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The overall layout of solid control system

With the development of drilling technology, drilling fluid solid control system for drilling the positive role played by increasingly large variety of solid control system came into being, no matter how solid control system of the type of change, and its basic functions (ie maximize the removal of drilling fluid in the solid phase and store enough fluids) is constant, it is relying on mechanical clearance equipment and drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipment to complete the combination of organic basic functions.

  1. Solid control equipment  matching and clearing

During drilling, the drill cutting, crushing, grinding strata, the rock crushing, forming a different size drill cuttings, and its size is between 2-2 × 10 ³ μm. Clear a single device can clear the solid-phase solid-phase particles smaller range, so the device can not be achieved only by a certain kind of solid phase to maximize the purpose of clearing.

Shale shaker: Shale shaker is to remove the drilling fluid solid phase component first-class equipment, and in the entire drilling process must be used. Clear shale shaker solid phase particle size range is used by the mesh size of the decision, and its capacity Rain Screen Size related. The larger the mesh screen, the smaller the capacity to remove the solid phase particle size is smaller, the greater the amount of the solid phase clear. From the production perspective, hoping to detail the number of screens, but from an economic perspective, the fine mesh screen life is low, so the sun in the application online to be considered. Mechanical and chemical bonding type laminated mesh sieve stack development and promotion, effectively improving the detail of life and the number of mesh shale shaker purification level.

Laminated mesh combination many ways, generally lower for the 12 mesh, the upper uses 30, 40 or 60 mesh. Applied to shale shaker is not easy to use 80 mesh and 80 mesh or finer, because the screen is too large mesh sieve penetration rate is low, resulting in shortened life sieve.

In order to make the shale shaker and rig match, we must consider the maximum displacement mud pump and drilling cuttings produced during the volume, namely: Q sieve ≥ Q + Q pump crumbs (1)

Where Q sieve – the amount of processing shale shaker, L / S; Q Pump – Drilling maximum pump displacement, L / S; Q cuttings – drilling the drill cuttings, L / S.

Because different rigs drilling speed difference is bigger, per unit time cuttings relatively smaller displacement pump, shale shaker with double or triple integral. Guck the formula (1) can be rewritten as:

Q = Q Pump n sieve

For double shaker, replacing the screen when there must be a single-screen stops working, another single screen must be able to assume the task of handling all the mud, so for double sieve, where coefficient n = 2. Similarly, the above triple shale shaker operations, will have two single sieve bear deal with all the drilling fluid situation, so for the triple screen, n = 3/2.

In summary, the drilling fluid can be drawn from the use of economical shaker. In the early days of drilling, Jingjing large pump large displacement, high drilling speed, resulting in a large multi-solid phase particles, cuttings volume, should be smaller mesh sieve to deal with the drilling fluid. As the depth increases, Jingjing narrow, pump displacement smaller ROP low, resulting in many small particles of the solid phase, a small amount of drill cuttings, should adopt a larger mesh sieve process fluid.

Drilling Mud Solution

Currently widely used with the drilling fluid system supporting mechanical solids control drilling fluid circulation system. It includes drilling mud pump, ground manifold, fluid tanks, drilling fluid tanks, shale shaker, desander desilter, drilling fluid centrifuge, drilling deploy equipment. In the jet drilling and downhole drilling is also charged with the task of transmitting power. It is through screening, such as the principle by centrifugation and density of particles of different sizes and separated. Trade-offs needed, has reached on the drilling fluid solid particles and density control. This method is better, lower cost, so widely used. However, solid control system complex, involving multiple devices, many devices short life, failure and more, and use in the field, often only part of the equipment, resulting reach solid control requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to present the application of drilling fluid circulation system, to improve process and equipment.

Existing ordinary drilling fluid system of solids control equipment including shale shaker, degasser, desander desilter and cleaning and so on. By sequential separation of these devices. To achieve better control of the solid phase drilling purposes. Handle heavier drilling fluid desilter not be used. Even desander not advocate use because both, especially the former may remove a lot of barite. Considering shale shaker, in particular a fine mesh sieve shaker for the wearing parts, and high cost. Sand pump while reducing the number of units and working hours, the authors propose the use of water-sealed cyclonic separation apparatus simplify the existing solid control system.

