inlet pipe sand up: inlet pipe sand up can be divided into local sand up and all sand up, local sand up, into the fluid velocity in the oral cavity becomes low, the hydrocyclone only plays the role of vortex funnel, large leakage in drilling fluid underflow. Sometimes the underflow is mixed with the clean drilling fluid overflow pipe in the back. The inlet pipe all sand up, there can be a lot of clean drilling fluid flows down from the overflow pipe.

The inlet pipe causes sand up is because drilling mud system is not strict. If the drilling fluid doesn’t go through shale shaker, or the shaker screen of shale shaker is damaged, most likely cause the inlet pipe sand up.

The Application Range of Decanting Centrifuge

Decanting centrifuge is a machinery using centrifugal force to separate the mixtures component in liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid .

Brightway decanting centrifuge

Brightway decanting centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is mainly used for separating the solid particles and liquid in suspension liquid; or separate two different densities and immiscible liquids in emulsion (such as to separate cream from milk); it can also be used to exclude moisture in solid liquid, such as washing machine spin dry wet clothes; special speeding tubular separator can separate different densities of gas mixtures; settlement speed is different in liquid by use of solid particles of different density or size, some settling centrifuge can also according to the density of solid particles or particle size classification.

The application of centrifugal separation principle in early time was in China. In ancient times, people hold one end of rope and tie the other end of the rope at terrine, rotate swing pots, centrifugal force and generate extrusion of the honey in the terrine.

Nowadays, decanting centrifuge is used in chemical, food, dressing, pharmaceutical, petroleum, water treatment, coal, and shipping department. Meanwhile, in solids control system, this type of solids control equipment also plays an important role.

The Constitution and Development Trend of Solids Control Equipment

Generally speaking, the development of technology will promote the advance of each item, solids control system is no exception. The constitution of solids control equipment changes a lot.

The performance and quality of solids control equipment is the key of solids control technology. Solids control system mainly includes drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling waste management and electric control equipment. Thereinto, oil drilling mud equipment includes shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanting centrifuge, sand pump, mud agitator and hydrocyclones, etc. According to the environmental sensitive area, configure drilling cutting recycling and drilling fluids treatment.

Let’s see the development trend of drilling fluid solids control equipment. At present, the solids control equipment focus on the development of desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, which are small occupied area, high efficiency, long service life of solids control equipment, and integration and high-speed decanting centrifuge, automatic detection and control according to the test results of solid control system.

Hydrocyclones Working Principle and Desander Position in Solids Control System

Hydrocyclones are essential components for various types of solids control equipment. It also plays an important role in solids control system. The working principle of the equipment is as follows.

working principle of Hydrocyclones

working principle of Hydrocyclones

Desander is one of important solid control equipment in drilling mud system,its role is to remove harmful solid phase, keep stable performance of drilling fluid, so as to improve drilling efficiency.

Many people may not be clear about the positions of solids control equipment like desander, desilter in solids control system. The following picture will show clear idea.

positions of each solids control equipment in solids control system

positions of each solids control equipment in solids control system

The Structural Features of Vacuum Degasser

Brightway vacuum degasser

Brightway vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser is a special equipment for processing gas invasion of drilling fluid, applicable to all types of solids control system and mud purification system supporting.

For viscosity performance recovery and stabilize the proportion of mud, reduce drilling cost, this kind of solids control equipment has a very important role. At the same time, in the mud gas free condition, vacuum degasser can also be used as a high power blender.

Here, we will introduce the structural features of vacuum degasser.

1. Use the pumping of the vacuum pump to make the slurry enter into the vacuum tank, and use it to make the gas pumped out of vacuum tank, vacuum pump has two different functions.

2. Water ring vacuum pump in the working process, always in the isothermal condition, gas suction is suitable for flammable and explosive, safety and reliable performance.

3. Mud through the window of rotor move around in high speed, mud bubbles broken completely, accordingly, the degassing effect is good.

