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Flare Ignition Device

The Flare Ignition Device and mud gas seperator are accustomed deal the tailgas and exhausted fossil fuel from refinery and gas gathering station. it’s accustomed eliminate the damage of harmful gas to surroundings and safety. They are the safety surroundings instrumentation.


Except the refinery and gas gathering station, this instrumentation is matched with drilling gas-mud centrifuge. currently it’s utilized in drilling project wide. it’s utilized in internal oilfields, Xinjiang Oilfield, Szechwan province field, JiangHan Oilfield, and Iran, Egypt,Turkey,Indonesia, Venezuela etc.

Flare Ignition Device

It is created with flare body, management pod of flare, high-voltage generator, cable, hose, LNG tank (equipped by yourself), and backfire restraint .

It is with electronic firing circuit. Its performance is stable and credible.

2 operational Processes

a.      The flamable gas transfers to the gas water of igniter (Flare) through pipelines.

b.     Connect and begin the Electronic Igniter.

c.     Open LNG tank, operate the Electronic Igniter, and fireplace the firing pipe (the class firing).

d.     Firing the firing pipe to fireplace the exhausted gas (the second grade firing).

e. shut LNG tank, quench the firing pipe, fireplace the combustibility exhausted gas.

3  Performances

●Norminal diameter of Igniter (Flare):  DN200mm

●height of Igniter: three.5m

4 Cautions

a. Don’t mangle the insulator of firing lead throughout shipping and swing.

b. choose Associate in Nursing open house wherever are remote from fireplace to put in the igniter.

c. Its skid should be mounted on the mounted base. If necessary, you’ll use the guy wires.

d. Electronic Igniter should be protected against humidness and wind.

e. This instrumentation is matched with drilling mud solids control equipment for  drilling project. Details see the Service Manual of Liquid-gas centrifuge.

f. The management Pod is especially to Electronic Igniter. Details see its manual, Service Manual of management Pod of DHQ.1 Electronic Igniter.

Brightway shale shaker starting and running

Shale shaker has been preset at the factory for most drilling conditions of G-force. After installing the device to adjust the number of screens and screen box angle. Typically, the sieve box amplitude adjustment is not necessary.

Adjust the shaker

Remove the plate from the regulator on the red safety pin (put on both sides of the pin are removed); using the side of the hand wheel adjustment screen box angle, the other side also raised the same angle; when transferred to the desired screen box angle, re-plugged insurance sales, insurance sales must ensure that both sides of the hole the same location.

Usually the drilling conditions, the mud shaker operates in the vertical angle should be between 2 degrees so that the liquid pool just close to the end of the end of the second screen. When the drilling fluid is returned from the bottom of the solid phase more, larger flow containing clay or invoked when a large angle upward, vibrating sieve can increase the amount of the solid phase more dry. But also accelerated the screen wear. Usually happens when the liquid pool close to the end of the end of the second screen, the chip has been fully dry off.

shale shaker

Shaker Screen clogging

If the screen is mounted on the sieve, waste cloth or cloth gloves are available in a circular motion to wipe the screen surface. If the screen has been unloaded, the available high-pressure air or high pressure water blown from below.

Brine fluid can sometimes result in a wire screen appears on the deposition of calcium, the calcium as the thickness of the wire increases, the mesh will be blocked, this often leads to run pulp. Usually steam to clean deposition of calcium.

Covering the wire screen mesh on the other drilling fluid additives or chemicals used to dilute acidic solvent. The water and the acidic solvent ratio of 5:1 was mixed well to clean the screen. Note: Acidic solvents harmful to the skin and eyes, if splashed on the skin, eyes or clothing can be rinsed with water.


