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Top Quality Shale Shaker Online

In recent years, each country attaches great importance to the research of shale shaker screening technology, such as strengthening the vibration parameters, large scale equipment, three of the machine parts, popularization and application of self synchronization technology, the appearance of new screening machine revolves around the development of shale shaker.

Brightway shale shaker

Brightway shale shaker

Shale shaker, aka mud shaker, is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises as screening machine, usually used for materials sieving, grading, washing, dehydration, dehydration of dielectric.

The level and quality of screening equipment technology relates to the quality of process effects, efficiency of production and the level of energy saving, which directly affect the economic efficiency of enterprises. While this kind of solids control equipment has the advantages of simple structure, large capacity, reliable work and other merits, which has an absolute advantage in all screening equipment, which occupied about 95%.

Brightway shale shaker screen

Brightway shale shaker screen

Brightway is experienced in producing top quality solids control system, such as shale shaker and shaker screen. It will be a good idea to choose Brightway as your business partner.

Drilling mud purification system

Currently supporting the lubricators and drilling systems area unit wide employed in domestic circulation system of mechanical solids control management drilling fluid circulation system . It includes drilling pump , ground manifolds , lubricator tank , lubricator tank, sedimentary mud shaker , mud cleaner,desander ,desilter additionally to mud , decanter centrifuge, drilling preparation of kit. within the jet drilling and downhole drilling is additionally charged with the task of passing power . it’s through sieving , activity and also the like consistent with the principle of various particle size and density to separate . Trade-offs as necessary for drilling has reached the solid particles and density management. This technique is healthier, lower cost , and so wide used . However, solid system advanced, involving multiple devices , the short lifetime of plenty of kit failure and a lot of, and might solely be used after you use the location usually a part of the instrumentation , leading to reach solid management necessities. thus it’s necessary to lubricator circulation system processes and instrumentation to enhance the applying currently .

Existing standard lubricator circulation system ground solids management instrumentation together with sedimentary rock shale shaker , vacuum degasser , desander , desilter and cleansing then on. more and more separated by these devices. can do the aim of higher management of the solid part of the lubricator . Desilter not be used once handling heavier lubricator . Even Desander not advocate the utilization of , as a result of each , particularly the previous could take away plenty of mineral . Considering the sedimentary rock shaker , specially a fine mesh sieve shaker sporting elements , and high prices. Sand pump whereas reducing the amount of units and dealing hours , the authors propose the utilization of water-sealed hydrocyclone separation device , simplifying the present solid control system .

Solids Control System Helps Eliminate the Solid Phase Damage

Usually, people use mud agitator, mud cleaner and the like drilling mud system to eliminate harmful solid phase in mud. Then, what’s the point? If not, what are the damages? Here are some mud solid phase damage to hydrocarbon reservoir.

Solid phase damage refers to solid phase particles cause blockage in the flow channel of oil and gas reservoirs and make permeability decline. Drilling fluid contains a variety of solid particles. Some particles are added on purpose, such as weighting agent, bridging agent and fracturing support, and some solid phrase particles are added by accident and not easy to remove, such as debris, impurities and rust.

Mechanism of exotic solid blocking damage is when the fluid column pressure in wellbore fluid is larger than that of oil and gas reservoir pore pressure, solid particles are pressed into the oil reservoir with liquid phase, thereby reducing the reservoir pore radius, and even blocked pore throat, causing reservoir damage.

The internal effect of solid phase damage is the width and the distribution of reservoir size and distribution of pore throat, crack layer. Generally speaking, good permeability reservoir, especially the fractured oil and gas reservoir, the foreign solid invasion reservoir depth and degree of damage caused by relatively large.

Hence, never ignore the importances of solids control equipment to reduce the damage.

How to use solid control system to maintain drilling fluid ?

More and more drilling contractors begin to replace large type drill and use solids control system.

Actually, solids control system is not suitable for every kind of drilling fluid. For example, it’s not proper for high viscosity fluid.Unlike the low-viscosity drilling fluid, the high-viscosity one is not easy to sieve, and it may block the screen mesh and cause diffuse screen. In addition, high-viscosity drilling fluid has high demand for the size of other solids control equipment like desander, desilter, hydrocyclone and the like.

How to solve such problem? Back reaming requires to pump more mud, for the larger drill needs to use larger mud pump. Back reaming will generate more solid phase, use low-viscosity mud when there is no large pump. Add water to the drilling mud system, and the attenuation effect will improve the efficiency of separation equipment. Add any kind of thinner to dilute the mud. Use commingler and any blender to mix the mud additives, which can ensure the mud to go through the mud solids control equipment stably.