Negative pressure drilling fluid handling systems in recent years, the development of low negative pressure drilling is an important reservoir leakage means, except with the regulatory distinction between drilling drilling tools, the main structure is the wellhead BOP, can be achieved side spray edge drilling, wellhead fluid tank can be closed, and with the pressure of the drilling fluid can be directly used to enter the closed fluid residual pressure wellhead treatment system.

Under negative pressure design principles unweighted drilling fluids solids control system processes shown in Figure 1: Flow weighted drilling fluid solid control system shown in Figure 2


Non-weighted drilling fluid solid control system processes: custody transfer fluid from the well to the water-sealed cyclonic separation apparatus. By a water-sealed cyclonic separation apparatus for solid-liquid separation. After the separation of cleaning fluid directly into the treatment tank, to avoid wasting fluid and barite, separating the solid phase after separation by shale shaker. The shale shaker liquid through centrifugal pump (sand pump) into the cleaner (small seal swirl separator + superfine shaker), separated by mud cleaner cleaning fluid and barite into the treatment tank or directly into the mixing tank barite. Weighted drilling fluid solids control equipment (Mixing device) only seal swirl cyclone, shaker centrifugal pump, mud tank cleaners and handle each one.

Unweighted muds and weighted drilling fluid solid control system processes can be connected together by means of two valves, shown in Figure 3.


Close the valve one, open the valve two non-weighted drilling fluid solid control system. Improved solids control system main advantages are: the number of devices greatly reduced, directly reduce the investment in equipment: shale shaker, sand pump drilling fluid and mud cleaners were working intermittently, and the non-weighted drilling fluid treatment can be exchanged with coarse mesh shaker, improving the reliability of the system, life extension. The solid control system is the key equipment of water-sealed cyclonic separation apparatus (mud cleaner), which directly affects the whole mud solids control system purification effect.

Open drilling fluid processing systems: open conventional drilling rig that is when the blowout preventer in an open state, no pressure wellhead. At this time also make use of the drilling fluid handling systems. But requires two additional drilling slot outlet devices: one solid rock saltpetre grinder; two is a drilling sand pump, its function is to crush rock by rock crusher nitrate nitrate after drilling sand pump water seal swirl separator.

Ground drilling fluid circulation system equipment improvements

(1) Drilling sand pump (centrifugal) in solid control system, drilling sand pump is used for the drilling desander desilter, mud cleaners and other equipment for the material, transport medium containing solid-phase cycle drilling fluid. Existing drilling sand pump seal with a simple mechanical seals, resulting in fluid sand pump bearings (sealed) string into the drilling fluid within the normally rather fluid contains large amounts of solid particles. Thus making mud pump bearings quickly damage, causing many to give up drilling drilling crew Desander with desilter etc. Use only shale shaker, a serious deterioration of the drilling conditions.

To do this, you should use good sealing effect, long life new drilling sand pump seal structure to extend the service life of sand pump, better play drilling solids control equipment efficiency, improve drilling efficiency.

(2) drilling pump drilling pump drilling system is the most important hydraulic devices. However, the existing drilling pump significantly larger, emphasis, and the pump piston and cylinder wear is very serious, is the main pump wearing parts.

The reason, mainly for two reasons: First, the structural design of drilling pump is mainly imitation, not using modern design methods, resulting in drilling pump structure is significantly larger; Second drilling fluid solid content ones, especially in the drilling fluid barite cause the pump piston – cylinder friction pair badly worn mainly.

(3) water-sealed cyclonic separation apparatus during drilling, desander desilter and miniature cyclone (collectively Water cyclone) bear Grit, in addition to mud, reducing the task of drilling fluid content of the solid phase, its separation effect on drilling ROP was significant. Currently used hydrocyclone pressure flushing ports are open (direct discharge), known as open hydrocyclone. The hydrocyclone separation affected by the size of a large (in particular, flushing port diameter), and difficult to control. To this end, has developed a new energy efficient handling of drilling water conservancy cyclone, can replace desander desilter and miniature cyclone function Desanding desilter effect.

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