4. Main motor bias, lower center of gravity.

5. Driven by a belt, avoid complexity reduction mechanism.

6. Application of steam separator, the working medium water ring vacuum pump in the circulation use, can reduce the use cost.

7.suction tube into the mud tank, in the mud without gas leaching conditions, can be used as a high power mixer.

Three Things to Care When Debugging Decanter Centrifuge

Before using a decanter centrifuge, people usually debug it to see if everything goes well. Usually, there are three things to care.

(1) clear sundries around the decanting centrifuge, check the belt tightness, check if the direction of rotation of the host, auxiliary examination, liquid pump is correct.

(2) the main belt wheel disc by hand to check the drum, and a box body and a liquid inlet pipe friction, and there is no blocking.

(3) start the auxiliary, the flush joint into the amount of water to the centrifuge operation for one minute, this is because of centrifuges have been manufactured before the simulation work condition experiment, on the inner wall of the roller with the mud cake layer can not be excluded, this layer of mud cake due to vibration in the transportation process there will be some spalling, so that roller imbalance, if direct starting the engine speed, can cause severe vibration caused by thermal shutdown protection even host.

Add appropriate amount of water and turn the auxiliary, the mud cake flaking loose bubble and uniformly distributed on the inner wall of the cylinder, thus eliminating the severe vibration may produce. User longer discontinuation (for example after the move) starts for the first time after centrifuge, should also do the same work.

As with other solids control equipment like shale shaker and vacuum degasser, this type of equipment calls for proper use.

The Developing Tendency of Current Shale Shaker

new shale shaker

new shale shaker

In accordance with factory products catalog and current information about shale shaker, we mainly can speculate that the main developing tendency for this kind of solids control equipment will be:

(1) deepening working theory research of shale shaker, including reasonable device type, particle movement rule of screen surface, Through screening mechanism and study on the influence of various factors.

(2) refining shaker screen, accelerate the development of screen mesh (80 mesh), ultra-fine mesh (over 200 mesh).

In recent years, the new products in the market focus on screen mesh and most of them are ultra-fine shale shakers. At the same time, in order to make single screen meets the requirements of ultra-fine mesh, new shale shakers usually have double layers. The upper screen is generally 10 to 6 meshes and the lower layer screen has over 200 meshes. To meet the processing requirements, the screen area generally is large, some shale shakers have more than 300 meshes.

(3) keep improving the control and regulatory mechanism of shale shaker. The performance of new shale shakers (including screen box slope angle) are adjustable, and some of them can conveniently adjust the excitation frequency.

(4) to further improve the reliability of the machine and its spare parts, especially the life span of shale shaker screen.

Care for the Shaker Screen of Your Shale Shaker

Anyone who has used shale shaker would know that shaker screen is easy to consume. Hence, to reduce the cost of the solids control equipment, care for the shaker screen is important.

Between knitting mud vibrating screen and screen bracket, equipped with dedicated rubber strip. In order to make sure that the shaker screen can achieve the longest life, make the rubber strip properly situates between them, found damaged should be replaced promptly.

The replacement of shaker screen, guarantee equal gap between the box on both sides of the plate and screen the hook, to tighten the middle pressing flat, at the same time tension tensioning plate keep the screen surface tension is uniform, and the hammer along the full length of tap, check the tension situation. If the contact is not good, or not enough tension unevenness, is one of the important reasons for the premature damage of the shaker screen.

The tensioning plate orientation angle is adjustable, install screen when, should first loosen the orientation angle bolt, so that the move can be up and down, the screen is properly placed, the first screw tensioning screw tensioning plate, to a slight pressure, then driven orientation angle, until the screen to screen bracket, then firmly screwed orientation angle.

Shale shaker screen hook length must be and tensioning plate length, when the mesh size is less than 16mm, the screen is left in overlapping with 20mm extension of removing mud vibrating screen vibrator, from outside to inside by careful disassembly, avoid man-made damage parts.

In particular, removing the balance wheel, be sure to use remover, remove the parts should be one cleaning, and carefully check, found damaged, should be timely repair or replacement.

Take measures and the solids control system will work well.