When adding other dry polymer additives, use hopper and add slowly. This will avoid unnecessary loss for drilling fluids or solids control equipment.

Why Use Solids Control System?

From the long-term drilling practice, solid phase content in the mud and the properties of these solids and type is a key problem for the drilling speed and downhole safety. For this reason, solids control system is widely used in drilling in order to adjust the element of mud.

Brightway drilling waste management

Brightway drilling waste management

Knowing the harm of dispersed mud is essential to take proper measures and use proper solids control equipment to solve the problems. When the solid phase content is too high in dispersed mud, and particles are too small, harmful performances are as follows:

(1) When mud solid phase content is of high proportion, ROP decreases and the service life of the drill bit is shorten, and then drilling rate declines.

(2) The large number of cuttings and sand in mud is not easy to remove, mud cake of high permeability, high fluid loss, so that particles of mud filtrate invasion and fine clay oil, gas, destroyed the penetration layer on production and production capacity.

(3) the mud cake thickness, loose texture, high friction coefficient, high fluid loss, cause the formation of expansion, shrinkage, spalling collapse, causing tripping in card, easy happening adhesion sticking and hole collapse drill.

(4) the cementing quality is not good.

(5) The drill bit, drill equipment and mechanical equipment wear, serious early scrapped, the drilling can not be carried out smoothly.

(6) data is not accurate, sand hybrid, electric logging is not smooth, logging data is not accurate.

(7) the mud performance is not stable, high viscosity, shear stress, not good fluidity, easy happening clay contamination and chemical pollution.

(8) waste water, mud treatment agent and a large number of raw materials, the cost and raise the cost of drilling mud.

In a word, to reduce cost, raise efficiency as well as protect the environment, it is necessary to use drilling waste management and oil drilling mud equipment.

The Principle of Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser, one of the common solids control equipment, is widely used in well drilling. Then, how it works?

The upper end of liquid level control device gas guide pipe in the conduction path between the air chamber of vacuum degasser, the air guide pipe at the lower end of the float moves upwards under the action of the plunger, the float is not influenced by the external gas pressure difference, when the liquid level rises, float along with the air guide pipe is easy to rise to the height of the corresponding, the action process is following:

Guide air seat installed in the deaerator head, upper guide air seat cavity through the vacuum sealing plug and gas guide seat is axially arranged pores with vacuum tank consistent.

When the liquid level in the vacuum degasser is increased to the liquid level float up, float through the link pin drives the guide tube to move; when the guide hole pipe through the air guide seat is arranged along the radial direction of the hole and the atmosphere at the same time, decline in the vacuum tube, the liquid drop, liquid level float to guide pipe down, guide tube and outside atmosphere between guide gas interface is reduced or closed, to maintain the vacuum degree in the vacuum degasser.

Due to the adoption of vacuum tube upper cavity and vacuum degasser to keep the pressure balance is consistent, can make the conducting pipe interface to increase, this increases the sensitivity of the liquid level control device.

At the same time, vacuum degree to maximize the degasser in vacuum degasser permission, in improving the the initial effect, in addition to the safe operation of the solids control system is guaranteed.

Solids Phase and Solids Control System

When it comes to solids control system, solid phase should be mentioned. The solid phase of drilling indicates the solid elements contained in mud, the percentage for volume or mass is the drilling fluid solids content we usually say.

Drilling solid, according to their functions, can be divided into two categories: the useful and harmful solid phase. Because of liquid solid content, particle size and the cost of drilling have essential relationship, drilling fluid solids control appears to be very important in drilling engineering.

The mud solids control is to remove harmful solid mud in the solid phase and preserve useful solid prase. In order to meet the requirements of drilling technology on mud properties. Usually the mud solids control refers to solids control, mud solids control system is generic term all the mud solids control equipment. Modern mud solids control is an important means of modern drilling, for it directly affects the safety, quality, fast drilling and protection of important factors of oil and gas reservoirs, it is also an important symbol of drilling into the scientific stage.

Specifically, the mud solids control has the following functions: prevent oil and gas channel blocking, damage, reduce the drilling torque and friction, reduce the annular suction pressure fluctuations, reduce the possibility of differential pressure sticking, improving drilling speed, prolong the life of the bit, reduce equipment wear, improve the life of wearing parts of the mud circulation system, increasing borehole stability.

In addition, using drilling mud system such as mud tank and mud shaker will improve the underground conduit conditions, reduce environmental pollution, maintain the performance and adjust the mud, reduce drilling costs.

