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Decanter Centrifuge Contents

Decanter Centrifuge Work Notice

I. General

II. Technical Parameters

III. Rules of safe operation

1. Installation

2. Operation

3. Maintanence

IV. Structure and operating principle

1. Structure

2. operating principle

V. Installation and commissioning

1. Installation

2. Adjustment

3. Commissioning

VI. Sequence of operation and precautions

1. Preparation prior to starting up

2. Operational process of rated frequency centrifugal machine

3. Operation of frequency conversion centrifugal machine

VII. Lubrication and Maintenance

1. Lubrication

2. Inspection and maintenance

3. Electrical maintenance

VIII. Disassembling & assembling

1. Basic requirements for disassembling & assembling

2. Removing of unit assembly of revolving part

3. Disassembling of unit assembly of revolving part

4. Assembling of unit assembly of revolving part

5. Disassembling and assembling of the gearbox

6. Replacement of vibration damper

IX. Schematic drawing for electric control

X. Transportation and storage

1. Transportation

2. Storage

XI. Common Faults and Troubleshooting

XII. List of attachment tools and spare parts

XIII. Drawings

decanter centrifuge

Work Notice

★   All operation, maintenance and safety personnel should scan rigorously this operation manual further because the relevant operational; sexual union manual.

★   The user shall appoint the well-trained personnel to be the protection in-charge of centrifuge.

★   The safety in-charge of centrifuge shall make sure that all operational personnel are educated on safety precautions.

★   The centrifuge shall be operated and maintained by the appointed well-trained personnel solely.

★   The electrical and mechanical maintenance shall be performed by skilled engineers in accordance with the documents of the manufacturer or below the steering of the manufacturer.

★   The adjustment of parameters of electrical system shall be performed by electrical engineers with the permission of the manufacturer.

★   It is powerfully suggested to hold the protection operational instruction and instrumentality maintenance instruction with relevancy this instrumentality on the work web site.

★   It is powerfully suggested to ascertain the operational file and maintenance file of this instrumentality.

★   Good lighting condition shall be provided throughout night work.

★   The centrifuge shall not be used for the other purpose. before formal consultation with our company, any actual use condition shall not exceed the allowed one upon procurance.

BWZJ series Mud Cleaner

The mud cleaner is newly designed by Brightway.It’s for the second and third solid control equipment, mud cleaner is combine the hydrocyclone desander, hydrocyclone desilter and shale shaker, the mud cleaner is composite the above there equipment performance, has the characterize of large processing capacity, quick processing, and long service screen life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, etc, little energy consumption, small cover, etc. This equipment is the ideal equipment for the O&G drilling industry.

mud cleaner

The structure and characterize of the mud cleaner,

一: The mud cleaner is comprised of the below eight parts,

1.base 2.straining box 3.Angle adjusting mechanism 4. Bracket 5. Vibration motor 6.Explosion-proof control switch 7.Desander 8. Desilter

2. Character

(1) The shaker screen adopt the Orifice plate screen shake screen, it can adopt the 20-200 bores mesh, besides the screen is flat net, so the mud can evenly divided, it enlarged the screen actual filter area.

(2) Screen mesh compression uses the crushing pressure, convenient replacement screen is simple and compact, reliable and has changed the traditional bolt tightening or reel tension stretched way, make the screen and the screen basket stick together tightly.

(3) The screen box angle is adjustable, regulating mechanism adopts screw transmission, convenient adjustment and reliable work.

(4) The equipment combine the mud desander and vibrating screen as a whole, reduce the occupied area, bring great convenience for the site operation and rig move.

二. The application and working principal of the mud cleaner

The mud cleaner is the first and second cleaning equipment of the drilling fluid solid control system, it process a large amount drilling cuttings discharged from the drill well, and suit for the next separation equipment, the mud cleaner performance and quality is direct influence the next equipment performance. This screen is design according the screen area and liner vibration track.

Vibrator makes the screen box for reciprocating movement, the movement of solid particles with the sieve box in the mud and sieve surface, thus to finish the solid-liquid separation.

hydro cyclone

三. The advantage of the mud cleaner

BWZJ series mud cleaner made by Brightway solids control has a compact structure, good processing effect, artistic design, the hydro cyclone is explored and designed by our company, has a good rotation flow effect, the technology is origin from foreign professor carful guide and international mud cleaning equipment advantages, is the preferred brand for the international market.

The main problem of mud system cleaning and recycling

Trenchless Pipeline Directional Drilling ar fifteen ~ thirty m from surface formation [ one ] , principally loose rock , surface water saturation of the formation of sediment sand and silt , mud and mixtures , isn’t diagenetic formation , straightforward collapse , straightforward string leak, a couple of areas with ginger stones, may simply result in projected or stuck pipe . as a result of directed through the development of a far larger aperture than the aperture oil drilling , mud displacement of tiny annulate clearance giant, continuous operation with suspension , regurgitation poor , thus trenchless directional lubricating substance came the subsequent options : ① suspension containing an outsized quantity of sediment ; ② suspension of high consistence ; ③ suspension is incessantly equipped , the come back is intermittent, the come back of the lubricating substance isn’t enough to satisfy the necessities [ one ] ; ④ sides ar came through the mud . due to the big caliber, long-distance directional drilling is merely in recent years in our country develop. Domestic mud purification and recovery system.

shale shaker

Lack of acceptable analysis , and an outsized trenchless directional drilling of atiny low variety , it’s usually utilized in the oil lubricating substance purification system is easy to use in trenchless directional drilling . At present, some directional drilling solids system is designed , the most issues are:

1. Since an outsized quantity of sand is came mud , high consistence , Stone Shaker oil drilling solids system can’t meet the necessities, seem to run,Take mud development , plenty of sand and dirt coated vibratory sieve , inflicting vibration Moving Screen doesn’t work .

2. at this time there’s no appropriate trenchless directional drilling capability.The desander and dirt . Oil drilling solids management instrumentation utilized in a Like handling capability of concerning two hundred M3 / h, whereas the directional lubricating substance returns,Only a part of the lubricating substance is pumped up into the pump , and thus , the necessity to influence the quantity of a usually concerning ninety M3 / h.

3. trenchless directional lubricating substance employment usually no profit Used , the configuration is pure mud , drilling pump wear compared Less thus in contrast to rig oil rig drilling pump configuration backup Drilling pump. Therefore, this purification and employment system thanks to mud In fine sand and dirt treatment isn’t clean , have an effect on the employment of drilling pump .For Trenchless Directional lubricating substance purification characteristics and current.And recovery system issues.Wells with solid control equipment and options a mix of non- excavation , developed a replacement styles of trenchless directional lubricating substance purification and recovery .