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Solid Control System Constitution

Solids control system (referred to solid control system) is used to store drilling rig, configuration, fluid circulation and purify the major items of equipment. Generally consists of drilling fluid tank and mud shaker, vacuum degasser, Desanding cleaners, except mud cleaners, centrifuges and other necessary five purification equipment and overhead lines (from the wellhead to the vibrating screen), drilling pump suction line, mixing pump suction and discharge piping, water piping, drilling water pipeline, the base oil pipeline, the pressure fluid barrel Road, shear pump suction and discharge piping, pipe line bottom of the tank, supply pipes, discharge piping and other piping components. System is equipped with drilling fluid supply device, increasing the funnel, increase pump, in addition to sand pump, in addition to mud pumps, shear pumps, supply pumps, the screw pump, mixers and other auxiliary equipment. It also has a walkway, ladders, railings and other safety devices. It can effectively remove the drilling fluid is greater than 5-15 mm harmful solid phase, keep useful solid phase, to provide high quality drilling fluid.

The main configuration solid control system

Drilling conditions in order to protect the quality and quantity of drilling fluid needs, different types of rigs in solid control system is equipped with the (solid control tank volume, device configuration, process layout, etc.) are different.

In the solid control system design requirements, usually mud tank effective volume of 75% of the total volume. Mud tank design should meet the following requirements:

①   Mud tank should be able to accommodate a maximum during drilling fluid circulation;

②   Mud tanks should be able to meet the overall strength of lifting, transport and use of drilling fluid density of 2.5g/cm3 requirements;

③   The tank of the space requirements should be based on process, and set the overflow outlet pipe communicating with the bottom of the valve;

④   Each compartment shall be provided with clean sand mouth, opening the lower edge should be flush with the bottom of the tank below the bottom of the tank;

⑤   All seals needed to meet oil, acid, alkali H2S, can satisfy the requirements of a variety of drilling fluids.

In the solid control system design requirements, the need to configure the mud handling equipment, solids control equipment selection need to follow the following principles:

①   Shale shaker: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%;

②   Vacuum degasser: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%;

③   Desander: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%; configuration sand pump and motor should satisfy the above capabilities;

④   Desilter: drilling pump capacity shall be 100% of the maximum total displacement to 125%, sand pump and motor should be configured to meet the above capacity;

⑤   Decanter Centrifuge: the drilling process is usually the maximum displacement of the 5% to 10%;

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The overall configuration of solid control system Part 1

Solid control system is composed of a number of solid-phase clearance equipment, drilling fluid tanks and ancillary equipment and other components. Section has been discussed before solid-phase clearance equipment selection and matching.

1 The system processes

Solid control system, including the drilling waste management from the wellhead to the drilling system circulating pump suction of the process of full facilities. System is placed in the ground mode type I,] and L type three. Drilling fluid from the well head back out secretly by elevated aqueduct or pipe into shale shaker for first grade purification, and then again into the drilling fluid desander desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge second, third and four purification, according to the above, the purification process of the fourth level, the media should be treated desilter underflow or overflow. Such as the application in addition to gas, shall determine the installation position above, in general, should be based on the size of the rig and the level of purification required, the third choice, four purification equipment.

2 System structure type

Tank system for solid removal devices are placed in tanks, in order to ensure the smooth wellhead back out of the injection fluid shale shaker, shale shaker must be based on the inlet height, and height to determine the drilling rig base tank height dimension, but also have to rig level determines the amount of drilling fluid systems.

3 Auxiliary equipment selection

Mud agitator function is to maintain fluid performance stable, and therefore must be fluid discharged from the impeller agitator in the tank to make up the suspended solid phase velocity greater than the downward settling velocity, and thus the impeller diameter and rotational speed of the stirrer given work volume is certain. Working volume mixer to stir the drilling fluid circulation is called the cycle time time time. According to the information abroad, the cycle time is generally 30-90s. In the solid control system, shale shaker placed solid control unit fluids such needs settling tank, so take the maximum cycle time, while the other storage tanks and drilling mud pump tank should take the minimum to ensure drilling performance and stability. Cycle time of 60s is usually taken as the basis for setting the number of agitators