Hydrocyclone workflow and supporting

Brightway is the professional manufacturer that we can provide you the high quality desander, desilter and mud cleaner . The standard indicators area unit principally hydrocyclone , cyclone separation size performance principally i.e. D50, the lower the D50, the higher the separation cyclone . In Desander , additionally to the configuration of the mud separation listen to not solely have a particular vary of particle spacing , however even have some overlap. By water conservancy cyclone classification criteria and separation size , diameter cylindrical volute is Φ150-300mm, 74-44μm particle size separation of hydro cyclones area unit drilling Desander ; inner diameter of the cylindrical spiral of Φ100-150 separation particle size of 44-15μm hydro cyclone is desilter . However, the particular website supporting several desander and clay particle separation similar ( drilling Desander of 20-50μm, desilter of 45-15μm), drilling fluids Desander handled by another by the addition process , leading to desilter take away solid particles wouldn’t attain the role .

mud cleaner

The main reason inflicting the higher than development is that the hydrocyclone is principally the producing level , and also the results can’t hit the drilling method necessities. such a lot of users select 2 sets of drilling fluids rather than one desander , one desilter supporting the program . Some users merely install desilter in situ to put in a second drilling Desander , the method won’t modification. I think that this technique isn’t fascinating. Since the 2 sets of drilling performance parameters desander same method ought to be utilized in parallel to every different back within the quick drilling or lubricator to extend the quantity of process . except for the high performance necessities of drilling wells, cheap matching program remains supporting a drilling desaner and one desander desilter , employing a series of processes. however once choosing the solids control equipment such as desander ,desilter and mud cleaner select separation within the size vary of various merchandise , like the separation of desander particle size vary of 40-60μm, desilter separation particle size of 15-45μm, you’ll attain higher treatment result.


Choose a good performance and reasonable arguments supporting drilling desander, desilter and uses a series of processes to achieve better Grit, desilter effect.

Vacuum Degasser – Guarantee for Safe Well Drilling

Only if the harmful gas is removed from well drilling, a drilling operation can go on. Therefore, degasser plays an important role in drilling. It’s necessary to learn something about this part of solids control system.

Vacuum degasser is an effective technique to ensures the safety of welling drilling, its reliability, safety and efficient operation will be an important guarantee for the safe drilling.

The traditional centrifugal vacuum degasser is easily filled with drilling fluid, in addition to the poor degassing efficiency and difficult installation and maintenance and the like.

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

In view of that, on the basis of the original structures, using improved designs like the pressure balance liquid level control , inverted cone type umbrella plate, vice impeller Impeller and direct volute chamber structure, the ZCQ240P and the ZCQ360P series vacuum degassers are developed. Novel deaerator improves maximize vacuum performance and degassing efficiency, and features stable operation at the same time. In addition, the new degasser is simple and easy to install repair.

Currently used degasser of solids control equipment are vacuum pot-type degasser and centrifugal vacuum degasser. Centrifugal vacuum degasser as compact structure, small occupied space, requires less allocation power, thus is widely allocated in more drilling waste management.

The Functions of Drilling Fluid in Well Drilling

During well drilling operation, besides some types of solids control equipment and drilling waste management, a kind of liquid, called drilling fluid, is quite essential. In this article, we are about to list some functions of drilling fluid.

1, The basic function is cleaning the downhole, carrying rock debris, keeping the downhole cleaning, and ensuring that the drill bit will constantly smash stratum to pieces and the drilling won’t be interrupted.

2, Drilling fluid can balance the pressure of liquid (oil, gas, water) in stratum and prevent some complicated downhole situations like blowout and lost circulation, and offer reservoir protection at the same time.

3, It can balance side pressure of rock , and form mud cake in the wall of well, aiming at maintaining stability of well and preventing the stratum collapse.

4, Drilling fluid will give play to the hydraulic efficiency, transmit power and impact bottom. Meanwhile, it will help drill bit break the bottom rock and improve the speed of drilling.

5, Floating rock debris and weighting agent, reducing the settling velocity of debris, thereby avoid sand sticking. In addition, the drilling fluid will bear part of the gravity of drill pipe and casing.

6,Lubricating and cooling the drill bit and drill tool.

7, Preventing the drilling fluid from the chemical pollution of brine, rock salt, gypsum, Glauber’s salt, etc., preventing pollution and damage of hydrogen sulfide.

8, Use drilling fluid and other types of drilling mud system to accurately obtain the downhole data.